How to Plan an Epic Marketing Strategy for Holidays

It is hard to believe, but the holiday season has set upon us and it is that period of the year where we get to talk content marketing strategy.

Christmas trees as well as other decorations have already graced homes, the neighborhood stores and most place of business. Only just when one decides that it is okay to gain weight and drink like a college apprentice at the holiday’s office parties … it hits them.

happy holidays

There is still some business to do. And the marketing team has a couple of grinchy adversaries. Not hangovers and the credit card bills, but these adversaries:

  • Every other venture blasting out their holiday marketing program
  • Every potential client getting interfered with the endless distractions of the holiday season

Though a busy period during the year, the holiday seasons hold excitements and opportunities, if businesses acknowledge it.

So, do not just wing it!

Get to work and brainstorm on your content marketing strategies ASAP since we are already in December. It is important to note that recently we are not just considering web content marketing.

We definitely can’t ignore the mobile users either. However, no need to scramble. Just follow some of the best steps given below to help your business venture effectively take over the holiday season this given year.

Determine and Develop a Campaign Strategy

For your business to take over the holiday season’s opportunities, first of all, you need to develop and create a campaign strategy.

holiday marketing strategy

Some strategies often carry over their functions from one year to another. And, every season appears to offer fresh ideas as well as trends. It is also significant to keep in mind about how the holiday campaigns will link into your final marketing strategy.

Thus, even if you manage to come up with really creative ideas, you will not want your clients to identify and brand you to only a specific holiday campaign such as Christmas campaign.

It is for this given reason that it holds utmost importance to consider the big picture. This will involve asking yourself and identify with what you would like to accomplish within the holiday season. Your holiday target – either one particular holiday or all seasons in general.

Even thought the main focus is normally on the 25th of December, most businesses can actually utilize thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday as well as Small Businesses Saturday among others. And whether your ideas or concepts are flowing or not.

These three big questions as well as notions ought to get you thinking regarding what you need and what your goals are. This is a perfect starting point for developing or creating your campaign strategy.

Create a Theme and Stick with It

After developing your strategy, you are required to choose a theme.

For example, if you decide on sending out marketing materials as well as other promotional items, they ought to involve a common theme. The contents that you create, and an aggressive content marketing technique is advised, must also share and portray this theme.

holiday-discountIt has been acknowledged that most clients are always searching for coupons as well as discounts during such holiday seasons.

However, if one can create and develop content around the significance or why a given product and service are exclusive, priced in certain ways, or even some item that offers value, you will have an opportunity to stand out.

Additionally, as one selects a theme for their strategy, it is vital to comprehend what their target audience or customers are paying attention to, how they engage with the given brand and whether they are gravitated or focused towards images, videos, etc.

These given answers will often play an important role in the theme making of your campaign strategy.

Utilize Social Media

Just like any other marketing strategy, social media is important.

We all can remember the extraordinary OfficeMax Elf Yourself campaign. It was launched a couple of years back, but it still maintains its receiverships of incredible responses every single year.



Usually, most marketers tend to get caught up with the “all about business” theme or mode. Therefore, the holiday seasons are perfect opportunities to break free from such and incorporate some aspects of creativity as well as holiday spirit.

Additionally, ask yourself the social channels that your audience or subscribers are using the most statistically. If it is Facebook, for instance, then consider what they are posting and tailor the content to match it. Whichever channels that you intend to employ, ensure that you provide meaningful content.  Make sure it engages your subscribers or audience.

Nonetheless, with social media, it is significant to stay updated or “in the know.” By doing so, one will have the chance to jump on the recent trends.

This does not necessarily indicate that one needs to initiate a Facebook campaign. However, it does indicate that one must often pay attention to the relative trends that their audience or subscribers are embracing or acknowledging.

The takeaway would to adapt such trends and implement in your strategy.

Do not forget to Be Available

As you initiate your campaign, it is significant to remember that within the digital era, one has to comply with where their subscribers or audience may be cooperating or interacting with them.


Thus, is it via the social media? Is it via a traditional advertising channel, for instance the television? It can even be on the mobile devices.

Develop content that can be distributed across several social platforms as well as channels to guarantee easy accessibility. This given step also allows you to acknowledge your creative juices.

A case in point involves your audience who often connect on social media, yet your messages are long. Thus, write blog posts with every given detail but taunt the content on the social media or platform in the form of images or videos.

Therefore, even if the audience is active on social media, no person has the time for long messages.

In a nutshell, be accessible and available by practicing elegant marketing.

Update your Marketing Collateral

Holiday seasons particularly Christmas holidays are the perfect periods for refreshing one’s marketing materials. For retailers, they just need to develop Christmas gift guides and update their branding with seasonal looks and feel.

On the other hand, service businesses can think about how they can tap into the relative holiday buzz. The hairdressers can try and target individuals that would want to look good or at their best at Christmas parties, while the carpenters can offer special packages to any person willing to get work done before the holidays.

As such, you can decide to launch your Christmas campaigns around new features. Allowing individuals to send their personalized cards, which can result or lead to a refreshed Christmas branding.

This is something that is easy to do, and also increases the awareness of your holiday promotions.

Get Your Staff Involved

Recent studies portray that there is approximately a 2 – 8% overlap among employees as well as the company social networks.

involve your staff

As such, getting the staff members involved may exponentially boost one’s marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Subsequently, some given companies also feature their staff directly within commercials. Others simply encourage their staff to engage as well as share regarding the personalized campaigns.

Nevertheless, whichever means you desire to do it, you cannot afford to ignore the employees as you plan for any holiday marketing strategy.

Share the Holiday Cheer Too!

In every hustle as well as bustle i.e. the noise during the holidays, it appears that the insignificant things often mean the most.

When one goes an extra mile by sending giftcards, offer candy at one’s brick and mortar, as well as other thoughtful shout-outs in addition to merry treats, the associated impact is normally felt.

gift cards

The online brands may also extend this given cheer too through providing coupons, opening up as well as sharing inward views of several holiday traditions. Such as holiday luncheons, and many other techniques to extend their brand’s personality.

Hence, all these modest acts of kindness appear to reinforce that there is a human behind your given brand. This strengthens relationships too that in turn usually result in developing influencers as well as brand advocates.


The holidays are truly a popular period to market, thereby making it vital to put lots of effort and thought into one’s holiday marketing campaigns. You will want to appeal to the everyday emotions while still standing out from your crowd.

There are a lot of spending that usually occurs during the holiday season. The trick is to engage your customers or subscribers to expend with you and not with your competitors.

Regardless of what the holiday campaign involves, it is also important to remember that the holiday season has finally arrived.

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