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WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins in 2022

Blogging has become one of the sought-after professions in the current century. Surely, with the type of results, it has been generating, this art skill has a long way to go. Whether you’re a food blogger, a travel blogger or a fashion blogger, one of the best ways to attract a huge number of audiences is by images.

In fact, it has been reported that a lot of bloggers prefer showcasing one or two images on every post. Additionally, bloggers who add more than 10 images to every post likely receive a stronger result.

However, if you’ve been thinking of putting forth your business through images, one thing you must keep in mind is that you must keep the images optimized, as larger files can affect the page load speed and website performance of the site.

To help you with that, we’ve accumulated some of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins in 2022 that you can consider using. Let’s have a look.

Sure, WordPress offers you an opportunity to create a simple photo gallery through a block editor. However, these features are limited and can create nothing beyond a regular image gallery.

In such a scenario, you can effortlessly create customized and personalized galleries to display your work by using a WordPress photo gallery plugin. Through the right plugin, you can extend the functionality via an array of features, such as albums, image navigation, lightboxes, and much more.

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Jotted down below is a comprehensive, well-researched list of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins in 2022.

  1. Responsive Elementor Add-on Image Gallery
Image gallery-widget-Responsive-Elementor-addons

If you’re using Elementor editor on your WordPress website, this plugin will be the right tool to move forward with the setup of an image gallery. The REA Image Gallery widget of this plugin lets you create striking and eye-catching galleries. By simply dragging and dropping images, you can display your work in style. The widget also offers a variety of layouts, such as grid, masonry, justified, and carousel. You can choose one according to your requirements. 

REA Image Gallery Widget

Features of Responsive Elementor Add-on Image Gallery

  • Lets you add multiple images at once
  • Allows you to create a carousel slider
  • Filter option available for the image gallery
  • Lightbox image click action 
  • Add custom links to images
  1. Envira Gallery
Envira Gallery - Best Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin

For those who are new to the world of WordPress and don’t have any coding experience, Envira Gallery is the WordPress gallery plugin to choose. This is a beginner-friendly tool and makes it easy for you to create video and photo galleries from the admin area. You can also customize the gallery thoroughly with the help of the settings menu. You can set lightbox, image size, margins, enable lazy loading and do much more.

Features of Envira Gallery

  • Drag and drop builder available
  • Pre-built templates to customize the gallery’s appearance
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly plugin
  • Lets you create standalone, independent galleries
  • An option to organize the galleries in albums
  1. NextGEN Gallery
WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

This freemium WordPress gallery plugin is one of the oldest and most used tools in the WordPress repository. Along with an intuitive user interface, this plugin offers plenty of features and customization options. You can get two primary gallery styles in the free version, such as thumbnail and slideshows. Apart from that, you also get two album styles, such as extended and compact. All of these options have extensive functions to control the size, timing, style, transitions, lightbox effects, controls, and more of the gallery.

Features of NextGEN Gallery

  • An option for image protection, like preventing downloads, adding watermark, etc
  • Supports WooCommerce to sell images
  • Deep linking available for lightbox galleries
  • Allows you to comment on images
  • Lets your users share images on social media
  1. Modula Image Gallery
Modula - The Best WordPress Gallery Plugin for Photographers & Business Owners

Modula Image Gallery is one of the most responsive and lightest image gallery plugins. The tool lets you create fully customizable and unique galleries. Along with a photo gallery, you can also create video galleries with this tool. Additionally, it has a custom grid feature that lets you manually change the size of every image in the gallery. All you’d have to do is navigate to the option of the custom grid, and you can control dimensions there, like aspect ratio, width, height, etc. 

Features of Modula Image Gallery

  • Great for both beginners and professionals
  • An option to apply CSS to distinct galleries
  • Three different types of smart, frustration-free layouts
  • SpeedUP solution for image-optimization and blazing-fast results
  • Responsive and user-friendly plugin
  1. FooGallery
FooGallery WordPress Plugin

FooGallery offers a seamless process to create a photo gallery in WordPress. You have to upload the images or select from the already uploaded ones in the media library. Once done, you can then control the gallery settings according to your requirements. You can customize the EXIF data, captions, hover effects, lightbox effects, appearance, and much more. You can also use the Gutenberg block and shortcode to embed the gallery in a widget area, page or post.

Features of FooGallery

  • Unique templates and themes are available
  • Responsive and fit varying screen sizes
  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Offers direct access to media libraries
  • Adequate and prompt customer support
  1. Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery – WordPress plugin

Photo Gallery is another freemium plugin that lets you create simple galleries, photo albums and video galleries. It also supports video hosting platforms, such as Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube. You can also get a widget to display your photo albums. Additionally, you get varying layouts to display your collections, such as mosaic and masonry. In terms of customization, you won’t feel a dearth of options. 

Features of Photo Gallery

  • Offers varying gallery styles
  • Supports WooCommerce with Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Provides up to 15 slideshow effects
  • Allows Instagram integration and social sharing
  • It lets you mix and match galleries with videos and images
  1. Gmedia Photo Gallery
Gmedia Photo Gallery – WordPress plugin

With this specific plugin, you can display photo and video albums on your WordPress website. Alongside that, you can also play music. The tool allows you to enable comments on the albums. And then, you can also categorize your content and add tags to galleries to stay organized. There are also varying editing features that you can find in this plugin. Further, the plugin has a drag and drop functionality that makes it even easier to create and display galleries.

Features of Gmedia Photo Gallery

  • Can upload files to WordPress through a mobile app as well
  • Widgets available for albums and galleries
  • Easy integration with WordPress search
  • Easy duplication of items in the media gallery
  • Create custom query filters for galleries
  1. Jetpack
Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth – WordPress plugin

If you’ve spent quite some time around WordPress, you must have heard about Jetpack. It is a multipurpose plugin and is meant to optimize several standard functions of your site, including design, security and performance. Amidst the list of both free and premium functions, Jetpack also offers a tiled gallery block at no cost. This block builds on the local gallery feature to prove a customizable, sleeker design. You can format the galleries as mosaic, tiled columns, circular grids, and square tiles. 

Features of Jetpack

  • Offers clean, simple image grids
  • Partnered with Google AMP to offer blazing-fast performance
  • Image CDN available for static and image files
  • Lazy load images for a fast experience
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  1. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery
Responsive Lightbox & Gallery – WordPress plugin

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery is another important name in the gallery space of WordPress. This WordPress gallery plugin follows a modular approach to offer its features. The core plugin is available for free and allows you to work around three templates and varying settings. If you want, you can also customize the installation with premium extensions. Right from remote galleries to attractive lightboxes and a variety of gallery views, there’s a lot that this tool has to offer.

Features of Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

  • Lets you display pictures one by one through lightbox
  • Supports WooCommerce integration
  • Allows you to upload posts and videos to a gallery
  • An extensive range of customization options
  • Lightweight and SEO-friendly
  1. Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Supsystic – WordPress plugin

This freemium plugin is a good choice for WordPress owners who are looking for simplicity and elegance. With this tool, you can create varying types of striking displays. The tool gives you access to eight customizable gallery layouts, including post feed and carousel. You can also make use of a Polaroid-style presentation where you can create a nostalgic feel and place captions. Its premium version unlocks a CDN, albums and tags, video galleries and more.

Features of Photo Gallery

  • Simple to set up the plugin
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • An array of gallery types
  • Completely customizable gallery styles
  • Load more button, lazy load and pagination

Wrapping Up

Finally, installing a gallery plugin is highly recommended if you wish to take the visual content strategy to a different level altogether. Get past the basic image gallery that is available with WordPress by trying these best WordPress photo gallery plugins in 2022. So, take some time to learn more about the list mentioned above, know about its features, pros & cons, and then choose a plugin that seamlessly matches your requirements. 

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