WordPress Trends To Look Out In 2017!

“Your Site, Your Way” is what WordPress is aiming for in 2017. When you look at the recent releases from WordPress, you’ll agree with me that this year WordPress is more focused on business themes and “See What you Get” ...
10 Free Design Resources

10 Free Design Resources Even Hulk Cannot Smash

If you are a web designer chances are that we you act like the mighty Hulk when you don't find the right design resources. You just want to smash everything, but once you get your hands on these 10 free design resources you will be more than satisfied. This free collection includes flyer templates, textures, mockups, icons and much more.

Is Your WordPress Admin Page Secure?

Due to its popularity, WordPress attracts hordes of attacks from unscrupulous individuals on a regular basis. The WordPress admin page is an easy target for hackers because the default URL is easy to access. Moreover, a lot of WordPress users ...