Top 10 Wordpress Themes for Graphic Designers

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is something that always demands an unusual approach to work. It’s impossible to create something innovative without creative energies and, actually, your imagination should be reflected not only in your works but in their presentation, too.

As you can understand, the Internet turned out to be the most powerful tool of drawing attention to every possible sphere of life and this, you certainly need to present your graphic works with the help of the stunning and extraordinary website. It shouldn’t follow the trodden path – it should stand out from the crowd of your competitors.

For this reason, we decided to provide you with a great collection of WordPress themes for graphic designers that will assist you in building a perfect website for a perfect web-designer.

Why Choose WordPress to Create a Creative Website

When people start wondering why they need to choose WordPress to build an exciting website that will capture the attention of various users:

  • A huge community of web-developers – more and more companies all over the world use this very platform to run their websites and, for this reason, a number of those people who support WordPress is growing in direct ratio;
  • An unlimited number of WordPress themes and plugins – in such a way, your website will get countless opportunities to freshen up your design and enrich the functionality of your online-project;
  • A stunning security and constant updates – it won’t be a big problem for you install the latest updates and, moreover, WordPress plugins will allow you to get rid of potential hacking attacks.

Believe us, each of these themes below will allow you to create something spectacular and, of course, show your flair for graphic design. Without a doubt, every user on the web will be impressed with your talent and its representation. The only thing that you need to do here and now is to choose a ready-made template that delivers a concept of your design at its best. So, let’s try to find this very solution together…

Creado – Bright WordPress Theme

Art Gallery WordPress Theme


If you want to impress every user with your unlimited creative power, you should certainly draw your attention to this creative template. Its vibrant design will display your talent and desire to create something innovative and unexpected. In addition to this, a trend-perfect package of custom widgets will allow you to make your website even more powerful and boost up its functionality.

Boldlab – Creative Agency Theme

Boldlab - Creative Agency Theme


Showcase your creative genius with Boldlab – a contemporary creative portfolio theme. Boldlab comes with more than 27 distinct portfolio elements, so you can impress the crowds with visually stunning, in-depth presentations of your work. There’s also a myriad of home and inner page templates you can fully customize to fit your needs. To make your project presentations even more interesting, this theme lets you add animations on your portfolio lists, as well as to include the ever-popular parallax effect. And you can enable the Category Filter on your portfolios, so visitors can browse your work with greater ease. 

Elevator – Exciting WordPress Theme

Elevator - Creative Corporate Portfolio WordPress Theme


A wonderful theme that will provide you with a chance to stake on visualization. With the help of the vast number of different options, you will be able to present your portfolio in the best possible light. In order to let you describe your company in the smallest details, this template comes pre-loaded with a fully-functional Services feature.

Magic Touch – Magnificent WordPress Theme

Conceptix - Art Studio WordPress Theme


Have you ever thought that websites can be created with a touch of magic? Believe us, your website will definitely look like it was created by a designer-wizard if you decide to choose this template. A huge number of layout options will make it possible to modify the website structure as you can imagine, while a great package of Cherry Plugins will freshen up the functionality of your online-project.

Liner – Extraordinary WordPress Theme

Liner - Creative Clean Portfolio WordPress Theme


A bright and gorgeous template that comes alongside with a wide variety of robust options that will assist you in building a fully-fledged website. With the help of the large collection of Google Fonts, you will be able to brighten up the appearance of your website, while using a fully-fledged Project feature, you can describe your plans in the smallest details.

VicHax – Creative WordPress Theme

VicHax - Designer Portfolio WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for a stunning and modern solution to present your creative ideas, you shouldn’t pass by this amazing theme. A wonderful WordPress Live Customizer will allow you to modify the design of your website. In order to provide you with the opportunity to enrich the functionality of your online-project many-fold, this theme includes an amazing package Cherry Plugins and various extensions.

Spellbind – Vibrant WordPress Theme


Give your visitors to get familiar with a genuine magic with the help of this magnificent template. A huge number of typography, color and blog layouts variations, you will be ready to create something that looks extremely impressive and engaging. In addition to this, this template comes equipped with 15 topical images to freshen up the look of your online-project.

Skew – Modern WordPress Theme

Alinti - Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme


An attention-grabbing and wonderful theme that will allow you to build a stylish website presenting your works. With the help of different galleries, you will be able to stake on visualization and showcase various images and videos, while multiple blog layouts will help you to experiment with the structure of your website and content presentation.

Atelier – Excellent WordPress Theme

Atelier Design & Photography Template WordPress Theme


A tailor-made template designed for those who want to build something unusual and remarkable. Various Cherry Plugins (like Team Members, Services or Projects) will provide you with a chance to make your services look not only exciting but also reliable. Furthermore, various types of header and footer styles will assist you in catching the fancy of your core audience.

Carmen – Lovable WordPress Theme

Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress Theme


Carmen is an excellent template that will help you to show your passion for graphic design and everything that is related to it. In order to help you present all essential information about your talent, this theme comes pre-loaded with stunning additional pages. Moreover, a great drag-and-drop builder will allow you to work with your design without any hassle.

Mindelo – Admirable WordPress Theme

Mindelo - Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme


Mindelo is an astonishing theme that will prove everyone that your services will make their dreams come true. With the help of the robust and attention-getting gallery, you can easily present your works in the best possible light, while a vast number of custom widgets will make it possible to enhance the functionality of your website.



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