A_B Testing Plugins for WordPress

Top 3 A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress

Want to know the truth about creating content for the web?

No matter how epic you think your content is — it’s not.


Nothing you just spent hours researching, hours writing, and hours editing is all that great.

Sorry, I’m not trying to bum you out, but that’s the truth.

See, it’s not you that gets to decide just how great content is — it’s your readers. They will either make or break your success.

And even if you think you’ve done everything you can to make sure your site and content will resonate with them, you really have no way of finding out unless you run some tests.

Those tests are called A/B testing or Split Testing.

It’s a technical term, but the super simplified version of it just means that you take something, create variations of it, and then have people pick which version they like the best.

Using A/B testing on your site give you a birds eye view of how people behave on your site and what content is working and what isn’t.

Want to up your game and give people what they want so you can get better conversions?

Here are 3 A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress to get you going.

Nelio AB Testing

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.04.57 PM

Though this plugin is free, the software that integrates with it to get it to work is a premium service. However, it could be well worth the extra cash — especially if you run a WooCommerce store.

You can create different version of your pages content like adding a button, changing a button color, changing an image and who slew of other things.

If you’re an avid blogger or online entrepreneur, then you’ve likely read that the headline is everything. With Nelio A/B Testing, you can split test your headlines to find that one that your readers like the best and share the most.

And if you run a WooCommerce store, you can test product descriptions and features images to see which perform better.

The list of great things about Nelio goes on and on. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll love the service, you can download the plugin and activate a free trial to give yourself something time to play and tinker with the it.

WordPress Calls to Action

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.33.44 PM

If you don’t have something all that robust or you don’t have the money to spend on a product like Nelio, then check this plugin out.

You don’t get heatmaps and testing images or titles with this one, but the WordPress Calls to Action plugin does give you the ability to test calls to action on your site and A/B test them to see what is converting the best on your site.

After you find a CTA that works well, you can clone it and use it again and again.

Title Experiments Free

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.04.27 PM

The last one on our list is this headline tester.

If you decide to skip a premium A/B Testing tool, then this free alternative is a great way to test your headlines to see what title is really working for your post and not against it.

Your headline is probably the most important thing to actually getting people to read your post.

Do you have a favorite A/B Testing product or plugin? Let us know if your comments below. 

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