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Automattic Launches Jetpack Scan: Now stay ahead of Malware threats.

Automattic Launches Jetpack Scan: Now stay ahead of Malware threats.

Automattic just launched an automated malware and vulnerability scanning service with the introduction of Jetpack Scan. It is the latest evolution in WordPress security by Jetpack. “It’s like having a security guard monitoring your site,” says Paolo Belcastro, Head of Product for Jetpack

This third-major premium add on is available at $7 a month and $70 for an annual subscription. The feature will scan your site daily for any security threats. “You can rest easy knowing that someone’s watching out for you 24/7. And if we find any malware threats or vulnerabilities, you’ll receive an instant email alert so you can fix it right away and get back to running your business. We can even repair the majority of security threats for you with just one click.” says Paolo

The jetpack team also opened the backup service back in May. It was the first step to sell a two-part security solution for the site owners. With Jetpack scan, you can easily scan your website, check the results, respond to issues, and, when combined with Jetpack Backup, quickly restore your site to working order all in one place. 

Jetpack Scan
Image Source: Jetpack

Jetpack Features and Interface

The interface is currently available to new Scan and Backup customers, and we’ll be rolling it out to existing customers soon. It’s features let you protect your website without you being a security expert. In one centralized location, you can review scan results, fix problems, and restore backups. With Jetpack Scan will receive an instant alert if it finds any problem on your website. All you need to do is click a button and JetPack scan will fix all the malware issues on your website. 

Even if your website is completely down, it won’t stop Jetpack to scan your website. You can still easily access the results. 

“Even the best security tools can become useless if they require advanced skills to configure complicated settings. That’s why it was so important for us to build an accessible and streamlined service. We’re proud to introduce a fresh, dedicated interface for Jetpack Scan that will be the central hub for managing all your Jetpack Security products,” says Filipe Varela, of Jetpack Design


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