What WordPress theme a website is using?

WordPress might just be the most attractive and easy to use platform out there for creating a website. What make it so special, amazing and popular is the fact that anyone can use it, regardless of their skills when it comes to programming, or other daunting technical computer stuff.

With a little intuition, imagination and inspiration, you too can create a beautiful website of your own to promote a thriving, original and lucrative business.

Variety at its Finest

When it comes to design, WordPress offers users a huge collection of different themes to enhance the look and feel of their websites and additionally, individuals can install plugins for raising the bar when it comes to the way their site works, loads and handles its visitors.

But let’s say you have been admiring one or several websites for a while now and really want to follow in their footsteps, what do you do to get that website’s theme and use it for your own site?

Use a WordPress Theme Detector

Just in case that sounds a bit alarming to you right off the bat, let’s take a look at just how simple the process can be.

First off, what you need to do is open the specific website that features the theme you have been eyeing all this time, in your internet browser, regardless of which that might be.

whoiswp website

After that, take a look at the top of the window, where the address bar is located, and copy the link you see there.

copy website url

Since we now have the link we want, we should head on down to another website that will give us all the info we want without having to install additional software onto our device. Let’s take for example.


The first thing you’ll see when entering this website, will be a search box in the middle. Here is where you should paste the link you copied earlier.

search wordpress theme

Press the Search button and there you have it. Instant results.

search results

Complete With a Plugin Finder

A WordPress theme detector is definitely the fastest way to find out what WordPress theme is used by any website powered by the popular platform. Not only that, by doing a WordPress theme check, you can also see the active plugins in use on the chosen website, so you will always have inspiration available when you need it.

Just in case you want to know more, the version of the theme is also displayed, and you can see the author’s name and website, plus you have a conveniently located Buy Now feature, so that you can get the theme without even leaving the page.

And just in case you were wondering, in case the website was not created by using WordPress, the tool will let you know so as to put your mind at ease.

So go find out what themes those awesome websites are using and good luck bringing more traffic to your own, with just the right plugins for optimization!

Note: This is a sponsored post. We have not personally reviewed the product/service. All views are of the owner.

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