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Top 3 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Content Convert Better

When people hear the term “Copywriting”, there is quite a lot of confusion as to what that is. To clarify, Copywriting has nothing to do with Copyright — they’re not related in any way.

Simply put, Copywriting is a style of writing that is used to prompt action right then and there. But to actually do that is much harder than it sounds. Why?

Because there is no single way to write great copy.

Great copy has a lot of moving parts to it that need to fit together to get the results you or a client will want — which is usually a sale of some kind.

To be able to get your blog posts to convert toward your end goals, there are a lot of things that you’ve likely picked up along the road.

For example, you probably know the importance of a great headline. But the headline is only part of it, and when it comes to your website or blog, there are other means you can use to prompt people to action.

3 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Content Convert Better

1. Focus on the Benefits

Let’s say that you’re trying to sell a product on your site via a page or blog post. Many people when writing such an article will focus on the details of the product they are selling and the length of the article since they’ve read that longer articles get more social shares.

The thing is that these types of articles rarely prompt the response that bloggers hope for.

Why is that?

Because no one cares about the details.

When the average WordPress users wants to buy hosting for their site, they probably don’t know what bandwidth is, but they won’t care about it if you focus on the technical details of what it is.

However, if you focus on the benefits of higher bandwidth (i.e. a site not crashing when traffic boosts, better speed, etc), then you’re more likely to prompt a better conversion rate.

In short, focus on the benefits of what you’re writing about and not the cut and dry information that nobody ever cares to read.

More specifically, focus on the benefits that are most likely to hit home with your personal audience.

2. Write To One Person and One Person Only

New bloggers, often in simple ignorance, tend to write for a whole crowd of people they think they know instead of writing for one person they know really well.

One of the best reasons to write for one person is that your content will sound much more convincing.

In order to do this, you must gather as much possible information about your audience and craft a single person (a buyer persona) based off the data you  get your hands on.

  • What’s their age?
  • Where do most of them come from? (Where do they live?)
  • Where do they come from when they arrive at your site? (Pinterest? LinkedIn? Twitter? Forums?)
  • Where do they hang out when they’re not on your site?
  • What is their deepest wish, fear, or joy? What do they hate most in life?

Get to know your audience. They are real people. And they have more in common than just the fact they visited your site.

Crafting this avatar can take a lot of time — time well spent.

As soon as you start to picture who this person is, you can write in a way as though speaking directly to them and getting to the heart of the matter in a way that touches them. This makes it easier to move them to action.

Here is a post with 100 questions to ask yourself when creating your buyer persona.

3. Use the Word “Get” in Your CTAs

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

It sounds like something only a toddler would say, but people’s brains work like this no matter what age they are. Adding the word “Get” to a call-to-action is a great way to convert your traffic — especially when you want more email subscribers. Here is an example of what I mean:

An okay CTA:

“Love Learning About Copy That Converts? Sign Up Today and Start Learning!”

An even better CTA:

“Love Learning About Copy That Converts? Sign-up Today and Get 8 Simple Tips You Can Start Using Right Now.”

Notice how the second option is much more appealing. If people are going to give you something, they often want something in return so offer them something that hooks them and doesn’t let them go.

The Wrap Up

Copywriting isn’t easy, but it’s not altogether very difficult either. The best way to convert your traffic is to keep trying and testing to see what works and what doesn’t. As as long as you do that, you’ll never fail, you’ll just find a few things that don’t work and few that work really well.

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