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14 Best Free Domain Name Generators On the Internet

What’s in a name when it comes to branding your business?

Pretty much everything centers around it, opines Salma Jafri, a marketing expert.

Your business or brand name (and hence domain name) determines what people feel about your business, it might draw more customers to you, and there’s a lot to be said of the psychology of attraction when you choose the right name for your business.

Today, choosing the right name draws out a parallel with choosing the right domain name. Now, it might not be the most glamorous thing you’d ever do by spending countless hours just trying to see if the name you thought of for your business is actually available or not.

It’s one of those things that entrepreneurs just “have to do”.

In fact, it’s recommended that you start thinking of a good name that reflects your brand just right. Secure your domain name even before you ever come around to executing on your idea and launching your business.

Why, you ask?

Hopefully, you’ll be able to secure your domain name for just about $10 or so and that’s a deal before someone else strikes the name out of the big world of fast vanishing domain names.

Before you even start looking for free domain name generators, remember to keep them simple, avoid trouble (don’t rip off a popular brand’s domain), and strive to get creative (or even bold), and make sure that the domain name befits long-term branding potential (don’t choose your name, just get a separate domain for that).

Thankfully, there are a few tools that can help you plan, manage, and work with your domains. In fact, you can start brainstorming ideas for the perfect name for your business (and then manage them) using any one of these handy free domain name generators.

Free Domain Name Generators which can help you make wise decisions :


A lot of new business or entrepreneur struggle with coming up with a unique business name. Businessnamegenerator will help you come up with a name for your business or website in an instant. All you have to do is enter one or two keywords and hit enter. Moreover, whether it is a blog, brand, domain or product name, this tool comes in handy in all those cases.

Apart from English, Businessnamegenerator comes in 6 other languages. It is important to note that a business name is your first contact with your potential clients.  In almost all the case good names are either taken or booked. This tool overcomes this problem by providing multiple name ideas for you.


free domain name generators - nameboy

Nameboy has been around for a long time is a pretty handy way for you to club two words to get unique permutations and combinations of possible domain names. You also have the option to choose whether or not you’d want to include hyphens in your domain names along with rhyming words.

NameBoy also allows you to log in and save available domain names in a cart so that you register domains later. Plus, if you already own a few domain names, you’ll be able to track and manage all your domains from one convenient location.


free domain name generators - namejet

Right off the bat, NameJet presents you with tons of options for you to buy or auction domains off a marketplace featuring hand-picked domains, domains on auctions, back ordering domains, and NameJet exclusive domains.

A special NameJet advanced domain tools section also allows you access to features such as last-minute board, verified bidding, bulk auction bidding, and more.

While it’s not exactly an actual domain name generator, the number of domains on sale or for auction is good enough to get your head spinning creatively (whether or not you participate in the marketplace).


free domain name generators - knowem

KnowEm is an online domain name generator all right, but with a social twist to it. You can begin your hunt across 500 popular social networks, a database of more than 150 domain names, and the entire USPTO trademark database to secure your brand on the Internet.

Along with securing a domain name, you also have the ability to setup complete social profiles across listed networks, and also get a KnowEm profile (that’s completed by KnowEm’s Staff) along with a brand protection package.

Instant Domain Search

free domain name generators - instantdomainsearch

“Just start typing” is the rallying cry that differentiates Instant Domain Search from the rest of the free domain name generators listed here.

As you begin typing on a seemingly simple interface, Instant Domain Search lets you know if your chosen domain is available or not.

Plus, if the domain is already taken, the results page also has WHOIS information for you to find out who owns that particular domain.

Domain searches are encrypted over https protocol and your search results are never recorded.



iWantMyName doubles up as an online domain name generator and also as a registrar. In about 180 seconds, you could move from search to own a domain name of your choice. Needless to say, iWantMyName also provides you with one-click apps and services.

Get more than 500+ new naming options along with the ability to register or pre-order new domain extensions such as. CLUB and. KIWI, along with complete domain management services.



Sometimes, what you have on your mind with regards to the best domain name might just not be available. The way out of that paradox is to use synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, derived words, hyphenated versions, antonyms, and other options.

NameMesh uses real world intelligence by gathering data from across regions, languages, collocations, n-grams, and thesaurus. Plus, tap into the database of Misspellings, phonetic variations, short URLs, and acronyms.

NameMesh also helps you overlap words to get contemporary domain names such as del.icio.us, foc.us, etc.



DomainHole has everything you need to find the best domain name for your business. As such, it’s more than just a domain name generator; it’s a complete suite of tools to give you unique, brandable domain names.

DomainHole also has a new “domaining game” called Domain Drop that might just as well help “discover” a great domain when you tinker around with the game during a break or when you have some time on your hands.

DomainHole features tools such as expired domain search, brainstormer, instant availability check, an online domain generator, and even a name spinner.

Make use of their iOS app to brains storm names while on the go.



Don’t let the simple interface of Impossibility Domain name generator fool you. The tool is packed with just the tools you’d need to find a dream domain.

The search option itself begins with mix-and-match options starting with 4,5 or 6 letter adjectives, verbs, and nouns appended to either the beginning or the end of the word of the domain.

Just in case you are the “get that deal” variety, Impossibility also features plenty of deals for you to dig into just before you choose a domain.



Much like NameMesh, Domainr has a simple – but extremely fast — interface giving you no choice but to get on the domain hunt quickly.

Using a pre-sensed list of recommended searches, Domainr instantly gets you looking out for possible domain names for your brand. Domainr also has an extensive list of pre-selected domains under respective extensions such as .AERO, .AD, and .AM.

Using a combination of suffixes, word overlaps, and creative use of new domain extensions, your choices of finding the right domain are plenty.



Wordoid is the balm for the actual pain of looking for a domain name. As a creative domain name generator, Wordoid quickly sets about trying to find high-quality domain names, restricted by a number of letters, patterns, and word lengths.

Wordoid’s specialty is that instead of letting you think of words, it lets you discover made-up words creatively produced so that they make for fantastic names for new startups, products, brands, and services.



Dot-o-Mator works just like NameBoy in that it helps you use two random words (beginnings and endings). Once you do that, you get a huge list of permutations and combinations of words. You can pick and add randomly chosen domain name possibilities to a scratch box so that you can review them later.

Here’s the fun part: Dot-o-mator’s Web 2.0 name generator actually puts in a sense of serendipity by having you click on a button for the tool to spew out a randomly generated, modern-sounding domain name – just a little something you to discover new domain names when you run out of ideas.


bustaname - free domain name generators

BustaName is an online domain name generator that runs with a few basic options for you to start with – such as a word combiner and a quick domain check. However, you can dig deeper with BustaName by using word groups and combinations of words within those groups.

Also, you have options to search for specific domain extensions, Prefixes, Suffixes, and even combinations of 2 or 3 words.

Nuage App

free domain name generators - nuageapp

By far, Nuage App has the prettiest interface for domain search and domain management ever.

Nuage is indeed one of the best online free domain name generators, but with the difference that you can actually manage all your list of domains, out of the same dashboard.

You can buy domain names in seconds, import existing domains, and also get reminders (or set up automatic renewals) for managing your domain names better.


free domain name generators - panabee

Panabee is a helpful tool for you to think up domain names, brand names, and even company names. If domains or names are already taken up, you’ll get suggestions, related terms, alternative domain names, and even app names.

Get across borders with international domain names along with social media user names.

Which of these free domain name generators do you swear by? What are your favorites?

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  1. Janella Barmer

    July 15, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    Great list, Shall i suggest you a one more domain name generator which i like most. It’s domainglo.com , it didn’t only generate name. it also shows some random suggestions


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