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Cookiebot Consent Management Platform for WordPress

Cookiebot is a consent management platform with a powerful scanning technology that finds all cookies and trackers on your website and gives your end-users control of their own data and privacy. 

Cookiebot is a cloud-driven solution that enables full compliance with the world’s data protection laws, like GDPR, ePR, CCPA, and more.

Cookiebot comes as a free WordPress plugin that is used on more than 50.000 websites.


Cookiebot’s features include:

Website scanner

Detects all cookies and trackers in operation on your website.

Automatic blocking

Auto-blocking of all cookies for prior consent and opt-out solutions.

Exhaustive list of all cookies with description of type, purpose, duration, and provider.

Four simple cookie categories let your users filter their consent choice. White-list necessary cookies for your website.

Highly customizable banner interface that empowers your users to give, change and withdraw consent easily.


Cookiebot’s plans depend on the size of your website (number of subpages measured in unique URLs). You can try Cookiebot free for 30 days, or forever if you have a small website.

Less than 100 subpagesFree
Less than 500 subpages$10
Less than 5.000 subpages$24
More than 5.000 subpages $41

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