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Newspaper theme review

Getting Started with Newspaper Theme for Your WordPress Website

ThemeForest is known as the best, reliable market to get yourself a nice looking and affordable WordPress theme. Browsing through millions of themes to get the one to fit your online needs might become overwhelming. Today, we’ll review one of the most popular WordPress themes that you’ve probably heard of. 

Currently, on the 7th position among the most popular items on Envato, ThemeForest market, the Newspaper theme is widely known as the most popular product of the tagDiv software company. It’s not surprising that today we chose to write a review and find out why Newspaper is the best selling news WordPress theme. tagDiv’s work is impressive and continues to amaze every website owner. Recently, they’ve launched their own web development services to help any small or large business to reach the desired online goals. 

How to get the Newspaper Theme for your website?

If you want to build a blog, editorial, news, or magazine website, the Newspaper theme could be the best option. It has been on the market since September 2013 and today counts 95,442 sales. Gutenberg optimized with high-resolution layouts, the Newspaper theme by tagDiv is cross-browser compatible with IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. Furthermore, popular plugins such as bbPress, BuddyPress, Jetpack, WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, Hubspot All-In-One Marketing are also compatible with the Newspaper template.

Newspaper Theme

So, how to get Newspaper theme? It’s easy! The only place where you can exclusively purchase the tagDiv’s Newspaper is from ThemeForest by using your Envato account. Once you download your theme package, you’re good to go. The ways of installing Newspaper depend on several factors. If you’re just not ready to jump into hosting and make your site live right away, you can create a brand new WordPress installation locally on your computer. After you install it, you must activate your Newspaper license to get access to the theme’s premium features. Also, by activating your theme license, you’re unlocking your six months free support period. 

PRO demos for the Newspaper theme

We are already used to buying a WordPress theme and have demos we can import or download to ease our work. However, tagDiv took this demo situation to another level. They’ve created the PRO demos, which are full designs built of intuitive elements you can totally customize. We’ve mentioned above that Newspaper has to be activated to use the premium features. Actually, Newspaper performs at high standards when using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the tagDiv Cloud Library. 

Demos for the newspaper theme

Newspaper theme counts more than 30 PRO demos with several subjects. The ones of notoriety nowadays are those related to COVID-19 comprehensive and worldwide information. More and more offline businesses tend to build an online presence, even those with medical backgrounds. For those companies, and not only, demos such as Coronavirus Medicine, Covid-19 News Pro, Covid Stats PRO, Pandemic PRO are a quick solution and a great acquisition. Entirely created from customizable sections and elements, the PRO demos are lighter than other design demos you were used to. They are fully functional websites with unique styles and vivid colors.

tagDiv Composer and the famous Cloud Library

Today, many theme authors make their items compatible with the Elementor plugin. Some users are still used to creating content with the WPBakery plugin. Fortunately, there are also those authors that craft every detail of their theme. This is the case for tagDiv too. The tagDiv Composer page builder is the most flexible frontend tool you can use to create your pages. Besides the ability to see every change happening live, tagDiv Composer gives you capabilities to duplicate, copy, or paste your already fine-tuned elements. If you love something you created, why build it all over again when it’s easier to just duplicate it? 

Adding an element into the page builder

When opening a page with the tagDiv Composer, you have three possibilities of customization: Add Element, Load Template, and open the Website Manager. By clicking on the Add Element, the list of shortcodes opens and displays all the elements you can drag and drop onto the page.  

From header shortcodes to Block, Big Grid, Extended to External and multipurpose shortcodes, tagDiv Composer allows you to tweak every one of them. Choose their size, fonts, outlines, add filters, and even make CSS settings for any feature. You have Flex Blocks, Big Grid Flex, Big Grid Slides, Ad box, Author Box, News Ticker, Video Embed, Video Playlists, Newsletter, Social Counter, and many more elements to play with and create personalized layouts.

Adding an element into the page builder

Pre-designed templates

The Newspaper theme comes with a gallery of pre-designed templates called tagDiv Library. Here, you’ll see over 1200 beautiful and distinct layouts for articles, pages, footers, headers, homepages, blocks, sections, authors, and so on. When you want to get yourself a pre-made design layout, you have two possibilities. For example, if you create a new page and open it on the frontend with the tagDiv Composer page builder, click on the Load Template button to open the Pre-design Templates gallery. This will only show you the template designs you can import and apply for that page. If you want to customize a template for a single post, you have to access the tagDiv Cloud Library from the backend. You can choose yourself a nice looking single post template, hit create, and you’re automatically brought to the frontend, so that you can edit the design according to your preferences.

Newspaper templates

Creating headers and footers on the frontend

Most of the themes out there have mostly a few header or footer styles to apply globally on your website. The creators of the Newspaper theme know how different are the sections on a website. Maybe on the homepage you want to show one header type, while on the blog category you want a different header, with a distinct menu. That’s why, customization within the Newspaper theme is made so easy, to give you exactly the flexibility you were looking for. You can fine tune as many headers and footers as you want on your website, by simply opening the Website Manager and import header or footer templates.

Creating headers and footers on the frontend


Newspaper theme has the same $59 price for the last five years, for a single license. This is a regular license and lasts forever. As long as you have your license key to unlock the powerful features, you get free lifetime updates. Recently, tagDiv has introduced the automatic updates feature, so it’s easier than ever to get yourself the latest Newspaper version. Other themes on ThemeForest still use the download extract .zip theme file, and replace the theme’s file method to make the update happen.

Support Team

Being the number one theme leader in a specific niche brings you challenging situations. How does tagDiv handle the support requests? Every customer that owns a Newspaper theme license can open any topic on their forum, or send his inquiries by email. As noted above, when you buy a Newspaper theme license you get free support for 6 months. This is quite a time to get to know each theme’s element. When you exceed this period, it’s fair enough to pay for extending your support subscription. It’s just like other services you pay for, including your Windows License, Adobe iTunes, Netflix, and the list can go on. The forum support system is a private way to ask for product assistance, and you can browse through the millions of already provided solutions. 

Why is Newspaper theme the right choice for you?

 The reasons are infinite. People have been choosing this theme to create their websites since 2013. Many of them are using Newspaper from the start and continue to update and make their sites stand out among others. Why? It’s simple. The team developers constantly update the theme by adding new functionality and beautiful designs to make it more intuitive and flexible with every update. It might take you a while to get to know this theme, but once you do, you’ll love it.   

Our Verdict

Considering the advantages that the Newspaper Theme provides, it has got a whopping 4.65 out of 5 stars. Check out the complete rating mentioned below-

Ease of use5/5
Value for money5/5


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