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Top 10 Content Marketing Plugins And Tools For WordPress

Content may be king, but it’s only because of the collective effort of marketing that businesses are now placing content at the forefront of their digital marketing strategies. If you’re a content marketer, you would know there is a plethora of tools and services, which you might have already employed, that you can use to increase revenue.

However, before we jump into the nuances of WordPress content marketing tools and plugins, let us first try to understand what exactly content marketing entails.

What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Necessary?

As is pretty evident from the term itself, Content marketing is a marketing technique that revolves around creating, publishing, and distributing content for a particular audience base. In other words, content marketing can be defined as the process of tailoring and enhancing content for the right audience at the best time to ensure that they stay interested in what you have to offer over the long-term.

According to a recently conducted research, the compound annual growth rate of content marketing would climb by $217.3 billion from 2016 to 2021. So there’s definitely some hidden magic in this up-and-coming marketing technique that helps you drive traffic to your website and rank better in the Google search results.
Even though there is a lot of buzz around content marketing and its various advantages, a lot of businesses, both large scale and small are sometimes skeptical about joining the bandwagon. However, this can be countered with a straightforward argument: Content marketing delivers enormous value to a business that traditional marketing fails to cater to.

WordPress And Its Importance In Content Marketing

If you’re a content marketer, you must be aware of the various content management systems available in the market. This is especially true for WordPress, which is considered to be the most dynamic and easy-to-use CMS throughout the world. As a result, many of the top brands and businesses have started to align themselves with WordPress to market their content better.

But what makes WordPress so popular? The answer lies in the software’s extendibility. This means you can add a bunch of functionalities in your personal account by installing a few plugins available online.

Any content management professional working with WordPress, however, has to stay regularly updated with all the relevant updates in the current market scenario. This helps marketers stay on top of their game when it comes to content management strategies.

With the advent of the new year, marketing professionals are busy learning all the latest trends and market forecasts that would benefit them in scaling their traffic and revenue numbers.

WordPress currently has more than 54,000+ plugins under its umbrella, so there is no shortage of technology to choose from. But it can get a bit overwhelming to choose the right plugins for your blog from such a varied range. This article will discuss the top ten most essential WordPress plugins for 2020 that you should install to help your business scale to new heights.

Before we share the various plugins that your business can primarily benefit from, keep in mind that these plugins will cater to different requirements for your CMS. While one plugin can help you take care of smoothening the content marketing distribution process, another could aid you in getting better impressions & engagement with your readers.

Content Marketing Tools And Their Importance

As we all know by now, content marketing is the process of driving sales to your business by providing your customers with exactly what they’re searching online. Companies spend so much time and effort on it because it helps drive better traffic and revenue for the business.

However, content marketing is incomplete without proper tools. According to the CMI, a whopping 92% of content marketing professionals need the help of tools for their marketing strategies, while only 8% feel that they’re doing an excellent job on their own.

With the help of the right marketing tools, you can see all your marketing dreams and efforts come to life successfully. And who doesn’t like to realize their dreams? Content marketing tools help you get better conversions on your website, which loosely translates to a growth in traffic numbers and revenue.

With the right tools, you can double the value of your marketing efforts, while also connecting with your leads and customers and educating them about your products and/or services more efficiently and effectively.

This way, you build up the trust and relationship with your customers, while also encouraging conversions in your business. Remember, the more efficiently you provide potential customers with relevant information to make an informed decision, the more conversions it will translate into for you and your business.

Top 10 WordPress Content Plugins That You Need In 2020

1. MonsterInsights

Considered to be one of the top-most popular and useful Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, MonsterInsights helps its users connect their site’s Google Analytics to understand how readers find and perceive it.

This tool also helps users set up advanced tracking like eCommerce, forms, advertisements, and custom dimensions with ease. Additionally, it provides users with a detailed analytics report in their WordPress dashboard without having to navigate to a different page. Although they have a free version, MonsterInsights’ paid module is actually where all your dreams come to life.

2. WPForms

One of the main concerns of any digital marketing professional is to make relevant and successful relations with their consumers, and that is precisely where WPForms come in handy. This particular plugin helps content marketers easily create contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, surveys, polls, and over 100 templates.

The drag and drop online form builder is also useful because it integrates with all popular marketing and payment platforms. This way, you can quickly build relevant and informative forms within minutes. Although they do have a free version, if you’re serious about increasing traffic and revenue, we suggest going for the paid version.

3. SendInBlue

It’s super important to get new visitors to your website. But it equally important to keep getting existing subscribers back to your website. That’s where email marketing comes in.


SendInBlue is a popular yet affordable email marketing tool. It also has a plugin available in the official WordPress plugin directory.

The plugin comes with the following features:

  • Manage subscriber contact information.
  • Create & manage email subscription forms including popups.
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Get detailed statistics to monitor the performance of your campaigns.
  • Send transactional emails using SendInBlue SMTP.

4. Yoast SEO

More often than not, people look for the best WP plugins to use in terms of SEO, social media, backups, speed, etc. Therefore, this list comprises of all the essentials plugins that a content manager would need to reach the company’s goal of achieving higher rankings and web traffic.

One of the most downloaded WordPress plugins, Yoast offers content marketers the ability to get comprehensive solutions along with all the tools and features required to improve your on-page SEO.

This plugin helps users add meta tags, generate sitemaps, connect your site to Google Search Console, as well as optimize it for social media, along with other features. It can also automatically detect any change in URLs on your website and create auto-redirects. This way, you’re safe from any broken links on your website.

5. CoSchedule

This WordPress content plugin helps marketers solve one of the most crucial problems they face with content- distribution. CoSchedule is an all-in-one content marketing plugin that allows marketing professionals to streamline their content sharing schedules on various social media platforms with ease and precision.

The plugin, which comes with an impressive list of features, unfortunately, does not have a free version, so it might be a bit heavy on the pocket. However, you can always go for their 14-day trial period and see if it serves your purpose or not before making a purchase.

6. OptinMonster

It’s one of the most popular and user-friendly conversion rate optimization softwares available in the market. OptinMonster allows users to convert their web traffic into potential leads, which results in boosted sales and conversions.

This WordPress plugin can be used to create dynamic opt-in email forms that can be displayed on your website. It is a beneficial tool for bloggers, business websites, and eCommerce websites.

7. Sucuri

As professionals who work with sensitive data every single day, data security is a huge concern for any sane content marketer. And Sucuri offers its users just that- the option to have a personal web application firewall that is considered to be the best protection that you can get for your website.

This WordPress plugin helps monitor and protect your website from DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, and any other threat that you can think of. Apart from these functions, Sucuri also offers its users perks like website backups, quick threat alerts, performance optimization,  and dedicated support from an expert team.

8. WP Rocket

You can bid a happy goodbye to all your cache troubles with this single WordPress plugin. WP Rocket is basically a one-stop solution that instantly helps you improve your website’s speed and performance without any external technical assistance.

This invaluable plugin helps users automatically turn on all recommended WordPress caching settings like gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading, along with optional features like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS prefetching, and minification.

9. MemberPress

This plugin lets you turn your website into a membership platform and earn recurring revenue through membership sales. MemberPress is an excellent tool that helps businesses build online communities and monetize all the unique and exclusive content that they have to offer.

With the help of MemberPress, you can create subscriptions and restrict content to users based on their subscription plans with the added advantage of compatibility with all major payment solutions, including Stripe, PayPal, etc.

10. Affiliate Royale

As a content marketing professional, it’s imperative to look into the nuances of building an affiliate program that can help you increase sales on your website. Affiliate Royale is one such WordPress plugin that helps professionals create a full-fledged referral program with ease.

With the help of this plugin, users can track your affiliates’ performance, monitor all the clicks and sales they’re driving, along with managing all their payments. It would be a great addition to your plugin docket if used with other WordPress plugins like MemberPress, WooCommerce, and other eCommerce plugins and tools.

11. LiveChat

This WordPress plugin is considered to be the best live chat support plugin in the business, and it’s especially beneficial for e-commerce websites. LiveChat is a super easy plugin to use with the ability to add a live chat option to your WordPress website quickly.

LiveChat comes in both web and mobile app formats, so you can stay connected even when on the go. It integrates with your existing support software, CRM, email marketing, and other tools with the added bonus of excellent user experience and faster results.


In addition to all the top WP content plugins mentioned above, there are various other WordPress plugins that you can incorporate for your requirements. This will help maximize your content’s productivity and ensure that you have constant content distribution.

Marketing professionals need to remember that depending on what your business has to offer, you might not need to employ the services of all the plugins mentioned in the list above. Still, it’s advised that you at least try out these WP content plugins to make a better and informed decision when it comes to which plugins to use and which ones to exclude.

Author Bio: Dileep Thekkethil, who was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the SEO content and guest posting service specialist at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena. You can reach him at Mail | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

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