Top 5 Image Slider Plugins for WordPress

Having the right elements and features gives your website an edge over your competitors. User-friendly interface, catchy and to the point content, beautiful images and easy navigation are some of the basic requirements of a good-looking site. And one of the important segments of the website is image sliders. Image sliders make it easy to showcase your products and services with amazing alteration and a variety of effects. To make the slideshow more effective and elegant, modern image slider plugins for WordPress also come with description and text along with layered animation.
Having some image slider plugins would do good for your website. Check out some of them that might suit your site.

Responsive and Swipe Slider

This is one of the coolest WordPress image plugins. Being responsive in nature, it supports tablet and mobile devices. With the help of this plugin, you can create multiple image galleries and insert them in your post or pages with short codes. The slider allows you to add description, title and link for the images in the slider. Get this cool image slider here.

Simple responsive slider

This is a free image slider plugin for WordPress which is powered by ResponsiveSlides.Js. This slider loads faster compared to other wordpress slider plugins as it is less in size and also allows cropping of images. It lets you include title and description for the images to be uploaded on the slider. Check out the useful plugin here.

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

This is a WordPress image slider filled with some amazing features to experiment with. Using this, the heading caption can be changed along with the links of the sliders. The embedding of the images with your WordPress articles becomes easy as it supports short codes. With this user friendly slider, you can create many sliders and customize those individually using different styles. Start using it today. Browse through it here.

Rift Slider

This slider is filled with brilliant transition effects which makes the image split into two and smoothly brings up the next image. Being mobile friendly, fits well in the mobile and tablet devices. Just like the above plugins, it supports short codes and hence facilitates embedding of images with the articles. Download the awesome rift slider here.

Smart Slider 2

This plugin at present is available in both free and paid versions. The smart slider 2 comprises of some cool features like having responsive layouts which supports modern devices like phones and tablets. With this plugin you can create normal, layered as well as parallax slider. The admin panel here is easy to use and consequently easy to create a WordPress slider.
Get any of these image slider plugins and bring in some elegance and beauty to your website.

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