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Turn your WordPress site into Android and iOS apps with Mobiloud

A smartphone / tablet enables us to possess every piece of information & events happening at different corners of the world simultaneously & that too with a click of a button or a single swipe action. At any given time of the day a person uses his / her phone / tablet the most as compared to laptops / other technological devices. So it is pretty obvious that to reach a reader of your blog / business site you must have a presence not only on the web as a website but also an iOS / Android app. Converting your WordPress site into Android and iOS apps can boost the traffic to your site tremendously.

We all know Flipboard, its digital magazines’ iOS app and android app. It brings all the stuff we want to read about to our fingertips. What if you could turn your WordPress site/blog into Android and iOS apps without writing a single line of code and without hiring a developer? How??? Tell me more!!! you say.

Drum roll please…and the solution is… Mobiloud Mobile App WordPress Plugin.

Mobiloud – Turn your WordPress site into Android and iOS apps effortlessly

The Mobiloud Mobile App plugin lets you turn your WordPress site into Android and iOS apps without getting your hands dirty with thousands of lines of code. As the site admin all you have to do is configure the look & feel of your app. You can even get a live preview of the app without spending a single penny. All you have to do is install & activate the Mobiloud WordPress plugin on your site & configure it. And if you like the preview just sign up for one of Mobiloud’s plans suitable for your needs & get your app published.

WordPress site into Android and iOS apps Mobiloud - Get Started

Some interesting features of Mobiloud

1. Automatic Content Updates On The App : The plugin automatically feeds & updates your app with the content of your WordPress site seamlessly as & when you publish posts.

2. Send Push Notifications To Users Automatically / Manually : Keep your users always updated about the content of your site with automatic / manual (as often as you want) push notifications.

3. One Tap Social Share Options : Boost the traffic of your site by encouraging your users to share your site’s content from mobile devices. The social share options with one tap include popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email and more.

4. Fully Customizable App & App Menu : The Mobiloud plugin allows you to customize the app menu with post categories, pages, tags, custom taxonomies & links. You can even add a custom logo for your app, change the app UI color, launch images & more. You can even request customizations for your app from the Mobiloud team if you want to.

5. Support For Various Mobile Ad Servers To Monetize Your Mobile Traffic : The published native mobile app supports various mobile ad servers for maximum flexibility to monetize the mobile traffic of your WordPress site. The supported mobile ad servers include AdMob ad units for iOS and Android, Google DFP or MoPub ad servers (with support for banners, interstitials, and native ads), AdSense and also HTML / Javascript / iframe ad units (embedded directly within posts / pages).

6. Easy One Tap Commenting Support : The app created using Mobiloud stores your user’s details for comments no matter which commenting system you use. The app supports WordPress, Disqus & Facebook for easy one tap comments on your posts / pages.

7. Hassle-free App Publishing : The Mobiloud team takes care of the app submissions for you if you don’t want to trouble yourself with creating developer accounts, handling the build & submission process. But in case you want to do it yourself they will send you the binaries you need for publishing your app.

8. Offline Access To Your Site’s Content For Users : All posts & pages are automatically cached on the first load of your app; so your users can access the content of your WordPress site even when they don’t have a active internet connection.

9. Supports Google Analytics : With Google Analytics track how users use use your app, how many users use it & what content works best. Keep a close eye on the statistics of your WordPress site’s traffic.

10. A Mobiloud Support Team For All Your Customization Needs & Requirements : The Mobiloud team works with you for any customization requests & support for the final published apps.

…and the list goes on…for more details on features please check the plugin directory or the official site of Mobiloud.

Final Thoughts

I honestly couldn’t find any flaws with the plugin while configuring it nor while setting up my app for preview. The Mobiloud Mobile App plugin is the best of its kind solution for WordPress publishers to create & turn their WordPress site into Android and iOS apps.

Here’s a preview of our WPeka blog’s mobile apps :

WordPress site into Android and iOS apps preview

Did you get yours? Hurry & turn your WordPress site into stunning iOS & Android apps with Mobiloud today!

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