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Ultimate Social Media WordPress Plugin Review

Social Media WordPress plugin is the second biggest source of traffic after organic search.  Social signals have also become an important consideration for search engines while determining a site’s rank in the search results. You simply can’t afford to ignore Social Media.

Active engagement on social media can take up a lot of efforts and time.

You must begin by asking your readers to join you on your social networking profiles at facebook, twitter and all the other social platforms. Prompt them to share your content across their social connections. This forms a very important part of content promotion.

Ultimate Social Media plugin is a new addition to the WordPress social media plugins. With this plugin, you can now grow your presence over 8 Social Media.

WordPress Ultimate Social Media Plugin

Its icons float with the screen navigation. While you read this post, you can locate this plugin in action to the left of your screen. It follows you as you navigate the screen.

Key Features of Social Media WordPress Plugin –

Social Media WordPress plugin
  • Boost your presence over 8 powerful social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…
  • Enables content sharing over all of these platforms
  • 20 Stylish Icon Sets
  • Social media icons will float with screen navigation
  • Flying Animation support
  • Customizable – add a border, background, opacity and size
  • Responsive Icons – Your readers will be able to share your content with their mobiles and tablets too
  • Easily place icons anywhere on the screen – complete flexibility with the social panel’s placement

Ultimate Social Media WordPress Plugin comes as part of the WPEka Club.  WPEka Club has brought together several premium WordPress plugins and themes.

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