Optinly Review

Optinly Review- Build Goal-Based Website Popups

Popup is a powerful option to grab viewers’ attention. Their strong visibility and sudden appearance catch the eye of the viewers instantly. If the design is impressive and the message it is showing is useful, viewers feel tempted to take the desired action. As per a recent analysis, popups increase conversion by  50%. If you are to make an important announcement or make your visitors aware of the recent developments, there is no better option. Popups not just increase your conversion rates but also helps you to collect immediate feedback from the viewers. But designing popups and displaying them at the right time is not as easy as it seems. If you are looking for an easy way to use popups on your site, Optinly is your option and we are reviewing it in this article!

Optinly Review

Here’s what we will cover in this article:

  • What is Optinly?
  • Installation & Activation
  • Features
  • Pricing plans
  • Is Optinly plugin right for you?

What is Optinly?  

Optinly is a goal-based lead capturing WordPress tool. It is suitable for any eCommerce or business website. It helps you to increase your customer base, drive more traffic, improve viewers’ engagement and boost up conversion rate. It is a Saas product specially designed for business growth.   

It helps you to grow your business in the following ways – 

  • Endorse brand with customizable powerful and touching popups 
  • Increase  audience base by advanced targeting options and upsell existing consumers with a personalized approach 
  • Reduce cart abandonment and increase cart value 
  • Promote special offers and deliver real time social proofs  

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Installation & activation 

Optinly is ready to install and easy to use a WordPress tool.  With just a few clicks you can install it on your own within a few minutes. You need no technical knowledge for this purpose. Just click on the Get Started button on the homepage and register with your email account. Enter your domain and you will be directed to your dashboard.

Optinly Review- Installation & Activation


Different types of popups 

Optinly comes with an array of different types of popups. It helps you to improve your email list and conversion rates. Every popup is unique in its own way and serves a different purpose. Here are the major popups that Optinly offers –  

Different types of popups

Exit-intent popup

It stops your visitors from leaving your site. Offers them gifts, coupon codes and discounts. You may use it as the last-minute tool to convince the visitors for purchase to boost up your conversion. 

Floating sidebars 

This option allows you to show non-intrusive pop ups on your web pages. These pop ups appear when visitors scroll throughout. Floating sidebars are powerful tools to display important offers and announcements. 

Gamification popups 

Game popups are the best way to engage your visitors. When you want to attract the first time visitors, use game popups they come in handy. Better engagement ensures more conversions. 

Notification popups

You may use notification popups to inform your visitors about the upcoming events. You may make them aware of the new releases, webinars and other events. These pop ups are ideal options for grabbing the instant attention of the visitors. 

Full-screen overlay popups 

Full-screen overlays capture the undivided attention of the site visitors. They are the best option when you want to launch a new product, give exclusive discounts and make some important announcements. 

Timed delay popups 

This option allows you to display popups when it matters the most. You can set the time when the popup will appear. This allows you to convey the message at the right time and increase your email list.   

Tools to grow business 

Optinly allows you to grow your business in the following ways – 

  • Grab visitors attention by showing them what they need at the right time and right place
  • Persuade your visitors to take desired actions to boost up your conversion rate
  • You can collect feedbacks to know the reaction of the viewers and improve yourself accordingly 
Tools to grow business
  • You can promote special discounts to create temptation among the visitors 
  • There are options to conduct surveys which may contribute to your growth 
  • You may double the revenue of your store by offering personalized and tailored discounts
  • You may grow your brand by increasing consumer referrals and word of mouth 

Personalized onsite popups 

Optinly allows you to personalize pop ups for better users’ engagement. Here are the options you have – 

Advanced triggering 

Optinly offers you a wide variety of popup triggering options. You may trigger your popups at the right time to your visitors. This leaves the visitors with no choice than to signup.

Powerful  targeting 

Optinly allows you to show popups to the visitors based on their interest and activities. It increases sign-ups and also helps you to improve your email list. 

Shortcode for names 

With Optinly you can greet your subscriber with their names using simple shortcodes. Personalized pop ups are always a good option to increase conversion and signups.   

Mobile responsive popups 

You may create popups that automatically adjust to the screen sizes of your visitors’ devices. Responsive popups are fit for mobile and tablets. This ensured a wide reach and improved topics. 

Set marketing goals 

With Optinly, you can set your marketing goals and plan your strategy. Here are the things you can do – 

Insightful dashboard 

Optinly comes with a clear and insightful dashboard. It lets you track the performance of your popups. You may manage campaigns, see analytics and have detailed statistics reports.  

Multiple ESP integration 

Optinly is compatible with the most popular and latest email service providers. You may integrate with any of them and send impressive mails to your users. 

Create popups to catch the attention 

6+ popup forms 

It is not a wise idea to use the same popup for everyone. Every body’s liking and preferences are different.  Optinly offers you 6+ different popups which you can use for different visitors based on their interests. 

30+ ready to use popup templates 

30+ beautifully pre-designed templates let you create your desired popups quickly. It saves time. These are created by professional designers to attract customers. It helps you attain your business goals easily.    

Drag & drop editor 

Drag and drop editor allows you to design your popups the way you want with no difficulty. Anybody can use this feature and create easy popups. No coding knowledge required for this.   


Optinly is available in both free and premium options. The premium version is available at $25 per month. 

Optinly Pricing

The free version includes – 

  • 10 free premium templates 
  • Single site usage 
  • Exit-intent technology 
  • 3 popup forms type & game popup 
  • Mailchimp integration 
  • Analytics dashboard 
  • 3advanced triggering options 
  • Normal support 

The Growth plan includes –  

  • 30 free premium templates 
  • 5 sites usage 
  • Exit-intent technology 
  • 6 popup form types and all game popups 
  • Integration with 5 email service providers 
  • In-depth Analytics dashboard  
  • 6 advanced targeting 
  • Priority support 
  • Access to meme popup templates 

Why is Optinly best for you?

Why is Optinly best for you?

Optinly is not just a lead generation tool and a solution for conversion-boosting, it is also a powerful way to strengthen the bond with the subscribers. It allows you to greet them with their first name making them feel special and adored. The feature to use multiple popups for different types of viewers based on their interest ensures revisit to the site.  

Optinly allows you to collect feedback and conduct surveys. It lets you know in which areas you need improvement which in turn helps you to take your business to the next level. You may also track the performance of individual popups and make some changes for better results.

Optinly is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. Anybody can use it and increase the conversion rate within a short span of time. No coding knowledge required for this. 

All these rich features make Optinely a reliable and attractive option. Apart from these, it is available in both free and pro versions. So the budget is not a problem. Anybody may go for the free version in the beginning and later upgrade to the Growth plan if they feel the need. Nowhere else you will find so many powerful features together. Optinly is an all in one solution for lead generation and conversion boosting. It will make you meet your business goal in a few days, all you need to do is install and activate it.  

Our verdict

Optinly scores a solid 4 out of 5 ratings from our review experts. Here’re the details:

Ease of Use 4/5
Value for Money5/5


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