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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Programs for WordPress

Everyone needs money to run a business.

Whether it is a traditional physical business or an online business, they all require money. Even if you think of a non-profit organization, they also require funds to run their daily activities.

So, you’re getting my point, right?

In this online world things are very different. Even if you don’t have a product of your own, you can still earn money.

Let’s dig deep into how you can earn money online using WordPress.

WordPress apart from being the coolest CMS (content management system) is also a means of earning money. If you have a WordPress product you can definitely sell it at online marketplaces but what if you don’t have a product or service and just a blog?

If you’re thinking how you can make money through your WordPress blog, then I must tell you, it is not rocket science – its called affiliate marketing.

The definition provided by Wikipedia says, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

In simple words, you have to endorse someone else’s product and promote it on your blog or with your subscribers. And if sales happen, you’ll get commission on it. For this you have to explicitly add an affiliate link which is a unique link through which you can track sales and earn commission.

Such affiliate programs are popular in the WordPress world. People recommend others products or services with affiliate links and make money in the process.

Now, if you’re thinking for earning money through any affiliate program in WordPress we have compiled a list of it just for you.

These are the top 25 WordPress Affiliate Marketing Programs which we think you should promote.

Note: This list is in no way complete and we plan to update this post regularly by adding more programs to the list – you might want to bookmark this one and come back later.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

1StudioPressThemes35%ShareASale2 tier commission ($1 per sign up and 5% of their sales)
2WPEka ClubThemes & Plugins50%ShareASaleOffers a 30 days of tracking cookie with a minimum payout of $50
3CyberchimpsThemes & Plugins30%ShareASaleOffers 60 days tracking cookie. 100% Commission for first 2 sales.
4CobaltAppsPlugins40%ShareASaleWorks on 90-day return cookie.
5Ultimatum ThemeThemes30%ShareASaleSaves 60 days tracking cookie. Payout limit is minimum $50
6WP EngineHosting Services$150/ customerShareASaleThey give $50 per customer for sub Affiliates as well. The cookie lasts forever.
7SoliloquyPlugin20%ShareASaleOffers 45 days tracking cookie. Commissions could increase for special promotions.
8My Theme ShopThemes60%In HouseThere is No minimum payout value, commission is paid on 5th of every month and offers 60 days tracking cookie.
9WPMaintainerWordPress Services$99ShareASaleOffers a 30 day of tracking cookie
10TemplaticThemes and Plugins30%In HouseOffers a minimum payout limit of $50
11WP SocialPlugin35%ShareASaleProvides a 90-days tracking cookie
12Rocket ThemeThemes& Plugins15% to 30%ShareASaleSlab wise commission model e.g, 15% for earnings upto $150, and 30% for earning above $5001, 30-days tracking cookie.
13s2 MemberPlugin50%In HouseWith every sale you earn $48  on an average
14ThemeLabThemes20%ShareASaleHas 60-day cookie tracking
15SoloStreamThemes20%In House35% on new sales, Renewal commission of 15%, $50 minimum payout level
16MOJO ThemesThemes30%In HouseMinimum $50 payout value, Special Anniversary bundle provided for blog post
17Delicious BrainsPlugin20%In HouseStandard 20% commission and additional 10% commission for sale done by an affiliate referred by you, Special coupon code, $10 minimum payout level
18Media TempleWordPress Hosting$80In House60 Day waiting period on Commission, 45-day tracking cookie, payouts twice a month
19Elegant ThemesThemes50%In HouseRenewal Commissions are applicable, $58 minimum payout level
20Gravity FormsPlugin20%In HouseNo minimum payout level
21WPMLPlugin30%In HouseLifetime cookie provided, but to be an affiliate you have to be a WPML client
22JigoShopPlugin10%In House10% commission on every upgrade, 60-day cookie tracking
23DealFuelThemes & Plugins25-40%In HouseNo Withdrawal limit on commissions, 45-day tracking cookie
24ThemifyThemes30%In House365-day tracking cookie, 30% renewal commissions
25PippityPlugin 33%ShareASale90-days of tracking cookie

Did we miss out on some really good Affiliate Marketing Programs that you know of ? Leave a comment and we’ll update this list

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  1. Mukesh Nuna

    March 6, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Pretty good list. Although there are many more affiliate programs, but yes, these can be considered top 25.


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