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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

Although often overlooked by many new website owners, web hosting is one of the vital constituents of any successful website. If you are lucky enough to land into one of the best WordPress hosting providers for your next project, you are sure of improved SEO and increased sales. 

In your search for the best WordPress hosting providers, you will come across different options, including free hosting, shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed hosting.

If you intend to come up with a website or a blog for your next online project, selecting the best WordPress hosting is among the critical decisions that you have to make. 

To be frank, not all WordPress-hosting providers are equal, and there are several fundamental factors and questions to consider before choosing the right provider for your next project. That’s why we have outlined for you the essential elements and issues to consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting.

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Today, more than ever before, security should top your concerns when choosing the best WordPress hosting. 

This is because the number of security threats is scaling up every day, and your data, as well as your customers’ data security, is paramount. 

Some of these security features include daily backups that will ensure that your data is easily recoverable in time of a disaster, SSL certificate to ensure secure transactions, latest cybersecurity software.


A scenario where your website indicates that it’s offline can not only halt all your operation but also highly cost your potential online customers. While you will never get a 100% uptime as many WordPress providers claim, the best host will get up to 99.99% uptime. So, be on the lookout—go for the provider that guarantees as much uptime as possible to avoid these costly business operations interruptions.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best WordPress host is the fact that you will have a team of experts to provide a way out in case of assistance. 

You will find that the best WordPress hosts provide reliable customer support—offering 24/7 assistance and responses to customer questions and problems. Choose a host that assures you of help anytime you encounter an issue that is beyond your resolution.

Upgrade Options

In case you are thinking of growing your website as you move on, you will go for the WordPress provider to support that growth. For example, when you are beginning, you don’t have all those resources to catapult you to the most expensive packages, and you go for the shared option. 

As time goes on and your business grows, you may want to shift to VPS or dedicated WordPress hosting to increase your web’s security as well as your storage capacity. So, go for the provider that will provide a seamless upgrade to your growing website.


What Questions Should You Contemplate on Before Deciding on the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

It is a fact that many people find a hard time when choosing the best WordPress hosting provider for their blogs or business projects. After a long search, you may get overwhelmed by the technical specifications and jargon that you may find along the way. 

That’s why asking yourself the following questions before you settle on a certain provider is of utmost essence.

What Are My Current Project’s Needs?

Before you get into comparing the various WordPress hosting providers, you need to first be clear on your current project hosting needs.

You can gauge your current website needs from the potential traffic you expect. This is because this will point out the level of bandwidth you will require. For instance, you will require more bandwidth if you expect one million views per month as opposed to just a thousand views.

One more aspect of this scenario is the extent you expect your business to grow in the future. You may not have the exact numbers, but if you project your business will grow into one million customers or viewers in the next six months, then you should go with a larger bandwidth from the beginning instead of shifting as you go. 

Or in case of limited resources, you can choose to pay for what you use currently and upgrade as time moves on. This is good if you have the best WordPress host to walk you through that journey.

Another important consideration is when you are running many domains and websites. The best hosting providers will make it simple for you to manage all your domains and sites, while for the fake ones, it will be more difficult—choose wisely!

Current project's needs

Does My Potential Host Meet All the Requirements for WordPress Hosting?

To be able to operate your website, the chosen provider must meet specific requirements. Although many popular and famous web hosting providers meet these requirements, most do not. So what are the requirements to check on? The host must support:

  • MySQL version 5.6 or more
  • PHP version 7.3 or more
  • Maria DB version 10.1 or more, and HTTPS support

How Much Support Do I Require?

Depending on your technical know-how, you can gauge how simple it is to set up and manage an account. Some providers will take you through the steps you require to set up your account, while others will do the whole thing for you. 

It is up to you to choose the best support you require. But it is highly advisable that you walk through the steps so that you can gain more insights on the process so that you can correct mishaps when they arise.

Another thing to consider is if your new cheap WordPress host offers a seamless way of migrating from one host to the other. Your current provider may not always fit your future needs. What options are available when switching from one host to the other?

Are The Support Teams Responsive?

It is a sure thing that in your day-to-day operations, you may fall into problems that you may require assistance in. While you may dig out the solutions from the website, it’s okay to contact the support if you face a problem that you feel you can’t handle.

So when choosing the perfect WordPress Host, it is advisable to check how quickly the company’s support responds, how polite they sound, and how much information they give. This is the level of support you will expect when you sign a contract with them.

You can also search online for the customer support that they provide. When you search the host’s name, you will get reviews from customers who have used their services before. 

Many WordPress hosting providers are famous for their top-notch customer support, while others score an “F” on this ground. If you find a host who is friendly and responsive, then that must be a tick for you.

support team

Lastly, don’t be discouraged if you see that the support team only offers live chat as an option. That’s probably the most effective way to get support for your issues.

While phone calls are great, they tend to land you on hold for a while, and email tickets entail long reply times.

Ideally, there should be an option for multiple channels that all function 24/7.

What’s My Website’s Load Time?

Of all the considerations, this should be among your top questions to answer. This is where your customers and your potential ones go shopping and the best place that many people will get to know you and your services more. If your hosted site gets slow, you will lose most of your potential converts.

It is key to choose a provider that will ensure that you have the best bandwidth.

Undoubtedly, popular web hosts have a lot of information all over. Choosing a well-known hosting provider comes with its own benefits. For one, you know that thousands, if not millions, use the service, and their testimonials can tell it all.

To know more about your chosen WordPress Host, you can google the name of your potential hosting provider’s reviews. By so doing, you will get the reviews as well as testimonials from all the consumers who have used the service and what they got from the same.

Is my Website’s Security Guaranteed?

You may overlook this question, but it is as paramount as your website. There are times when hackers may want to hack your website, or servers get down. Making sure that your host for your next project has enough backup options is key. You will find that some providers will charge you for that while others do it for free. So, it’s up to you to know what the hosts provide—do your homework.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best WordPress hosting is the best initial process of building an effective website for your next project or business. By utilizing the above-outlined concepts, you should be at a position of choosing the best WordPress provider for your business. If you are starting, you can go with the WordPress Starter.


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