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30 Best Personal Blog WordPress Themes

WordPress was initiated as a microblogging platform, but its smoothness easily transformed it into a popular website creation platform. With unending options for content management and curation, WordPress has come a long way today, making it the best choice for any webmaster.

The best thing about WordPress is that anyone can choose to create a website, even people with little technical of coding knowledge. The thousand-plus plugins, it also offers reliable security, options for publishing and SEO, among other things.

Also, you can choose from several themes to customize your unique website/blog platform and create a look that entices the audience.

Here’s a list of 30 best personal blog WordPress themes that you should take a look at, before publishing a WordPress site.


Behemoth emphasizes on connecting and engaging users with design, that features rich navigation and options for easy content sharing. Numerous widgets, including those of social media integration, will connect your WordPress site to you Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and other social accounts.

best personal blog wordpress themes - behemoth


This is for people who specialize in writing but don’t have enough knowledge of technical designing or coding. Storyteller offers a beautiful layout that quickly puts your content into the limelight and presents it in a way that entices the audience.

best personal blog wordpress themes - storyteller

Cheer Up

With hundreds of different choices for content design, this is perfect for authors who are looking for minimalistic graphics and great stories said by images. The theme is aimed at personal blogging and beauty niche.

best personal blog wordpress themes - cheerup


With a multitude of color, theme, and customization options, Sarda is an excellent fit for bloggers of varied niches who wish for an elegant and professional looking website. This theme aims to deliver performance and emphasize your content and provide an enhanced user experience.


Lets Blog

If you are looking for a theme that displays high-resolution images in a clean and elegant looking layout, LetsBlog is the best choice. The idea is aimed at high audience satisfaction.

best personal blog wordpress themes - lets blog

The Marmalade

A retina-ready, responsive theme, Marmalade is focused on art, food and fashion blogs. The powerful yet beautifully designed layout sure catches the attention apart from being easy to navigate.

best personal blog wordpress themes - marmalade


Aimed towards true blogging, Beverly integrates beautiful typography, full-width images and clean call-to-action buttons throughout the design.

best personal blog wordpress themes - beverly


A modern blogging look, Brixton is or engrossing storytelling through text and picture content. The aim of the theme is to keep your content as the focal point of the overall design.

best personal blog wordpress themes - brixtony


Sweet as it sounds, the SugarBlog theme brings in a polished look and will be perfect for beauty and lifestyle-oriented content.

best personal blog wordpress themes - sugarblog

Untold Stories

A truly versatile design, this would be an excellent choice for bloggers who share a lot through text and pictures. Further, you have the option of several elements to publish your content and share it across sites.

best personal blog wordpress themes - fashion blog


Highly minimal, responsive and meticulously designed, Redwood ignores frills to deliver performance. If you are looking to give up fancy blog features to include more quality content, Redwood would be a good choice.

best personal blog wordpress themes - redwood


Perfect for lifestyle blogging, Josephine will easily help any beginner start out with an amazing looking design and layout for posts. There’s a unique personality to this theme.

best personal blog wordpress themes - josephine


If you have been looking for a unique reading experience, Epilog is designed to minimize distractions and offer easy navigation and scrolling. The theme is even highly optimized for SEO.

best personal blog wordpress themes - epilog


Utilizing all available free white space, Olsen brings in a unique typography, not typically found in traditional blogs. This is an ideal platform for those engaging in affiliate marketing.

best personal blog wordpress themes - olsen


Content has always been the kind and there’s no substitute to a good reading. This is what Journey proves. The layout is clean and well defined to encourage full reading.

best personal blog wordpress themes - journey


Perfect for bloggers using a lot of audio, video and pictures in their content, Uberto redefines menu bars, shortcodes and cross browser compatibility.

best personal blog wordpress themes - uberto


Designed for high SEO optimization, BlogPress makes it easy to use and integrate social media as a part of communication.

best personal blog wordpress themes - bloggpress


Perfect for those looking to create an online portfolio, be it in photography or art, tdWriter provides an intricate but beautiful set of pages.

best personal blog wordpress themes - tdwriter

Aimed towards personal blogging, the layout will ensure that your design stayed away from the crowds and reached that maximum number of uses at the same time.

best personal blog wordpress themes - share


Aimed towards compelling storytelling, Ink also supports an engaging layout for video and audio.

best personal blog wordpress themes - ink


Integrating the popular tiled design layout, Fall is SEO friendly and will be ideal for authors looking to publish several different products and stories at the same time.

best personal blog wordpress themes - fall


Hemlock integrates a different typography and centers the focus on the main content to engage the reader in a long reading experience. This is perfect for any artist or traveler.

best personal blog wordpress themes - hemlock


Bringing in more than 600 fonts and several color variation, Bliss is for authors who like to experiment a lot with their blog design.

best personal blog wordpress themes - bliss


If you are looking to showcase a lot of photographs, videos, and articles, Cassia would be the theme to check out now!

best personal blog wordpress themes - cassia


One of the best examples of a flat designed blog, Eston is easy to navigate and engages in a good reading experience.

best personal blog wordpress themes - eston


This is for all the hardcore bloggers out there. Bloggy features extensive documentation and complimented by a readily available support forum.

A simple but highly attractive design, Grateful is for professional brands looking to make a mark in the blogging sphere.

best personal blog wordpress themes - grateful


A minimalistic theme, Booklet integrates many scroll features that encourage you to continue on a story.

best personal blog wordpress themes - booklet


Simple and reader-friendly, this will be another theme that boasts a high amount of documentation. Plus, there is also a good support forum to help you out of problems.

best personal blog wordpress themes - creaytve


Didi is an awesome theme designed for fashion bloggers. It has a sleek layout and beautiful typography that’ll catch your readers’ attention.


Please comment to share with us the best Personal Blog WordPress themes you’ve ever used.

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