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How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting (2020)

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting (2022)

Hosting plays a big role in a site’s success. You can’t afford to go wrong with the choice of best WordPress hosting providers. Selecting the best hosting for WordPress site is not as easy a task as it seems. A lot of elements and features are to be taken into consideration like to suit your business requirements as web hosting is a crucial component of every successful website.

You can also sign a  HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the health care industry to become  HIPAA-compliant IT with a cloud hosting.

Innumerable WordPress web hosting options are available like the Shared, Free, VPS and Dedicated hosting. Some of them offer unlimited hosting as well!


WordPress Hosting Requirements

It would come as a shock to you that WordPress is a very light-weight script and it is easy to go with most of the web hosting companies. Best hosting for blogs will make your WordPress blogs load up faster. The basic and straightforward WordPress requirements are PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or higher.

Moreover, Owing to the rising WordPress fame, all the great web hosting companies come with easy single-click install options for WordPress. The WordPress hosting names listed here offer full support for successfully running a WordPress site.

Make sure you check all the important criteria for your site before putting your hands down on any web hosting services. Support and safety are a must. So, choose something that stands relevant to your site and is secure too. As you know now, there are various web hosting options available like shared and managed, read about them below and decide which one suits you the best.

Companies that deal with healthcare information of individuals should also follow HIPAA Compliance hosting. These are a definitive set of do’s and don’t for web hosting companies when it comes to protecting the personal information of individuals.

Wondering Whether You Need Self-Hosting?

Self Hosting is when a website owner chooses to administer their own server, typically at home to host personal data instead of relying on a third-party service. We have written a detailed article on whether or not you need Self Hosting. Read on…

Free Best Hosting For Blogs

There are various web hosting services present out there, but most of them have some catch. In almost all the scenarios, these hostings are managed by individuals who resell a small portion of their server to make up for some revenues. Very often the catch is that you have to place their banner ads on your site or put a text link in the footer of your website.

These guys then sell those ads and make up the cost of your free space along with pocketing the profits. They aren’t reliable and can leave you in at any time. As far as possible, do not go for free website hosting if you are serious about your business.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

This is a form of physical server that you can charter from the hosting provider. This lets you have total control over the server comprising the choice of operating system and other features. Remember, once your site starts getting a huge amount of traffic, only then you should think about upgrading to a dedicated server.

You don’t need it if you are just a beginner. WordPress hosting providers that offer this service have in place full-time system administrators that handle your servers. They offer phone assistance along with server monitoring and updates. The dedicated servers are the best ones if you have a high traffic site/blog.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting is a reasonable and a good option for starters. Being the most popular kind of WordPress hosting till date, beginners prefer it. Here, you share a large number of servers with a lot of websites. When they say you get access to unlimited resources, it’s not practically unlimited.

Usage restriction persists. They courteously push you to upgrade your account when your blog or website starts getting server load. If they don’t force you, all the sites hosted on the same server suffer. So, you ultimately have to pay the cost of your growing business. Shared hosting is best for the newbie in the blog/site world.

When it comes to the hosting of your WordPress website, it is necessary that you go for the Best WordPress Hosting. There are many reasons why you should be stuck at getting more value for your money.

Now, the choice will largely depend on things like knowledge, reliability, pricing, support, speed, and performance. Beyond hosting, a good service provider would offer a particular WordPress experience that optimizes your internet presence.

Before we jump to the list of WordPress hosting providers, you need to make sure the hosting service you choose doesn’t impact your SEO. If not done with careful considerations, it can affect your site’s ranking and performance drastically! Make sure to go through the checklists below, before deciding to change your Hosting or choosing a new one

7 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website
Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website
Switch Your WooCommerce Host If You See These Signs
Switch Your WooCommerce Host If You See These Signs

Here’s a list of Top 20 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022


Kinsta managed WordPress hosting

Launched in 2013, Kinsta is one of the leading managed WordPress hosting providers. It is powered by the latest Google Cloud platformKinsta is officially recommended by Google Cloud as a fully-managed WordPress hosting solution. Its high performance, awesome customer support, and sleek UI make it a great choice for hosting your WordPress website.



Launched back in 1996, Bluehost is one of the oldest players in the business and still the most successful ones. They have an official “Wordpress recommendation” and deliver great performance even when you are encountering a lot of traffic. WPBeginners can opt for the 63% discount scheme along with a free site builder, a free domain, and templates – perfect for small businesses.



With more than 8 million domains, Hostgator is another widely popular WP host. It is considered to be one of the Best WordPress Hosting Providers. It promises 99.9% uptime and an incredible 24×7 support. Hostgator is widely popular among big businesses.



With more than 18 years of experience in the industry, Dreamhost specializes in making web hosting easier. More than 600,000 WordPress websites and blogs are catered by Dreamhost.

Inmotion Hosting


Another highly popular WordPress hosting provider, Inmotion Hosting has grabbed the award for the best technical support with 99.9% uptime. It is the most recommended host for all active bloggers.



SiteGround specializes in WordPress security and speed and is known for a high quality of backend support. They are also an official “Wordpress recommended” service provider. We can say that it’s one of the top Best WordPress Hosting Providers.



WordPress hosting is made a lot easier and user-friendly with GreenGeeks automatic I-click installation. Other advantages include a high-speed performance, enhanced security, regular updates and a good customer service. GreenGeeks is also a highly eco-friendly company.



Acclaimed to be the largest and one of the first WordPress hosting platforms, Pagely’s architecture is managed by Amazon Cloud. Elements like PressArmor security, daily backup, and high-quality support makes it a favorite among top companies like Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

Web Hosting Hub


A simple and cost-effective solution for small businesses and bloggers, Web Hosting Hub is awarded as the Best WordPress Hosting Providers.



Previously known as the Super Green Hosting, JustHost specializes in reliable servers and high technical support. It also offers a free lifetime domain with every new registration.

Media Temple


With an experience of over 17 years, Media Temple offers specific hosting plans and services like GIT integration, DDoS Protection, daily backup and staging sites. All of this makes it a favorite among companies like Samsung, Adobe, CBS, and jQuery.



The largest WordPress domain registrar, Godaddy offers incredibly hassle free experience. They also provide the most value oriented service with plans starting as low as $1/month.



A VIP in WordPress hosting services, WPEngine claims to handle just about everything. They are perfect for bloggers and website that have a lot of content with daily updates. This makes it great for services like FourSquare, HTC, SoundCloud, and many others.



Designed and managed by DreamHost, it is also an official WordPress recommended services. Currently, DreamPress is powering more than 800,000 sites, including both blogs and websites.



Another popular player in the business, Site5 offers special plans for WPBeginners and excels in technical assistance. They offer shared, cloud and VPS hosting solutions.



Among the smallest hosting service providers, Eleven2 specializes in performance. This is a recommended solution you are looking for shared hosting.

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting claims a 300% faster loading speed and offers an impressive load time of 455ms. They are perfect for small e-commerce websites.



Arvixe has been in the WP hosting business for quite some time now and is popular among communities like Drupal and Joomla. The performance is respectable and is among the Best WordPress Hosting Providers around.



With unlimited email accounts and disc space, iPage is another suitable service provider for small-scale businesses and bloggers. The host specializes in security (using SiteLock) and an excellent shared hosting experience.

Ready To Get Started?

Below are some easy step-by-step guides that you might need to after you’ve chosen your Hosting service.

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Top 3 Managed WordPress Hosting

Check Out The Top Hosting Providers Reviewed By Us

Javapipe Hosting

All in all, this concludes the all-exhaustive list of the Best WordPress Hosting Providers in the business. Choose according to your precise requirements. Leave your feedback in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel for more tutorials.


  1. Corrina

    July 3, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Anyone who has tried WPEngine ? Any good / bad experiences to share ?


    • Nidhi Nair

      October 4, 2016 at 3:38 pm

      Hi Corrina,
      I’ve never tried WPEngine but looking at the reviews on the web, it’s safe to say that it has both, good and bad reviews.
      You can definitely try it and let me know. I can add it to the list after that. 🙂


  2. Mathew A

    November 24, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Hi Nidhi,

    I found this blog on Twitter and I would say that you have done a great job in gathering the best hosting service for the WordPress users. I’m a dedicated blogger who has been blogging since 2012.

    I use ASO, Inmotion, Wpengine, BlueHost and WPX for my blogs. Thanks for the other recommendations, I’ll try to get some other best hosting from your list. Thanks!


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