what is a Wordpress theme

What is a WordPress theme?

The Definition Series is back and today I am going to explain to you what is a WordPress Theme.

Before me explaining what is a WordPress theme, let’s see what is the definition of a theme is.

The definition by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that:

Merriam Webster Theme Definition

So, when we club a and b part together, we can say that a theme is a subject or a topic which has distinctive quality and characteristic or a trait that sets it apart.

Like you have Halloween themed parties. Where you dress weirdly, put wacky makeup, etc. – that’s a ‘theme’ of the party.

So what is a WordPress Theme?

In WordPress, a theme is defined as a collection of files like the templates and stylesheets that work together to define the appearance and unified design of a WordPress powered website.

In dead simple words, a WordPress theme is the outer layout of your site. The user who visits is directly or indirectly get affected by your WordPress theme. The placement of widgets, sliders and everything related to small and minute details about your WordPress theme will affect UI and your visitor’s experience.

Now it depends on what your niche you are going into before choosing the theme for yourself. There are specific genre theme that you can explore to maximize your output of whatever you are trying to desire.

What More

If we change the WordPress theme, the whole layout of your site will change. You can find themes in the WordPress admin area (Appearance>Themes), where you can change, manage or add new themes. The default WordPress has only a limited number of themes available. If you want to change your WordPress theme, you’ll find a lot of free one at Themes Directory.

It is also a very good security measure in regards to SEO to know beforehand if your WordPress theme is well SEO optimized and all the new coding rules are applied in the right manner. If your theme is using too many resources like HTTPs request to your server for a various reason or if it is just badly coded, these all factors can affect your SEO and site performance.

If you want to see the performance of your theme and how it interacts with your hosted server then you can use various tools like tools.pingdom or GTmetrix.

Is Theme customizing an option?

Definitely. believe it when I say, no theme is perfect. it requires a little bit of edging everywhere. Not to forget to make sure it is hack proof and does not leave any loose ends behind. You also need to know if it is working well with your WordPress plugins.

It is well-known fact that some themes are not directly compatible with plugins available in the market. You should make a note of it and see that all the plugins installed on your WordPress are working perfectly after installing a new theme.

Are you not sure if you can customize a theme on your own?

If this is the case then you can get in touch with WPeka and we will solve your problem or work on it to make it just like you have always imagined it.

As a theme is a characteristic of a subject, let’s discuss the characteristics of a WordPress theme.

  • A WordPress theme can have different layouts, such as static or responsive or can have multiple columns
  • It allows you to customize your content by customizing typography, colours, widget locations, etc.
  • Helps  you to display content where ever you want the content to be displayed on the site
  • It allows you to add design elements using CSS and also add design elements like images and videos

A WordPress theme is a powerful element in your site. A good theme improves the look and feel of your site and helps in improving user engagement along with your website’s content. So, always invest in a good WordPress theme.

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  1. Dmitriy

    June 6, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Good post. But i want to add 😉

    In WordPress, a theme is defined as a collection of files like the templates and stylesheets and PLUGINS that work together to define the appearance and unified design of a WordPress powered website.

    I think, that it important to include the plugins to theme 🙂


    • Ravi B

      June 6, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      Hi Dmitriy,
      Good Point. But I would say, plugins are addons which enhance the functionality of a theme and are not part of a theme.
      Yes, now a days we get pre-installed plugins with a theme, but a theme can work individually also.


      • Ravi B

        June 6, 2016 at 5:41 pm

        The next post in the definition series is WordPress plugins only. Dont forget to check it out.


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