How to use SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin

How to use SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin

SurveyFunnel is a popular WordPress Survey plugin – that when used correctly can help you gather useful insights about your site’s visitors. If you ask the right questions, when a visitor lands on your site and literally point him to the right content or offer – your chances of conversion increase multi-fold. This article is a step-by-step guide for SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin.

You can even use this information that you gather to add each visitor into a specific email list that matches his / her requirements and send out targeted offers that the visitor would appreciate ( and not ignore !).

Installing SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin

1. Download the surveyfunnel.zip file & unzip it into the plugins folder
which can be found at /wordpress/wp-content/plugins

2. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed PluginsSurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin installing surveyfunnel

3. Activate SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin.
4. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> SurveyFunnel

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin surveyfunnel_in_dashboard

Managing SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin Dashboard

Creating your first survey(also known as a funnel)

Note : Each survey can be used in any one of the following ways :

  1. Slide-out
  2. Embed survey into a Page / Post
  3. Image : i) Image within a widget ii) Image within a Post / page

1. Go to SurveyFunnel Dashboard -> Add New Funnel button.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin add_new_funnel


SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin Title

2. Specify a title and click Create & Design.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin design_funnel

3. Click Add a Question to preview & add questions to funnel.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin add_question

4. Choose responses to jump to different parts based on answers.

5. Add Question Header to add a default header to your survey.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin add_header

6. To add content like HTML code & text responses (thank you, etc) click Add Content.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin add_content
Note : You can also add HTML code to add custom content here.

TIP : This is a good place to add your Opt-in Code. Would be best to create separate mailing lists (based on your work flow of questions) so as to add your subscribers to a specific mailing list that is in line with their answers. You can then send them targeted offers that are relevant to their interests.

7. To prompt the visitor for name & email click Add Name/Email & check the Add User Information (Name/Email) box.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin add_user_info

8. Click Save Funnel. New funnel is added now.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin new_added_funnel

9.Click on the new created funnel and navigate to the Trigger Settings tab.

10.Trigger settings has 3 radio Buttons. Slider | Popup | ShortCode

10.1 Trigger Settings -> Slider . Select the pages / posts to display the floating survey on. Choose images for questions & answers.

SurveyFunnel Premium WordPress Plugin funnel_float

Note : You cannot reset once you have saved the images for the questions and answers so be very careful when choosing an image.

10.2 Trigger Settings -> Image button. Triggering the survey by clicking on an image. Browse and select an image. Check the Use In A Sidebar Widget box if you want to add the image into a widget.

Add the image to your page -> Add Media. Select the same image you have used in the trigger image browser. Insert these lines into your page.


[html]<a href=”#”> </a>[/html]

Your code should look like this.

[html] <a href=”#”>

<img src=”http://localhost/sites/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/surveyclick.jpg” width=150 height=150>



To trigger the image survey within a widget; add a text widget to your WordPress site & copy the same code as before into the textarea of the widget.

Trigger by image would look like this.

widget preview

10.3 Trigger Settings -> ShortCode tab. Check Embed in Page & save to generate a shortcode for your image.

10.4 Save funnel.

11. Go to SurveyFunnel Dashboard & copy the entire shortcode that has been generated.
[survey_funnel key = ‘(unique survey key)’]

12. Create a new page / post or edit an existing page / post & add the shortcode as follows :

Your code should look like this.

Trigger by shortcode would look like this.

Extra features for funnels

1. Analyze : Questions Summary and Individual Summary of your survey.
2. Export : Export Summary and Export Details to a file.
3. Actions : Clone your survey with a new title. Delete your survey.
4. Completed Surveys : The number of completed surveys by the users.
5. Survey Imprints : The number of impressions i.e. the number of times a survey is displayed to the user.


Hungry for more ?

If you liked reading this and would like to know more about how to create effective surveys –

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So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use SurveyFunnel effectively. If you know of any other tips that I may have missed, do let me know by leaving a comment here.


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