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Top 7 Best & Free WordPress Video Plugins

A picture speaks a thousand words while a video tells a million more. You will be able to make your content look better and lively when you share and embed videos on your content or site using the WordPress video plugins.

Youtube has been one of the most popular sources besides Vimeo and other types of video links. However, we can do other things than just embedding the video. Try thinking of all the other available options like video slider, video playlist, and video background.

With the recent growth of WordPress plugins, we will be able to perform all the things we have mentioned above by using third-party WP video plugins.

The process of adding YouTube videos to WordPress blog posts is easy. However, when you have to add a YouTube video gallery in WordPress, you will need to have a plugin to make it happen.

The plugins are not only responsible for displaying YouTube videos in the gallery, but they are also responsible for optimizing video loading for speed and SEO.

We have listed some of the top best WordPress video plugins, and any of them will be able to help you meet the right requirements when we talk of embedding video content at different places on your website.

However, before I get to the list of the top best WordPress video plugins, let me give you one important tip, you can embed videos easily by copying embedded code and pasting it in the HTML view of any WordPress page or post.

Here is a list of the top 7 best yet free WordPress Video Plugins for your website.

TOP 7 WordPress Video Plugins

YouTube Simple Gallery

YouTube Simple Gallery is considered to be one of the most straightforward and easy to use WordPress video plug-ins. The YouTube Simple Gallery uses custom post types to add and categorize your videos.

The YouTube Simple Gallery comes together with a shortcode that you can always insert directly from the post editor screen. Immediately you activate the YouTube Simple Gallery; it creates a video gallery page consisting of the shortcode. You can always have this page edited to fit your needs.

The YouTube Simple Gallery opens videos in a high lightbox popup. You are always free to control the video, and the thumbnail sizes from the YouTube Simple Gallery plugins setting page.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Uses custom post types to add and categorize videos
  • Pre-built shortcode to insert from the post editor screen.

2. YouTube Showcase

YouTube Showcase

The YouTube Showcase WordPress video plug-in is easy to use. The plug-in is known to utilize custom post types for videos. You can always add tags, categories, and videos as featured. The plugin can automatically set up a video gallery page upon activation. The plug-in comes together with two easy to use widgets for the most recent videos and featured videos.

The YouTube Showcase allows all your site users to go through all the videos without leaving the even page. Its default gallery layout is beautiful and out of the box.

Key Features

  • 40-65% faster page loads with on-demand video embedding.
  • Advanced admin area for video filtering.
  • Build connections between your videos and display them on the video page.

3. YourChannel


Do you like curating videos or like to manage, you own YoutTube channel? The YourChannel word press video plug-in will offer you the easiest method you can use to display your videos much faster.

All you need to do is to enter the channel or user Id, and it will automatically fetch the videos for you. The YourChannel will also be able to bring the channel’s banner image, playlists, uploads, subscriber and view counts. You can add the showcase your channel on any of the WordPress post or page by using the simple shortcode.

The plugin will allow you to select the thumbnail size, play button, settings, and Metadata display.

Key Features

  • 7 video thumb styles
  • Show videos from any specific playlist.
  • Play videos in Inline or Lightbox.

4. VdoCipher 

Are you selling premium videos online and are worried about downloads and piracy? Vdocipher WordPress plugin provides highest secure video streaming through encryption and user-specific watermarking. Simply put, it ensures that no hack or downloader can grab your videos from the website.

VdoCipher plugin is free to start and embed secure videos on your WordPress site. It supports all LMS/media themes and plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, senssie etc. Server, CDN, Smart video player, a dashboard to manage videos also comes as a part of the plugin offers.

Key Features

  • Encryption & Watermarking security from download & screen capture.
  • Easy 10 minute integration with WordPress website
  • Smart video player and Amazon Global CDN for smooth streaming.

5. The Workbox Video from Youtube Plugin and Vimeo

The Workbox Video from Youtube Plugin and Vimeo

The Workbox Video works together with Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo. The Workbox Video enables one to create the video galleries by adding video URLs quickly.

The plugin comes along with a detailed settings page that allows one to control and customize the video gallery. It is possible for one to add the video gallery on any of the WordPress post or by using the shortcodes.

One best part is that it is possible for you to come up with multiple photos containing different videos. It enables you to curate your videos into channels, topics, and categories.

Key Features

  • Creates a video gallery on any WordPress generated page.
  • Videos can be called on a single page using a shortcode.
  • Create multiple galleries with different videos.
uTube Video Gallery

The uTube Video Gallery plugin is one good WordPress gallery plugin. The uTube Video Gallery allows one to come up with many photos and add them to the WordPress pages and post.

The uTube Video Gallery is capable of automatically fetching thumbnails for the videos. It caches them on the WordPress site enabling faster page load.

Key Features

  • Display latest thumbnail videos from YouTube user playlist.
  • Allows using multiple instances of the plug-in on the same page.
  • Uses the YouTube IFrame player API allowing YouTube to serve as an HTML5 player for mobile devices that do not support Flash.
Ultimate Video Gallery

The Ultimate Video Gallery is known to provide easy and quick ways of managing your YouTube videos in WordPress. All you are required to do is to paste the video URLs, and it will fetch the video details by itself.

It is possible for you to create unlimited galleries and add the photos to your WordPress pages or posts by using shortcodes.

Key Features

  • Loads Youtube videos and flv files easily saved on your server.
  • Easily manageable – add, delete, activate, deactivate, sort, etc. your videos.
  • Loads YouTube in maximum quality.

We hope this article will help you find the most suitable WordPress video plugin for your website. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments sections below.

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  1. Mike

    June 20, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    I never understood using a native player and serving videos locally. What is the advantage over using one of these solutions versus embedding from YouTube? IMO with YouTube, not only do you offload server performance, but you can also benefit from it working on all devices, and even monetize the videos.


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