9 best webinar softwares for WordPress users

9 Best Webinar Softwares for WordPress Users

For internet marketers, developers, bloggers and a variety of small and large businesses, webinars have become the go-to way of connecting with their clients, teams and customers. It has, in fact, become a very powerful medium of reaching out to anyone, regardless of their location and the local time.

Webinars today are being used in all kinds of industries including education, entertainment, media and corporate. Integrating webinars with websites thus seems like an efficient choice.

Well, here are nine such Webinar Softwares for WordPress that can be integrated with your WordPress site for easier outreach.


Webinar Softwares for WordPress - gotomeeting

Developed by GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar is a very popular application used by businesses across the globe. The software is especially renowned for the easy dashboard and its reliability. This webinar will work seamlessly across all kinds of devices and thus meets the prime goal of such a sort of video conferencing.

Apart from offering a window for online video seminars, GoToWebinar also allows for easy sharing of applications, files, presentations and even share screens between users. Further, a “pass the control” button allows any participant to become the host of the meeting if the original host is signing off.

GoToWebinar is one of the best Webinar Softwares for WordPress, perfect for all kinds of organizations, and you can choose from a varied set of pricing. The starter plan allows for 100 participants in $89/month while the $299/month package allows for 1000 participants.

Webinars OnAir

Webinar Softwares for WordPress - webinarsonair.com

Webinars OnAir is quite similar to Google Hangouts but offers the advantage of charging users for joining the seminars. This makes Webinars OnAir, the perfect video seminar platform for hosts trying to bring together participants and decimate knowledge/information, etc.

Further, the platform allows for special offers to be shown to participants during the webinar and also track their activities across the web for better sharing. The webinar can also be saved for YouTube to be used as a promotional material later.

Webinar OnAir pricing starts at $19.97/month for 25 participants and also has an option for 5000 participants at $99.97/month.


Webinar Softwares for WordPress - webinarjam

WebinarJam platform uses Google Hangouts for video conferencing but adds a variety of marketing tools to make the process much more convenient and professional. Since the platform is hosted along Google Hangouts; users will be able to large a huge number of participants.

The platform also offers features like file sharing, registrations, direct chat with participants, polls, email notifications, live offers, quizzes and much more. Lastly, you also have the option to record all webinars and save it for promotional publishing or reference.

The pricing of WebinarJam starts at $497/year and is currently among the most affordable option available.


Webinar Softwares for WordPress - stealthseminar

StealthSeminar comes with a core advantage of advanced webinar controls over competing platforms. If you are looking for a completely automated webinar process, StealthSeminar would be a perfect choice.

For marketers, the platform attaches features like call to actions that can be fired at any time and also detailed analytics and split testing for studying the success of a seminar.

The registration fee for StealthSeminar is $97.00, and you can go for a starter plan at $69.95 that allows for 150 participants.

Google Hangouts

The most commonly used webinar/video conferencing tool after Skype, Google Hangouts makes it very easy and cheap (free). Apart from one-to-one calls, you can set up a group conference, making the tool perfect for a limited number of participants. You can even record the online seminar and choose to upload it on YouTube.

Hangouts is offered for free but comes with the disadvantage of ‘zero’ marketing features. It doesn’t allow for paid registration wherein you can look to make some money out of the webinar, not does it allow for pop up to promote offers. You do have the option of file sharing, however.

Cisco WebEx

Webinar Softwares for WordPress -webex-com

Today, Cisco WebEx is easily the unanimous the best amongst all the Webinar Softwares for WordPress. With several special tools, you can hope to conduct a highly professional webinar through Cisco WebEx.

The aim of Cisco WebEx has however been about learning and teaching wherein tools like quizzes, polls, surveys, tests and performance tracking make it much more relevant. Also, users have the option to share files, notes, screens and apps among themselves.

The pricing for Cisco WebEx starts at $24/month limited to 8 users. You can, however, go for the widest plan at $69/month that allows for 100 users.


Webinar Softwares for WordPress - zoom-us

Zoom has also been one of the most popular and powerful Webinar Softwares for WordPress in the past couple of years. The core advantage of Zoom lies in highly interactive conferences, supported HD quality video and audio. Zoom can also be used in smartphones and tablets.

The free plan of Zoom comes with limited features. However, you can opt for the basic plan starting at $14.99/month. There are several other plans to meet requirements of all sizes and shapes.


Webinar Softwares for WordPress - anymeeting.com

AnyMeeting would be another webinar option with all the standard features. The basic features include large group calling, audio/video conferences, file sharing and screen splitting.

AnyMeeting pricing starts at $18/month that allows for 30 participants. However, you can also opt for the $298/month plan that allows for 1000 participants.

Adobe Connect

Webinar Softwares for WordPress - Adobe

A heavily feature rich and powerful webinar tool, Adobe Connect will have everything that you might be looking for in a webinar platform. With Adobe Connect, it becomes very easy t conduct meetings and makes them highly interactive.

Registered Adobe Connect users are billed annually, and the plans start from $1250 for 100 participants.

Which one of these Webinar Softwares for WordPress is your favorite?


  1. john

    October 24, 2016 at 3:18 am

    @Nidhi Nair I am using WebinarJam and having some crush issues. Did you ever experience it ? any solution ?


    • Nidhi Nair

      October 24, 2016 at 10:33 am

      Hi, I’ve heard some reviews stating that it works pretty slow sometimes. But in that case, you can talk to their customer care team and get a solution.


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