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WP Media Folder Review: Organise Your WordPress Media Library

Despite being one of the best platforms on the internet, there’s a lot of fine-tuning and tweaking that WordPress requires. Moreover, times when you’re trapped in a technical ruckus, like WordPress media library folders and more, can put you through exasperation.
Right from templates to content, there’s so much you’d have to look for. Therefore, when it comes to managing media files, it couldn’t be any more stringent than before. If you’ve just started up a website, handling these files may seem like an easy option. But, with time, since you add more and more, finding a file that you uploaded six months back would be nothing less than a difficult task.
Furthermore, the limitations to search for files in the media folder makes the segregating process even more problematic. But don’t worry. To help you out from this chaos, here’s a plugin that will help solve all of your problems.
Introducing WP Media Folder for WordPress Media Library Folders:
WP Media Folder is one such WordPress plugin, designed to assist you to discover the existing media files in your website effortlessly. By enabling you to create multiple folders from the original media library, you can simply keep your files organized.
Although this plugin doesn’t take away the access from the native media manager; thus, not letting you lose any file.
Features of WP Media Folder:

Categorized Media:

The primary aim of the plugin is to help you categorize your WordPress media library folder adequately. The tree-structured interface of this plugin allows you to navigate quickly into multi-level folders and upload files with ease.
Furthermore, it comes with drag and drop option for segregation. This way, you’ll just have to drag the file in drop it into a specific folder to arrange.

Media Filtering and Sorting:

Media Filter

This plugin allows you to filter and sort your media by file size and type. In fact, each time that you organize the media files, the plugin automatically saves it accordingly.
The filtering process can be executed through specific parameters, such as media dimension, type, and weight.
In addition to that, you even get the ability to sort your media files. This plugin uses cookies to sort media; thus, every time you access the library, you’ll find the same order. You can sort your files through media name and ID, title, date, size, and file type.

Bulk Import Images or Folders:

Moving forward, WP Media Folder also allows you to import images as well as folders in bulk. You’d just have to click over the folder or images that you wish to import and choose the correct option. All of the data will be stored in the native media manager of WordPress instantly.

Compatibility with Other Plugins:

Irrespective of the setup of your WordPress website, WP Media Folder has got you covered with third-party plugin compatibility. For instance, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to keep the store organized.
And then, it even supports major website builders, such as DIVI, Visual Composer, Page Builder, and more. All you’d have to do is install the plugin and create amazing content.

Option to Preview Images:

Taking away the hassle of opening each and every image, this plugin allows you to get a preview. You’ll just have to hover the cursor on the image, and the enlarged version will appear on your screen.

Easily Regenerate WordPress Images:

In case you’re thinking to migrate your site, it can leave the thumbnails broken. And, to fix that, this plugin comes with an inbuilt tool that helps to regenerate these thumbnails seamlessly. Moreover, you can also replace the media by retaining the same links.

One-Click Duplication:

All it takes is one single click to duplicate media. Whether it’s an image or a PDF file, you can create a copy of the original file and modify as and however, you’d want.

Image Editing Made Simple

As far as editing goes, WP Media Folder has made it a quick job. With this plugin, you can edit your images only by right-clicking on the image and choosing the Edit option. Of course, it’s as easier as it sounds.

Adding Watermark on Images:

Another great feature that this plugin provides is the ability to apply watermarks on media and images. To ensure authenticity and privacy, these watermarks are non-removable. This way, you can keep your content to yourself.

Display Images Based On User Role:

Another great feature integrated into this plugin is the limitations of media display as per the user role. When it comes to avoiding the unnecessary mess, especially if you have different teams on-board, it could be a useful feature.

Add Video or GIFs from Other Sources:

Apart from mere images, the plugin also supports videos as well as GIFs that you can export from outer sources, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and more.

Add Folder Cover Image:

If you’re choosing the classic design for folders, you get an option to set an image as the folder cover. This feature comes pretty handy to manage the albums. In modern design, on the other hand, you can assign colors to different folders.
In addition to that, even if you decide to stop using this plugin altogether, there wouldn’t be any considerable changes in your media. And everything will stay intact.
WP Media Plugin Settings:
Beyond the useful features, WP Media Folder also comes with detailed settings area where you get to customize and alter different functionalities.

General Settings:

This section is divided into two major areas, such as Main Setting and Media Filtering. You can visit this area by clicking on the Settings option on your left side of the WordPress dashboard. And then, choose WP Media Folder >> General.

Main Settings:

In this area, you can do a lot of tweaks and adjustments. To begin with, you get to choose the Folder Design. There are two different options for that:

  • Classic
  • Material

And then, you can enable and disable different features here as well, such as Duplicate Images, Folder Tree, Remote Videos, and more.

Media Filtering:

General Media Filtering

Here, you can filter the media via two options:

  • By Size
  • By Weight

Furthermore, you can also add a new size and new weight as per the requirements.

WordPress Gallery:

Another significant settings area of this plugin is WordPress Gallery. Even this one is divided into two sections:

Gallery Features:

This area comprises options to configure the default filter size. And, apart from that, you can also enable the lightbox effect for images, gallery feature system, and more.

Default Settings:

WordPress Gallery Default settings

In this area, you can set the default gallery columns, layouts, and configure the theme.

Access & Design:

When clicking over this option, you’ll get to see two variants:

Media Access:

Media Access

This area allows you to configure media access by user roles. And, it also enables you to configure so as to create folders as per the user roles automatically.

File Design:

In File Design, you can enable or disable the single file design. Furthermore, you can also set colors for background, hover, font, and hover font.

Rename & Watermark:

Here, you can find:

Rename on Upload:

Rename on Upload

Here, you can format media titles by removing special characters and setting automatic capitalization.



In this area, you can enable or disable watermark and configure it accordingly.

Server Import:

server import

This option allows you to import media files from WordPress directories to the WordPress media manager.

Regenerate Thumb:

Regenrate thumb

Here, you can seamlessly regenerate all of your images just with one click.

Pricing of WP Media Folder:

There are three different packages that this plugin comes with:

  • You can get this plugin with six months’ support and updates at a price of $29.
  • However, if you want 1-year support and updates, you’ll have to pay $39.
  • And, if you want certain add-ons with the plugin and 1-year support and updates, the amount will be $59.

Final Thoughts:

Being a quality plugin, WP Media Folder has always helped users in the most incredible ways. Moreover, the latest update has made the interface more intuitive and user-friendly.
And then, with the advanced functionality, you can handle your files with ease.
So, what are your thoughts on this plugin? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. shristi patni

    August 14, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Thanks for share this amazing post to me.
    This post encourage to me that is the primary aim of the plugin is to help you categorize your WordPress media library folder adequately.
    great performance!


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