AdFoxly – WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

Create custom campaigns for individual publishers or place Google AdSense on your website – in just a few clicks with AdFoxly. This plugin has been used by web magazines since 2013.

First Ad Manager was created to be easy, useful, and beautiful by people who work daily with Ads and on WordPress. You don’t need a whole IT Team to manage ads. AdFoxly gives you the most important features. AdFoxly is a WordPress plugin for managing ads and ad spaces (places) in WordPress. It could work with ad networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds,, InfoLinks, Amazon, and more! Wizard will save your time and make life easier.

Autofill the fields
You need to fill only these fields, which you need to fill. Banner title? No worries. AdFoxly will try to fetch all data from the image. Just put the image.

Ads Types Format aka WHAT
Choose the type of ad – Image, Video, Google AdSense, Amazon Ads, or maybe you have custom JavaScript/HTML code from your customer? No problem. The plugin supports all these ad formats.

Ads Places (Placements) aka WHERE
Choose one of several places which are selected for you and forget about any change in the code. Just What You Click is What You Want. No more digging in the code.

Ads Campaigns aka WHEN
Set yours or yours ads provider requirements like specific posts, pages, categories, tags, countries, and more. 1 click in ad per 1 unique user? No problem at all for AdFoxly.

Settings and other options

  • Put your Ads.txt into settings, and AdFoxly save that file on your hosting. You don’t need any more plugins for that!
  • Paste your Facebook Pixel if you want to create ads on Facebook and retarget your visitors. You don’t need any more plugins for that!

Free: $0
Pro: starts on $4.99/month

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