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Top 3 Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Project management has long been a service that is separate from WordPress. However, many would like the option add the function to their CMS site.

Thankfully, with the help of WordPress plugins, you can combine your workflow into your WP dashboard for faster, easier collaboration on projects that need attention.

Today, I am going to bring out the best project management plugins for WordPress that you can use for managing your business.

Here are 3 Project Management Plugins for WordPress


Taskfreak! Project Management Plugin

Taskfreak! Project Management Plugin

This plugin is rather simple, but it could just be exactly what you’re looking for.

TaskFreak! gives you 2 display options: one in the back-end and one for the front-end. You can create an unlimited amount of projects, assign them to users, add attachments, make comments, set a date for completion, and set urgency of tasks.

This would be perfect for anyone managing a team of writers or something along those lines; you can use your WordPress site to connect to your team no matter where they are.

Want to display a set of tasks for the world to see? Use the Taskfreak! shortcode to integrate your tasks or projects into a page so that you can show the world what you’re planning. And did I mention that it’s free?

Download Plugin Here

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager: A Project Management Plugin

WP Project Manager: A Project Management Plugin For WordPress

This is another nice project management plugin available on

With WP Project Manager you can easily create a new project with the click of a button, upload files, create to-do lists, assign projects to certain users, and message people from within your dashboard for simple up-to-date collaboration.

The interface is clean, organized and easy to navigate, so setting it up and getting it going will be pretty easy. It is pretty similar to Taskfreak! but has a few differences that some may prefer.

Download Plugin Here


Orbis | A Project Management Plugin

Orbis: A Project Management Plugin

This may just be one of the most impressive and unique project management plugins around because you can extend its functionality and create a project management site that is fit just for you and your business.

Orbis comes as a standalone plugin, but the themes that they have available for use really makes the plugin standout. You could easily do something like create a subdomain for your main site and use that as your management tool.

With Orbis, you can add and manage projects and people and then connect them to companies. This plugin also allows for customer relations management which is sure to come in handy.

Unlike the top two options, Orbis displays and lets you handle your projects in the front-end of your site and thus transforms your WordPress site into its own PM system. It is a powerful plugin that could help take your business to the next level.

Download Plugin Here

Wrapping It Up

Project Management is important for any business — both online and otherwise. There are plenty of online collaboration tools to help with business organization, but sometimes we just want something different.

These 3 project management plugins for WordPress can help you keep your online adventures in order and help you organize a decent sized team. No matter what you decide to do, just be sure to give some thought to a business tool that will help you keep your sanity — you’ll be happy you did.

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