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Managed WordPress Hosting By Managed WordPress Hosting Review

The hosting service of a website can make or break its future. You may have quite rich, impressive, and useful content on your website but until it is easily accessible for the viewers, it is of no use. The ultimate purpose of a website is to share information with people around the world. And web hosting makes your site live and accessible. A perfect hosting is of utmost importance for a website.  A managed WordPress hosting goes one step further. It does not just ensure the smooth running of a website but also takes the responsibility to improve its performance.     

Finding an ideal web hosting service is like looking for pearls in an ocean. The market is flooded with thousands of options. Most of the time you get confused about which one to go for? In such a situation you often feel if someone can suggest a name it may relieve you from the stress of checking hundreds of options and then deciding on a perfect one. That is what we are going to do in this article.  

Managed WordPress Hosting

In this article, we will review, a simple yet elegant WordPress managed hosting service provider with a mission to make WordPress hosting easy and effortless. We will look into its features in detail. We will also examine whether really delivers on its promises. After reading the article, you will be able to find out about its benefits and in what way it can be beneficial for you. 

What is managed WordPress hosting? 

Managed hosting service simply means the web hosting company will perform all day-to-day server management duties on the behalf of the website owner. It is a service plan where the hosting service provider takes the entire responsibility of the management and administration of the website hosting of an organization. The services that a managed WordPress hosting plan offers may vary from host to host but in most of the situations, it includes the following things –  OS updates and patching, management of hardware and network infrastructures, security services and customer support. WordPress managed hosting service specifically focuses on WordPress websites. It performs all the tasks related to administering and optimizing a WordPress site on a regular basis. 

Managing the hosting of a website is not an easy task. It involves lots of challenges. The additional advantage that you get with managed hosting is it saves your time and energy. Just subscribe to the plan and relax. All the tasks will be managed by the hosting company. Another advantage is if you lack technical knowledge, it will not be a barrier in your path. Someone else on your behalf will take the responsibility to make your site live and smooth running.    

What is the managed WordPress hosting? 

WordPress managed Hosting Rocket is one of the fastest WordPress managed to host hosts in the world. Its objective is to provide your WordPress websites with optimal hosting conditions. It offers you almost everything that you need to speed up your site with the best possible user experience. After you install it, it makes your site load within 52 seconds. The features that make it unique are – single interface, instant staging, 20+ edge location, enterprise CDN cloud, and 24×7 support.   

WooCommerce hosting by does not just increase the loading speed of your website but also helps you to optimize it for conversion with its WooCommerce hosting service. It is designed to give the customers a satisfying and cool shopping experience. The auto-installation and auto-optimization features of the service handle heavy lifting and ensures a better SEO position. It provides auto-updates about the recent developments in the area of themes and plugins. 

WooCommerce Hosting by

The plan also assures website protection. There is an advanced support team that is always at your service and helps you throughout your journey right from launching your site to the stage of growing your network. 

Managed WordPress hosting by WordPress managed hosting service is ideal for the websites of any size be it personal or commercial. It helps you to grow your business with optimized WordPress installs, enterprise servers and automatic updates about themes, plugins and WordPress core. Every single WordPress install comes with a website firewall to make your site safe and secure. The Cloudflare enterprise CDN  automatically caches your websites in more than 200 locations around the World. It tries to keep a site as close to the visitors as possible and instantly boosts up loading speed and  YSlow score. 

Managed WordPress Hosting by

With, hosting becomes surprisingly simple. Hosting a WordPress site has never been so easy before. All you need to do is follow three easy steps – create your account and choose a plan, deploy your website in mission control and share your domain name with Your site will be live. There is no need to do anything else. Even non-technical persons without any prior experience may host their site on their own with just a few clicks with    



Your visitors expect a site to get fully loaded within 2 seconds. Ignoring the sluggishness of your website is the biggest mistake that can kill your WordPress site speed. The ultimate objective of is to improve the performance of a website. It speeds up your website within a few minutes after installation. The built-in content optimization and the caching system ensures fast loading speed, better SEO position, and improved user experience. Here are the features it offers to speed up your website – 

  • Free enterprise CDN 
  • Google font optimization 
  • Built-in caching 
  • Brotli compassion   


WordPress Hosting by protects your site from hackers with its inbuilt security features round the clock. There is no need to go for additional plugin or software to increase the safety and security of your website. Here are the security features you get with – 

  • Website farewell 
  • Malware patching 
  • Weak password prevention 
  • Brute force protection 
  • Automated bot protection   

Platforms is a powerful but user-friendly platform and is well documented.  Almost all its features are self-explanatory. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, is equally useful for everyone. Here are the unique features it offers to run your website successfully – 

  • Simple control panel 
  • Enterprise servers 
  • Daily backups 
  • 99.99% uptime 
  • Global edge network 
  • NGINX + PHP 7.4 

So does succeed in its core purpose? Is it right for you? Are we looking at a hidden gem that you didn’t hear about till now? I’ll answer all those questions, and more, in this review.

Let’s have a look at’s Pro and Cons:

Pros of 

Good Loading Time 

The primary expectation that people have from a website host is a good performance. The loading time of a website has its own effect on its success. No one likes a slow website. It makes visitors irritated. On the other hand, a fast loading site is preferred by everyone. ensures a blazing fast speed. Once you install it, your site gets faster in no time.   

Free Migration for websites 

Migration is a scary thing for most of the web hosts. The reason for this is it puts enormous pressure on a user as it needs a lot of effort. Besides that, most of the services that are available in the market for the purpose do not give satisfactory results every time. relieves you from all these hassles with its free migration service. It assures a risk-free and smooth migration. It comes bundled with free migration plugins. All you need to do is to create a token using your login, the free plugin will lead you to your desired place with your data.  

Customer Support 

The most appealing feature of is its high-quality customer support. In this respect, it is far ahead of many of its competitors. The live chat option is very powerful. Whenever you face any problem, go for live chat, your questions will be answered by an expert immediately. If you report any difficulty, they try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

Free CDN and SSL certificate

SSL certificate is a mandatory element for any website today. Google Chrome now warns the website of charges if they don’t have SSL certificates. It protects the sensitive data that is moved among different websites and devices. Getting an SSL certificate is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of formalities involved in it. But if you subscribe to any of the plans, you get an SSL certificate for your site for free.

Another important feature of the hosting service is, it provides a free cloud content delivery network or CDN. It helps you to store large files in the cloud. The speciality of the feature is it attempts to store the files near the customer base and delivers them to the users whenever a request is placed. Cloud storage services are usually chargeable but offers these for free.  

Good Security Tools

Data security is everyone’s concern. comes with lots of inbuilt security features. These features guarantee round the clock protection from hackers, malware and attacks. 

 Cons of  

A bit pricey 

The hosting plans that offers start from $25 per month. This is a big amount compared to the price ranges of the competitors that include many big names in the market. Besides that, the renewal charges are also very high. This is a big disadvantage. Price plays a vital role in any purchase decision. When others are offering similar products at a lower price, customers may switch to some other brand.      

Limited to WordPress only

The other disadvantage of is it is specifically designed for WordPress and does not support any other platform. It narrows its span. No matter how attractive the features are, if you are not a WordPress user, the door of is closed for you. hosting plans and pricing hosting service has four different plans for different sets of customers – hosting plans and pricing

The Starter Plan 

This plan is for personal use. It comes at $25 per month and designed to improve the performance of a single WordPress site. This plan by WordPress hosting allows 25000 visits and gives 10 GB storage space. The plan offers you a free SSL certificate, CDN and WAF. 

The Pro Plan 

The pro plan is made for professional purposes and designed with an intention to help you expand your horizons with multiple WordPress site installations. It supports 3 websites, allows 100000 visits and gives 20 GB  storage. You get a free SSL certificate, CDN and WAF with the plan. It is available at $50 per month. 

The Business Plan  

The business plan is for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. The purpose of it is to let you grow your business with more installs, storages and an increased number of visitors. It supports 10 WordPress websites, allows 250000 visits and gives 40 GB  storage. Apart from these, it includes a free SSL certificate, CDN and WAF. The plan costs $83 per month.    

The Agency Plan  

The agency plan is for professional and large corporate websites. It helps you to manage multiple clients with extensive resources. It supports 25 WordPress websites, allows 500000 visits and gives 50 GB storage. Like all other plans, this also includes a free SSL certificate, CDN and WAF. The plan is offered at $166 per month. 

All the plans offer free hosting accounts and are billed annually. There are multiple payment methods available.  

Final Thoughts On…

In the web hosting industry, there is a neck to neck competition. There are numerous big brands offering their services at an affordable price. The freebies make the competition even tougher. But, despite all the challenges,’s WordPress hosting has managed to secure a place for itself in the market. Its blazing fast speed makes it unique. 

And the free Cloudflare CDN account and SSL certificate that it offers make it the first choice for many users. Hardly any other brand can beat its support system. The prices are a bit high but considering the features that every single pack offers, it seems reasonable. Overall, is a good choice that really makes WordPress hosting amazingly effortless and simple. Let us know about your thoughts on this WordPress Hosting service in the comment box below. 

To obtain the same level of CloudFlare service on your website, you would need to purchase at minimums the Business Plan from CloudFlare ($200/per month) and bundles these features free with every WordPress install! 

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