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6 Trends in Web Designing that are Here to Stay

The Internet has come a long way today. It was in August 1991 that the first website (CERN Nuclear Research) went live, but today, we are in times when a business, howsoever local cannot think to do well without making an online presence.
Obviously, a lot has changed in all these years. There have been several changes in web design trends, marked by changes in tastes, the addition of functionalities, features, the aim of websites, marketing tactics and a lot more.
Overall, the CERN website of 1991 will not still have the same look and layout today.

Talking of the modern times, however, top web design trends that have been sticking around for quite some time now, and we can expect them to be the focal point in future websites too.

Let’s take a closer look at 6 of the top web design trends.

rich-typographyRich Typography

Thankfully, we are over those days when web designers were mostly limited by choice of typefaces on the end users system. Today, the already great Typekit and Google Font foundries are still adding new ones to make the web more exciting and dramatic.
With virtually an unlimited amount of fonts available to a designer, web designers have the option to get more creative. Typography is one of these things in modern websites that keep things unusual and promise something new to the visitor. A balanced mix-match of fonts has been defining new sites in 2016 and will continue to be an attraction in the future.

solid-blockingSolid Blocking

If you have been a savvy surfer, you must have come across several websites that feature a brick like grid layout. Referred to as Blocking, this trend in web designing has been here for some time now and shows no signs of being replaced by something else.
The success behind Solid Blocking is the simplicity if offers. Using it, both webmasters and visitors have a clean and organized view of the site elements and understand what it has to offer. Another benefit of this style is the minimal amount of distractions.
Every block of color, picture, text, video or graphics has a well-defined functionality to cater to. The best example of a website using this styling is Pinterest.

homemade-stylingHomemade Styling

The term already hints about what we are talking about. The design here is about creating a simple, unpretentious and warm layout with the right balance of color and text. Ti is something you see in highly professional websites wherein visitors are more concerned about the content than the effort that would have been put in the presentation of it.
Well, this in no way means that presentation is unimportant but just that colors, creativity and ‘jazziness’ take a backseat. A prime element with this styling is a subtle grainy texture that has a feel good appeal to it. Visitors would find easy to read through the content and spend more time on the website.

oversized-fontsOversized Fonts

Big and bold headlines aren’t new to this industry, but they have been among the longest running trends. Well, you can still expect to find a lot of bold fonts shortly too as visitors seem to love it.
More numbers of companies are in fact using this approach to generate more interest and encourage users to stick to a website. This is best used when you have something compelling to say – perhaps the headline of news, promotion, an event, mission, etc.


photography-backgroundPhotographic Backgrounds

Provided that you have a high quality and compelling photograph at your end, making it the backdrop of your website can be the most compelling thing about the whole content. Fashion brands, artists have in fact pioneered this trend and currently used by most businesses and websites linked to the art industry.
There is a captivating charm to a good photograph as it makes them feel good and add credibility to the business. Photographic backgrounds are especially perfect for presentation and branding purposes where the objective is about making a strong visual statement. Further, designers love to go about making the rest of the web elements interact with the background.


Infographics, without a doubt, is amongst the top web design trends which will stay for a long time in the future. Hey, have become the best balance between graphic and textual content. It’s a kind of content that can provide a lot of information while keeping the interaction interesting and colorful. A growing number of sites are using Infographic to add a visual supremacy to their presence.
Further, when you can talk about numbers, you automatically add experience, knowledge, and credibility to your resume! The only thing that will change shortly is the application of Infographic. Today, the use is mostly limited to educational purposes. However, they can be adopted for any presentation.
Graphic design is all about adding power to a website. A combination of above offers you myriad opportunities for success.

These are the top web design trends that are here to stay. Which ones do you think should be included in this list?

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