10 Social Media Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017

Ever since the social media’s first appearance a little more than a few years ago, it has developed its strong presence within our tech-obsessed realm.

While it initiated as a way of personal communications within friends and family, it is seen to currently infiltrate the center of most enterprise marketing practices as well.

Nonetheless, the social media marketing trends are relatively short, but its growth appears to remain overwhelming.

This article has compiled a few tips regarding the speculative rising in social media marketing trends for 2017, which will help many to stay in the forefront of the game.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Live Videos

Live videos have rapidly taken over an immense popularity via platforms such as Facebook Live in addition to Twitter’s Periscope.

These given applications have allowed most brands to reach as well as maintain their followers directly in addition to creating personal connections.


For example, if a given brand wants to host a live Q&A session with their fans, everyone following their page will receive notifications.

Subsequently, these subscribers are also likely to get online as well as join in on the unique and expirable opportunities.

Although, one can view these videos at a later time after being aired, which is a bonus for acquiring amassing views, the ability to view them live is considered as a huge draw since it tends to add a sentient energy as well as allows viewers to be part of a given moment in time.

Thus, there will be more success for such organizations that incorporate live platforms so as to market their products as well as services.


Facebook reported that it has surpassed 8 billion video views in 2016 which is double the amount in 2015. So, grab onto this opportunity of live videos in 2017.


The incorporation of chatbots on social media platforms is still becoming increasingly popular, which is ironic given that the social media is originally designed to stand-in human communications.

facebook chatbots

Incorporating chatbots for most companies mean that they will allow viewers to give their thoughts regarding consumer messages as well as comments without having any customer service staff involved.

Hence, given the high volumes of comments as well as messages, which some organizations receive, this tends to be a huge merit that can:

  • Diminish the amount of work that customer service reps do
  • Improve response times
  • Improve number of replies that are made

Additionally, chatbots also aid in retrieving data as well as automating tasks.

Facebook, for instance, is seen to incorporate chatbots in their messaging systems earlier this year. Since this debut, it has helped imprve consumer experience with real-time engagements. Most social media marketers are seen to adopt as well as acknowledge it with enthusiasm.

Since the chatbot platform launched in April, more than 11,000 bots have been added to Messenger, Facebook vice president of messaging products David Marcus wrote in a Facebook post.

david marcus facebook conference

Therefore, with chatbots, one can be in a position to offer 24/7 online full assistance for the necessary needs of their consumers.


Emojis are the current hieroglyphic; thus, they depict a feeling and an emotion, sometimes within one character.

Emojis have become overwhelmingly prominent within the current years, and in fact, in late 2010 Apple included an emoji keyboard as a standalone feature for every iPhone. And earlier this year, Facebook has managed to add emoji “Reactions” to the posts.

emoji design


Owing to their widespread popularity, they can still be excellent ways to reaching as well as engaging the potential customers. Nonetheless, before incorporating emojis within one’s social media ads as well as posts, one ought to consider the given context of their content and their target audience.

For instance, emojis can be an excellent idea if one is posting humorous videos that appeal to the younger demographic.

Subsequently, they can fail to be the appropriate approach for a given post regarding an accounting software, which aims at appealing the organization executives.

Another interesting aspect to be considered about incorporating emojis in one’s social media content is in its performance; thus, certain emojis can perform better than other emojis. It seems silly, yet it can be very advantageous in monitoring as well as measuring their use.

Automated Tools

The ability to manage one’s content in the day planners seem to be outdated. The multitude of social media marketing channels out there can often be a cumbersome chore. Luckily enough, there are numerous automated tools, which can aid users to stay on the forefront of their updates.

With applications, such as Hubspot, users can plan out their social media marketing content well in advance as well as schedule them to posts even when they are not online.


Conversely, these applications will aid users to monitor information and data more efficiently. In fact, incorporating automated software or tools can save users manpower and money.

Organic Traffic Decline

Good content websites were few as well as far between in the old days.

It was not unreasonable to acknowledge that individuals would stumble across one’s blog after discovering a tweet or two. But now that our internet appears to be flooded with all forms of startling content, getting noticed appears to take lots of work.

Therefore, it is becoming almost impossible to view one’s results without having to pay so as to boost their posts.

declining organic traffic

Thus, one must also consider focusing on optimizing their web pages so as to rank well in the Google results.

As they send the relevant as well as exciting emails to their subscribers on regular basis, and develop solid strategies for their content production.

Dynamic Content

This is content that alters depending on the viewers, and it appears to be one of the most important social media marketing trends that will follow in 2017.

In addition to engaging potential customers or subscribers, it will also aid in closing deals that might have been missed.

ads retargeting

A case in point involves the retargeted ads, which are incredibly effective since they push their potential buyers towards becoming actual buyers.


People always want the brands that they can trust, and the social media has only tended to exaggerate this expectation. Thus, the future prolific-ness of online reviews, as well as ratings, will make business activities or services to be highly public.

It will also help improve quality, which is important than ever. However, some mistakes are bound to exist, but it is important that people handle them in the prompt as well as in an ethical manner.

Reviews and ratings

For instance, if viewers post negative feedbacks or reviews on one’s Facebook page, they should see it as a chance to showcase their respect for their customers.

One should not try to get defensive or even snarky and do not simply delete the comments either.

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Brand Advocacy via Employees

Several enterprises are currently incorporating social media marketing to turn their staff into brand ambassadors.

For instance, several bloggers will many at times include links to their Twitter as well as Facebook accounts for the readers with an intention of making the users follow them individually.

Typically, bloggers will also incorporate these individual accounts so as to share content that is related to the enterprise. Thus, by offering encouragement to the employees to doing this, one is essentially converting them into celebrities for their business.

Therefore, it will still be a great way of generating excitement and a following for one’s brand. Tools, such as Social Toaster can aid you in developing or creating social media fan bases by inevitably distributing the content.

Facebook’s Slideshow Advertisements

Incorporating slideshow ads in social media marketing appears to be the in-thing for 2017.

As one might have guessed, these forms of advertisements tend to display a selection of images in a single ad. As such, the extra images actually expand the appeal of the user’s ad, assisting it to resonate with larger audiences.

However, one does not have to stick with the static images within their slideshows as they can also incorporate videos as well as music. Which are known as video ads.

Therefore, engaging these kinds of facets within one’s advertisements will be one of the greatest means of spicing things up as well as generating more engagements. Plus, several images and videos permit the user to display more than a single product in one advertisement.

Snapchat & Instagram: The Significance of Expiring Content

instagram vs snapchat

In a controversial move, other social media sites such as Instagram have introduced their own versions of Snapchat Stories.

Since then, they have made up to nearly 99 million active subscribers a day, which is rapidly approaching Snapchat’s 120 million active subscribers.

However, every social website stories are not just for friends interacting with friends; they could also be fantastic advertising or marketing resources.

Thus, brands such as Pixar, Netflix, as well as Cosmo, CNN, in addition to MLB will soon be taking advantages of the platform through sharing ads as well as behind the scene footages.

This kind of content is incredibly unique since they make the consumers feel intimately linked to the company.

behind the scenes


While many people might only be getting acquainted with the old social media marketing trends and features, most will have to adapt to the new social media marketing trends ASAP. To keep up with new trends and make social media marketing relevant following latest trends is important.

2017 is going to be a year where we might not see major changes in the marketing field but it will be more of improvements these improvements will matter a lot.

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