5 WordPress Table Plugins for Your Site

It is a critical feature in WordPress to Insert tables in blogs or websites, as it helps in sorting and presenting information in organised and clear format. It is easy for the people who have the knowledge of programming to editing HTML or CSS, however it is a very difficult job for any person who does not have the knowledge of coding.

Therefore we have compiled a list of easy to use table plugins that will help to create tables on your WordPress site with ease.

Easy Table

Easy Table is a powerful plugin that helps you to insert tables into your posts or pages with an easy to use interface. It uses standard CSV format to generate the table data for you. This plugin make it very simple to display a table in your post or page with along with a fancy design. It wipes out the need to use any complicated coding, switch to another window or click any toolbar button. The table while editing can also be switched from HTML/view tab to the editor without breaking any data.


TablePress is said to be another refined version of WP-Table Reloaded. It basically enables you to create and manage tables into your posts, pages, or in text widgets, without the need to write a single line of code. It help you to edit any type of data in the table with the help of an easy to understand interface. It offers some brilliant features to provide valuable functions like sorting, pagination, filtering and much more for your website readers.

Pricing Table Ready

This is an ideal plugin that helps to create beautiful tables for your WordPress website. By using this plugin you are sure to impress your audience with a well organised data. Since this plugin is extremely compatible to work with all kinds of WordPress themes and templates, you can go ahead to publish your table anywhere on the site by using a simple short code. The tables created with the help of ‘Pricing Table Ready’ are responsive and optimized for higher conversions.

Table of Contents Plus

This is a powerful yet user friendly plugin that automatically creates the table of contents. It is programmed to appear by default before the first heading of the page. Hence if you are writing long blogs with several sections for your readers, then to let them easily navigate to different sections of your blog, this plugin is extremely essential. It is designed to automatically organize sections from your blog for readers to quickly jump to their sections of their interest.

Easy Pricing Table

Just as the name suggests this plugin works as a great tool to help set up and publish your own pricing table in few minutes. There need is no requirement for coding or using difficult editing options. This plugin is highly compatible with most of the WordPress themes along with easy to use interface. The plugin helps you to create unlimited rows and 10 columns along with customizing colors, fonts and borders.

The above mentioned table plugins are great way to impress your users and followers by providing them with organized data. Please do let us know about your experiences and views about your favorite WordPress table plugins.


  1. HTML IsEasy

    April 18, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Table with headers



    Table with no headers



    Do people really need a plugin for this ?


  2. HTML IsEasy

    April 18, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    oops comments stripped code on last post 🙁


  3. Shantanu

    April 21, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks but it is actually harder than you think.
    I realised this when I was trying to fit in a whole lot of data into my post “Top 25 WordPress Affiliate Programs You Can Sign Up For!”
    Trying to fit in a bunch of data points crisply into a post that is jostling for space with the header, sidebar and footer can be quite challenging !


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