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WordPress Discounting Rules: Create Dynamic Pricing and Discount In Your WooCommerce Store

Every online business looks to boost sales, especially around holidays, by offering a discount. If you run a WordPress WooCommerce site, then setting up discounts manually may be a challenge for you. This is where the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin comes into the picture. This powerful WordPress plugin helps you to create dynamic pricing and discounts in your Woocommerce store without any difficulty. The plugin is an all in one solution for the problems you may face while creating discounts.

WooCommerce Pricing

We’re reviewing the plugin in this article. Here is what we’ll cover – 

  • What is WooCommerce Discount Rule Plugin?
  • Installation & Activation
  • Features
  • Pricing plans
  • Is WooCommerce Discount Rule plugin right for you?

What is the WooCommerce Discount Rule?

WooCommerce Discount Rule is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. It is counted among the most popular WooCommerce discount plugins since its release in 2017. Currently, it has 30000+ active installations and is trusted and praised by the store owners worldwide. 

The plugin allows you to create more than 100 types of dynamic WooCommerce pricing and discount rules for your online store. You can set up discounts based on product variations and their attributes. Moevero, the Pro version comes with features to create discount offers based on user roles and also on the purchase history of the users. 
Also, the plugin lets you set up bulk discounts based on the quantity of order and also offers of the BOGO -Buy One Get One kind. 

Here are just some of the awesome things you can do with the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin –   

  • Setup percentage discount across all the products 
  • Configure multi-tiered bulk discounts based on the numbers of items in the cart 
  • Create discounts based on the total order, cart value or number of line items 
  • Schedule discounts for specific periods 
  • Display discount offers on the product pages 
  • Show the applied discounts on the cart and checkout pages 
  • Display pricing discount tables on the product page
  • Send email notifications 
  • Exclude selected products from discount rules 
  • Apply multiple discounts rules in a single purchase 
  • Setup discounts based on delivery location 

Important Links 

For the pro version, you need a License Key. You will get it on purchase. You just have to copy and paste the key on your site to get it installed. 


WooCommerce Discount Rules is an advanced WordPress plugin for discounts.  It comes with almost every functionality that you need to create discounts for your WooCommerce stores.  Here is a list of the features that the pro and free versions of the plugin offers.

Free features  

  • Bulk Discount: You can give bulk discounts on categories. On purchase of a certain amount of products from a specific category, customers may get some discount. They may get a discount on the products of other categories as well. 
  • Store-wide discount: The plugin allows store owners to set discounts for all of the products of their shops. They can fix or calculate discount packages as per cent of the price.  
  • Quantity based tiered discounts: You can design discount offers based on quantity range. For example, buy 8 to 12 products and 20% off or buy 10 – 20 products and get a 40% discount.   
  • Fixed cost discount: You can offer fixed cost discounts per product or category. You can also create a discount offer for the whole cart.  
  • Order total based discounts: There are options to design discount offers based on the total number of orders. Both category and quantity purchase rules support this. You can give away discounts on the purchase of certain quantities of a specific category or all products.  
  • Combo offers: You can put together two or more product categories and create a combination offer for that. For example, buy certain quantities of category A and B and get a 50% discount.  
  • You saved – text: People are always happy when they save some money on a purchase. You can show a “You Saved (amount)” message on the total column or line items in cart and checkout. 

Pro features 

  • Discounts based on Product Category
WoCommerce Pricing

You can define discounts for specific product categories. For example, if a customer buys 2 items from category A he will get a certain percentage of discounts but if he buys from category B, the percentage will be different. 

  • Discounts based on Quantity
Pricing and Discount

On purchase of different quantities of the same products ( or product categories), you can give away different discounts percentages. 

  • Percentage Discounts in WooCommerce
Discounted add to cart

Cart based and price based rules support percentage discount. You can set any type of discount rules based on percentage including a conditional and dependent rule.  

  • Buy One Get One Free Offers 

There are numerous ways of giving buy one get one offer. You can give another unit of the same product or different products from other categories on the purchase of a product.  

  • Product Specific Discount 
Product specific discount

You may keep discounts on some specific products and exclude some products from the discounting rules based on your pricing strategy.  

Dependent Product Discount :

WooCommerce Discount Rules

Dependency based discount is a very specific type of condition where the discount is applied only when each of the specified product is available in the cart. It is almost like a bundle product discount. The cart is applicable for the discount only when the mentioned products are purchased.

For Example, Buy each Belt+Cap+Sunglasses and get a discount of 20%.

User-Role based discount:

Discount Rules

The plugin has a unique feature of offering discounts for specific user-roles like WholeSalers, Administrators, Subscribers, ShopManagers, and more. You can even track the purchase history and offer discounts based on that. 

Customer-specific discounts:

Discount Type

If you need to set up discounts for some specific customers as an exception, WooCommerce discount rules plugin has a unique feature for setting personalized discount offers. 

For example, John gets a 10% discount on the purchase of 20 products and Jane gets 30% when her order value is above $2000.   

Discounts based on Cart Conditions:

Product Filter

The discount applies at the cart level. The cart discount can be configured store-wide, on specific categories or specific products. The discount is usually created based on cart subtotal or cart quantity.

For Example, Avail a discount of 20% if the subtotal of the cart is at least $200.

Coupon Activated Discount:

Coupon Discount

The plugin allows you to apply discount rules after a customer enters a  valid coupon code. You can set up WooCommerce in WordPress. And. you can create your own coupon via WooCommerce and design your packages. 

Pricing plans 

You can download the free version of WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin either from Flycart or from 

There are three pricing plans available for the pro version of the plugin. You’ll get all the pro features in each of the plans. The difference lies in the number of sites you get a license for. Here are the plans  –  

  • Single site – $49.00 /Year 
  • 5 sites – $69.00 /Year
  • 25 sites – $99.00 /Year 

All of the three plans are the latest WooCommerce version tested. They come with –  

  • 14 days money-back guarantee 
  • 1-year complete technical support 
  • Safe and secure checkout 

Is WooCommerce Discount Rule plugin right for you?  

WooCommerce Discount Rule offers you a high degree of flexibility to set up discount offers. You can create multi-tier discounts based on product category, attributes and the number of items in total or/You can also create your discounts based on the purchase history of the users and delivery location.    

There are times when you need to create discount offers for a short period. Especially during the festive seasons. WooCommerce Discount Rule allows you to run discount offers for a scheduled period and also for some specific products.   

The plugin is available in the free version also. If budget is a worry, you can try the free version first and later upgrade to the pro version when needed. The free version has many unique features. Beginners can easily meet their goals using the free version. 

If you are looking for an easy way to increase traffic and boost conversion rates through discounts, there is no better option than WooCommerce Discounting Rules. 

Our Verdict

WooCommerce Discounting Rules scores a solid 4.8  out of 5 ratings from our review experts. Here are the details:

Ease of use4/5
Value of money5/5

Overall Score -24

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    July 14, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    this plugin is awesome, gonna be testing it very soon on my site


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