Top SEO trends for the second half of 2016

Top SEO trends for the second half of 2016

The search results on any search engine is not just pages you want to view, they are pages that the search engine wants you to view. You might think that’s a bad thing, but the reason why search engines show you those pages is because of all the backend processing going on.

This backend processing in layman terms is called as search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is great thing to reach out to potential clients, but it isn’t easy to get your page optimized and make it to the top search results. In 2016, a few things changes and I would like you to catch up with the top SEO trends for the second half of 2016.

Top SEO Trends of 2016

1. Video Content Will Overtake Written Content in ROI

Video Content

We have heard a lot of time that ‘content is the king’ and most of the time it is the written content we talk about. Yes, the baseline for SEO is written content only, but if you want to take it up a notch you need to focus on other aspects also. Infographics, pictures, recordings are few of the aspects you need to cover.

However, in 2016, video has taken over every other SEO techniques or tools. Moreover, it has ROI is highest amongst all other techniques. Its reach, effectiveness, interactiveness and engagement power has been phenomenal.

New mobile applications like Vine, Periscope, Snapchat have even changed the perspective of videos. ‘Short and Effective’ is what they rely on, and I must say it is working superbly.

Google is also experimenting on video ads in search results which is another indication that videos are going to rule. B2C companies will have to change their boring video ads otherwise they soon will be considered obsolete. B2B will have to follow soon but I guess it will take time.

2. Mobile will become more important than desktop

Versatile Optimization

For the past decade, mobile devices have taken over the desktops. And this year only, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches. Google also declared that mobile searches are only going to increase and desktop searches will see a downfall year after year. Google is also claiming that soon desktop-sites won’t be necessary and we will have to build our websites considering just mobile devices.

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages are only going to help increase the use of mobile phones for searching.

Mobilegeddon and all the above factors will give mobile devices a huge preference over desktop in near future. If you haven’t starting to work on it now is the time to start (you’er still late to the party, but its never too late).

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3. Computerized Assistants Will Change the Way We Think About Search Queries

Versatile Optimization

Search engines are receiving more and more queries through voice assistants that are available on our mobile phone. Siri, Cortana and Google Now have added a new layer of complexity to searches.

Moreover, voice searches give different results, as voice searches tend to be more conversational. This conversation tone of search will provide results of those pages which contain colloquial and conversational content.

This is a new challenge for local businesses as they now have to consider voice searches also and get their content ready for it.

4. Accumulated Content Will Diminish the Power of News and Event Coverage


Twitter is currently experimenting with a few new features. One of it is Moments. What it does is that it aggregates posts, pictures recording from live events and also new stories into a single channel for people to see it. This will make the users content creators to which other users can see the content firsthand.

However, Twitter not the only platform that is experimenting with new and advanced algorithms. There are readily available algorithms that allow you to compile new stories from various locations of pre-existing information.

This has resulted in narrowing the field of content marketing for everyone. Everygreen, opinion-oriented, informational content will rise in importance and will be favored.

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5. Social Content Will be More Readily Indexed

social media

Last but not the least – Social media.

We all know how important is social media these days and even Google knows it. Google already made deals with Facebook and Twitter to show the latest tweets or posts in the top searches for mobile devices.

In coming years, more and more platforms will get indexed and available to Google and other search engines.

Keep in mind, social posts will carry high value with a value equal to the independent web page and the differences of ‘web’ and ‘social’ will start to blur even further from SEO perspective.

6. Links in apps will become more important

app links will be important

Apps are the future and we all must agree to it (whether you like it or not). As a part of the shift, Google has anticipated that in future, mobile apps may overtake traditional desktop websites.

This will help marketers who have already have their apps in the market. The deep links in the apps will carry more meaning and will help in SEO, similar to the deep links on the web.

This will increase the need of optimizing apps to suit to the scenario.

If you don’t have an app already, consider getting one or if an app doesn’t make sense for your business consider getting your business listed on as many apps as possible.

7. More prominent local search

Google’s local search results have become more specific and sophisticated. This will local businesses a lot if have proper SEO strategy in place. Local search will only grow and in no time will show your results of a shop around your street corner.

The first of 2016 was already an interesting year for SEO and the second half will only get more evolution and I am looking forward to it.

If you’ve any thoughts about top SEO trends in 2016, please share it in the comments section.

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