10 Free Design Resources

10 Free Design Resources Even Hulk Cannot Smash

As angry as a raging bull they say. But in this era of superheroes, I’d say As angry a hulk. That’s what happens to web developers and designers when they are unable to find the correct design resources that would suit their needs. You might even find smashing the keyboard a good alternative to channel your anger and frustration. But with DealFuel to the rescue, you can definitely pacify the Hulk in you. So let me show of you some my favorite free design resources which have helped me escape from a number of nerve-wracking design problems.

Free Design Resources… Read on…

Book Cover PSD Mockups

Book Mockups

“Never judge a book by its cover” but in the book world,  you kinda do that. And so having a good cover is important. So here are a few book cover mockups that will help you present your book in a way that impresses your customers. This freebie has mockups of all the views front, back, and pile. 

I have used these book cover mockup templates, and the result is more than what I have expected. Its simple, clean PSD files that can be easily edited in all versions of Photoshop. Moreover, they are compatible with all devices – tablet, desktop, and mobile.

Professional Stationery Mockups


You have used up all your brain cells thinking about how to make your products stand out. It is essential to create a powerful first impression for your business. One way to do it is to present it as professionally as it can be. 

These professional stationery mockups help me attract more clients. Presenting the products from different angles is effortless. 

Business Card Mockup Design

Business Card Mockup

Create a business card with a first impression that lasts effortlessly. These templates will help you create a business card with a clean, clear, and attractive layout. Why waste time if you can get it done fast? 

With these mockup designs, creating your detailed and photorealistic business cards can be completed within minutes. These templates are editable to showcase a replica of your final product effectively.

Pink Glitter Background

Pink Glitter Backgrounds

Pink is the new black! This trending color is everywhere! T-shirts, phone cases, cards, book covers. This multi-faceted color can be elegant, classy, fancy. Just like this bundle of beautiful pink glitter backgrounds.  High resolution, pink glitter background images in JPEG format, can be put to use in whatever way you like.

Create a book cover, a glamourous T-shirt design, or a beautiful valentine’s card. I have used the background not only once but several times, and it works wonders.

Gold Glitter Background

Gold Glitter Backgrounds

If you see gold, what adjectives can you associate with it? Expensive and elegance are the two popular answers. But if used as a background, gold means timeless and classy. It is something that you will cherish and handle with care. 

Gold is the perfect background for a cosmetics company, wedding invitations, t-shirt designs, a makeup blog, and others. You can get free gold glitter background, and you can match it with other design elements.

Spring Backgrounds

Spring Backgrounds

Who can resist these attractive watercolor spring background patterns? Give your designs a refreshing look using these spring background patterns. I have used it in one of my presentations, and I receive good reactions from the participants. Nothing can beat an attractive and lively background. 

The patterns are downloadable and can be applied in various projects. If you need detailed illustrations, these patterns are beneficial. It is not as complicated as you think it is. The combination of colors can attract even the pickiest individual.

Work Productivity Business Icons Pack


There are two ways to represent your ideas or concept. One is through the use of words and others by using icons. The business icons pack is a collection of icons you can apply to your commercial and personal projects. 

Trust me. Your website reduces bounce rates and attracts more users. Navigating has never been easy with the help of these icons. Also, you can edit these icons according to your preference.

FREE eCommerce Icons Bundle

Ecommerce Icons Pack

Attract more people into your online shop with these eCommerce icons bundle. Placing the right icons will make the buyer’s life easier. Available in PNG and SVG file format, you can use them not just commercially but personally as well. Flaticon has created some of the best eCommerce icons that you cannot resist. Check them out and find out why. 

The good thing about DealFuel is that they source their materials from the best in the industry and collect them. It has made our job more manageable and efficient.

80 Mini Country Flag Icons

Flag Icons Bundle

The best way to show people that your business provides services worldwide is through these mini country flag icons. It gives your site a cool and classy look. You can use these flag icons in your blog posts, promotional materials, and others. 

These flags are available in PNG and SVG file format. You can present the different languages your website can be translated to. Through these flag icons, you can show language-specific content. 

There are lots of things these flag icons can represent. If you are developing a website for an international audience, do not forget to add these fantastic flag icons. 

It will enhance your website readability locally and internationally. Navigating from one country to another has been made easy with these mini flag icons. 

100+ Starry Night Elements


Make your website shine the most with these 100+ Starry Night Elements. I have designed several websites. And throughout my many years of experience, these starry night elements have never failed me. 

These shining, shimmering elements are a great attraction, particularly if you are working on kid’s websites. It sends good vides to your visitors and your website. 

Do not worry about compatibility as it is available in .ai .psd .png. and.jpeg formats. DealFuel is offering it for free download. Web designers will not have any problem accessing these starry night elements.


  1. Ravi Roshan Kumar

    March 11, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Hey Swati,
    Glad meeting you here.. 🙂

    A very very special and great resource for me, you know. I just can’t hold myself to comment after reading and seeing this themes and icons.

    Specially, I am interesting to see the royal vector images which are really great looking design. Social icon are looking more pretty too.

    Really this design resources are great beneficial for me.

    Thanks a lot for posting such a bunch of beautiful design resources.. 🙂

    Have a good day..
    – Ravi.


    • Swati Gole

      March 11, 2016 at 12:44 pm

      Hi Ravi, I am glad you liked them. Thanks!


  2. Eddie

    March 12, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Thanks Swati for a great list of resources.

    I especially love the solid vector icons. Just added them to my library. 😉


    • Swati Gole

      March 13, 2016 at 12:26 pm

      Thanks Eddie 🙂 You can check out for some more great deals and freebies like these @
      I am sure you gonna love them too.


    • Swati Gole

      March 13, 2016 at 12:28 pm

      Thanks Eddie 🙂 You can check out for some more great deals and freebies @
      I am sure you gonna love them too.


  3. Zoran

    April 1, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Nice… Great tips. You can check also
    Thank you.


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