Turn your WooCommerce site into a marketplace like Amazon & Ebay

Turn your WooCommerce site into a marketplace like Amazon & Ebay

Load your credit cards, fill up on cash, charge your devices & get ready to go into a “shopping frenzy” with guns (read bank accounts & wallets!!!) blazing; it’s the season of holidays & sales everywhere. Not only do you see this “War of the stores armed with discounts, exclusive essentials’ store, special time-limited promo sales & what not offers” in the physical/real world but also in the virtual world.

So when we talk about the virtual world & shopping; Amazon & Ebay are some of the ultimate e-store destinations for shoppers with over a million products to choose from. What these e-stores have in common is that all of these are multi-vendor e-shops.

Now wouldn’t it be great to join the elite group of these e-stores & earn a little extra from your existing WordPress WooCommerce site…that too with the assurance to earn back your investment by spending a little amount or for free!!!

Why is it good to own a multi-vendor WooCommerce site & turn it into a marketplace instead of having a single seller WooCommerce site?

It’s obvious when you have multiple sellers/vendors on your site it can widen the demographics you want to appeal to. Also, it increases the possibility of generating revenue in multi-folds. Here are some merits of owning a multi-vendor WooCommerce WordPress site:

  • You can sell a variety of products on your e-shop instead of selling limited products of your own.
  • Ability to control the commission rates to be charged while allowing vendors to sell their products.
  • You only have to take care of the commission, payment & authorization aspects if you don’t want to sell your own products.
  • You can control what is sold & who sells products on your e-shop; giving you complete administrative control over your e-shop business.
  • The demographics you want to appeal to widen when you have multi-vendors & different products being sold on your e-shop.


What do you need to turn your existing WooCommerce site into a marketplace like Amazon & Ebay?

Assuming you already have a running WooCommerce site you need a plugin to support the multi-vendor option. Not just any plugin but an extension that is compatible with WooCommerce & your theme.

WC Marketplace – The functional yet free extension to turn your WooCommerce site into a marketplace

WC Marketplace by DualCube

WC Marketplace is a free extension for WooCommerce by DualCube; it enables users to register as vendors on your WooCommerce site which turn your e-shop into a marketplace. It enables vendors to add products for selling on your e-shop. All the vendors & their products have to be authorized by the administrator to be published which gives you (the admin) complete control of your e-shop business.

You can get a copy of WC Marketplace from the plugin directory and for premium add-ons please visit the official site of WC Marketplace.

Why WC Marketplace?

WC Marketplace is a free extension for your WooCommerce & it has over a dozen premium add-ons/add-on ideas that can act as extra management tools for your multi-vendor marketplace. The core plugin (WC Marketplace) is free, and will always remain so (as mentioned on the plugin directory).

WC Marketplace - Settings

WC Marketplace is very easy to setup on your WooCommerce site. All it takes is setting the payment & commission rates along with customizing the product pages for vendors which enable you to control what kind of products are sold on your e-shop. It has more interesting features which will make managing your e-shop hassle-free.

A few remarkable features of WC Marketplace:

    1. Enable Users To Register As Vendors/Sellers
    2. Configure & Customize What Kind Of Products The Vendors Sell On Your Site
    3. 4 Payment Calculation Modes For Commissions From Vendors
    4. 2 Options For Disbursal Of Accumulated Commissions
    5. Option For Vendors To Export Order Details to a.CSV file
    6. 4 Widgets For WC Marketplace Details
    7. Almost A Dozen Extensions/Extension Ideas For WC Marketplace Core Extension
    8. Responsive Support & Development
    9. Generate reports for orders
    10. The core plugin (WC Marketplace) Is Free Forever

…and the list goes on

WC Marketplace - To-do list

Check out the in-depth review of WC Marketplace we recently published

What do you need to get started?

  1. A WordPress site (Assuming you already have one )
  2. The WooCommerce Plugin (Assuming you already have it activated on your WordPress site)
  3. A WooCommerce compatible theme (Preferably from WooThemes for best display)
  4. The WC Marketplace core plugin
  5. Premium add-ons for WC Marketplace

That’s all. So think of a unique name for your e-shop that represents your business & joins the league of elite e-shop destinations like Amazon & Ebay. Think of a robust & smart plan & start enlisting vendors today! If you get stuck somewhere & can’t solve the issue on your own; WC Marketplace has a support forum where they respond & help you out as quickly as possible.

Wish you well. Cheers!

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