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Five Great Portfolio Plugins for WordPress

For anyone who has taken to the web to showcase his/her work of art, a portfolio plugin would be a perfect tool to have handy, especially if you are hosted on a WordPress site.

From web designs to photography and even online portal for paintings, these plugins ensure that your work gets the maximum attention.

WordPress by default offers two ways of showcasing any image. In the core version of WordPress, you have two options available to you for showcasing images. You can upload images and insert them one by one into a post or page. Alternatively, you can display images using the WordPress gallery feature. I believe the WordPress gallery is perfect for displaying a collection of images in a post; however, it is not the perfect solution for showcasing a series of images.

There is a lack of personality and personalization with these options.If you want to show off your work, you should consider using a dedicated portfolio plugin.  It is always good to opt for a dedicated portfolio plugin to make your efforts count. Here we list 5 of such plugins. These use cool animation effects for transitioning between images and lightboxes to make browsing images more user-friendly.

Here’s the list of 5 portfolio plugins for WordPress

OTW Portfolio Light (FREE)

Offered for free, the OTW Portfolio Light is a responsive and neat plugin that allows for a stylish display of images in WordPress. You have the option to either use a filterable template or a paginated one. Both options will just require an addition of short code to the website.

Further, each image of yours gets a separate URL, has the options for descriptions and even testimonials. You have a highly liberal setting to define the size of the thumbnail and the full-size version of the image.The thumbnail size and the maximum size of images can be defined through the settings area.

OTW Portfolio Light

Rio Portfolio (FREE)

One of the most versatile plugins for image portfolios in WordPress, RIO allows for images, videos and even links that stream a video from your YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo stream. You further have the option to define the numbers of rows and columns that displays the thumbnail images of your work.
Visitors will also be able to see the images in a pop-up screen. RIO is highly organized and would be fun if you are uploading a variety of image formats for your audience. This is also offered as a free plugin by WordPress.

Portfolio Plugins for WordPress - Rio Portfolio

Portfolio Showcase (FREE)

Portfolio Showcase is a straightforward project/portfolio promotion WordPress plugin. It uses custom post type for portfolio item. This makes adding a new portfolio item as simple as creating a new post. Using this plugin, you can add portfolio items in multiple categories and display them using simple shortcodes. With this plugin, you can quickly add portfolio items in various categories and show them just by using simple shortcodes.

Portfolio Showcase

Easy Media Gallery (FREE / $24)

Filled with a variety of features, this is one of the most loved WordPress portfolio plugins for website designers and other visual artists. However, all of it comes with a price. The free version of Easy Media Gallery has a restriction on the number of uploads you can do.

The Pro version, however, will unlock the full features and will just cost $24 for one website. If you are planning to use this plugin for three different portfolio websites, you will have to pay $29. The Pro version of Easy Media Gallery unlocks features like grid galleries, photo albums, audio, video, Google map support, image sliders and much more.

There is everything an artist would like to use. Authors can choose a grid of as many as right columns to showcase their work but each image gets an independent URL. Further, you have a lot of templates that add to the look and feel of the gallery.

Easy Media Gallery

UberGrid ($16)

Another low-cost portfolio plugins for WordPress users, UberGrid will allow you to recall portfolios from WooCommerce products and blog posts. The theme is highly responsive and will be effectively navigable in all kinds of devices.

Further, UberGrid supports more than 600 Google fonts and six varieties of light boxes, along with twelve unique options for layout. The plugin is offered at just $16.

Portfolio Plugins - UberGrid

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