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Crazy Egg Review: More Than A Heatmap Tool

Note: This is not a sponsored post but an honest Crazy Egg Review

Have you been wondering why your website visitors are not converting to leads and sales as much as you hoped they would?

Do you want to figure out how your visitors are consuming your content so you can boost the conversion rate of your sales copy? Using a tool like Crazy Egg might be one way to help you achieve that. So, here is a Crazy Egg review which you will find really helpful.

Crazy Egg review: What it is?

Crazy Egg helps you understand how visitors browse your website, which links they click on more often, how much of your long copy do they read and more. It is a heatmap tool that displays you where the user has clicked or till what length of page he/she has scrolled.

It’s not an alternative to Google Analytics, but, if you’re in the process of implementing conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your website, it can help you access data that Google Analytics cannot provide.

Crazy Egg can also help you intuitively understand which elements on your pages are working and what you might have to change to improve your conversion rate. Of course, this depends on what sort of results you want to achieve.

The Crazy Egg review: What does it offers to its users?

Well, it’s most popular feature is that it generates a Heatmap depending on where on your page your visitors website click. The brighter the area, the more popular it is. The darker the area, the less popular it is. Crazy Egg’s heatmap tool is really effective in knowing what the customer is doing.

crazy egg - heatmap tool

As a specific area of your site gets more clicks, its color on the heat map will change. This lets you see the more popular elements on your page, so you can make changes that increase conversions.

With this heatmap tool, you can also dig deeper to uncover data like the OS of your users, whether they are desktop or mobile referrers, the search terms they use, and more.

Crazy Egg also offers a feature called Scrollmaps that tells you how far down on the page people are scrolling and at which point they leave or abandon your page. This allows you to tweak your page so you can add elements to hold their interest longer.

Scroll map Tool

Paul Olyslager used Crazy Egg to make changes to an article that resulted in readers scrolling down to the bottom and reading all of it. He also saw an increase of 12% of clicks on related articles.

The Overlay Tool tells you the number of clicks that each element of your page is receiving. According to the CrazyEgg website, when you load the overlay in your result, you’ll see several small buttons with plus signs on them. They are color coded to make it easier to see which areas are more popular.

Overlay Tool

For example, a blue button indicates that the area is not as popular as an area marked with a red button. You need to click on each button or marker to see how many clicks this area has received. This is very useful if you have an ecommerce site and need to ensure that your buy buttons are getting more clicks.

The Confetti feature helps you sort the clicks on your site and segment them by referral sources, search terms etc. It tells you where your most valuable click traffic is coming from, so you can focus more on the traffic sources that get you better ROI.

Confetti Tool

The List View feature allows you to see all the elements on your page that got clicks. It has 3 tabs: visible, not visible, and both, and the data can be exported. The “visible” data is the click data also available in the overlay, heatmap and confetti reports.

The “not visible” data is the click data, such as clicks on dynamic content or within drop down menus, that the Crazy Egg system could not visually display in the other reports.

Crazy Egg is not an alternative to Google Analytics. It’s an add-on analytics tool that helps your CRO efforts, so you can make more money from your website.

If you sell anything from your site or hope to use it to capture more leads, Crazy Egg will show you how to optimize various page elements so you can do that. Since it’s not possible to use eye-tracking data to do that, Crazy Egg’s heatmap tool is the next best thing.

Ways to use this heatmap tool

  • Compare how visitors browse your website on mobile versus desktop and make changes to boost mobile conversions.
  • Figure out the reasons that visitors are abandoning your shopping cart and make modifications that boost your conversions and sales.
  • Analyse how much of your long-form copy and blog articles your visitors are reading, and figure out ways to increase readability and engagement.
  • Perform A/B testing to see how visitors are engaging with various landing page variations so you can boost conversions.

Heatmaps are a helpful tool in any Conversion Rate Optimization campaign and Crazy Egg takes the guesswork out of your efforts to boost your conversions. To understand how to use this tool better, watch the explainer video here.

One of the major advantages of using Crazy Egg, is that it’s a much cheaper option to eye tracking or user testing campaigns. Pricing starts at $9/month for the Basic option that includes 10 pages and goes all the way up to $99/month for 100 pages.

It’s also very easy to implement. If your website runs on WordPress, there’s an official Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking plugin that makes it easy to add the code to your site.

Did you find this Crazy Egg review useful? Let me know in the comments below.

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