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Ad Inserter Pro Review: A WordPress Advertisement Solution To Manage Ads

Managing ads on WordPress websites is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep an eye constantly on the performance of the ads. Starting from inserting an ad code to your website to the stage of removal of an ad after the expiry of its time period, you have to do everything manually. It is a time-consuming process and requires lots of effort on your part. A single mistake or slight inattentiveness means a big loss. This is why a WordPress Advertisement Solution could give you an easy way to manage ads smoothly with a user-friendly interface and zero codings.

A WordPress advertising plugin could automate the entire process, saving valuable time and effort, while also reducing errors due to human oversight. While there are a bunch of ad plugins out there, one popular plugin that we are going to talk about today is Ad Inserter Pro . In this Ad Inserter Pro review, we’ll be sharing all the information you need to confirm that this WordPress ads plugin is the right one for you.

How can Ad Inserter Pro help you monetize your website?

Ad Inserter Pro is an all in one toolkit to set up a variety of ads on your WordPress website. Its advanced features allow you to insert ads or HTML /Javascript / PHP code anywhere on your posts or pages. The plugin comes with 96 ad code blocks, a syntax highlighting editor and many block alignment styles. You can preview the ads with an advanced visual CSS  editor. This WordPress ad inserter plugin supports all popular platforms like Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon Native Ads and

What Ad Inserter Pro does for you is:

  • Offers you a rich one page interface to manage all your ads inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Offers you visual and text editors to conceptualize your ads.
  • Saves time by centralizing your ad management process.
  • Offers ad-rotation, adblock detection and A/B testing abilities.
  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂 

Creating your first ad with Ad Inserter Pro 

Ad Inserter Pro has an intuitive interface with a plethora of functionalities to support you as you go.

I’ll show you a simple 3 step process to publish your first ad using this WordPress advertisement solution. I have to say creating the first ad with Ad Inserter Pro is fairly easy and you do not need to be a trained expert at all However, if you need to, you can always refer to their handy documentation, to get started.

Step 1 –  Getting things up and ready

First things first, you need to decide upon which plan of Ad Inserter Pro should you buy.

Once you have purchased the plugin you will receive an email with the license key and download link for the Ad Inserter Pro plugin, you can download the plugin and save the zip file for future installations, this license key that you will get is good for one year post purchase.

On your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Add New’ under ‘Plugins’ in the navigation menu on your left. Now click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button on the top. 

Upload Ad Inserter Pro Zip file

Now upload the Ad Inserter Pro plugin zip file and click on install and activate the plugin.

Activate Ad Inserter Pro

To open the Ad Inserter Pro interface, you need to find ‘Settings’ in the WordPress navigation menu, in the drop-down menu you should find Ad Inserter Pro.

The first time when you open the interface, upon interaction the plugin will prompt you to validate your license copy, to do that you need to click on the gear icon in the block interface and enter your license key in the license field under the ‘General’ section.

Ad Inserter Pro Settings

Step 2 – Creating your first ad in Ad Inserter Pro plugin dashboard

Ad Inserter Pro gives you 96 ad blocks that you can run on your website simultaneously. Each block is an individual ad with your code or a visual creative. To insert your ad in this block you need to paste the appropriate code in it, for example, your Google Adsense ad code snippet. Once done with that, you can select the placement, exact page, or blog post, and other attributes can be selected from the menu below the block. It also has easy integration to help integrate your ad account like Google Adsense seamlessly.

Creating your first ad with Ad Inserter pro

Alternatively, Ad Inserter Pro gives you an option to create an ad right from the inbuilt Visual Editor. This WordPress advertisement solution is a great option to create banner ads and inline ads, all you need is your ad creative and that’s it. 

Inbuilt Visual Editor: Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Advertisement solution

Step 3 – Inserting Ad Blocks automatically to your Posts and Pages :

After taking care of the ad block, the next thing you need to do is decide it’s automatic placement. The beauty of this WordPress advertisement solution is that it gives you the power to decide where exactly you want to place your ad. You can directly place your ad using shortcodes, widgets, and PHP functions.

Ad Inserter Pro gives you the liberty to place your ads before or after:

  • A specific or random paragraph
  • Content 
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Excerpts
  • Image
  • Footer
  • HTML elements
  • Custom Positions

The steps carried out above will result into something like this:

Frontend after creating the first Ad with Ad Inserter Pro

Features of Ad Inserter Pro

Ability to insert ad at Custom Hook Positions

Ad Inserter Pro supports automatic ad insertions at custom positions where hooks are used using the do_action() function from WordPress functions library. You can define these custom hooks by clicking on the ‘gear icon’ as shown below

insert ad at Custom Hook Positions with Ad Inserter Pro- WordPress Advertisement solution

If you are a tiny-bit tech savvy then you can use Ad Inserter Pro to place ads at specific custom CSS fields using the given HTML elements insertion function. You can select the ‘Before/Inside/After HTML element’ option in the ‘Insertion’ drop-down menu and select a specific CSS field to attach this ad to.

Timed and Simultaneous Ad Rotation

Ad Inserter Pro gives you the option to rotate your existing ad triggered by a timed event or any other event and that too without your user reloading the page. This gives the user a variety of ads to interact with. You need to turn on the ‘Rotation Editor’ in the dashboard and it will rotate ads within a block on your webpage. This allows you to use all your useful and relative ads in an intuitive block. 

You can share a single block space on your webpage to display two different ads simultaneously or triggered by a time event, and also decide on the share of impressions each individual ad should get.  This feature allows you to A/B test your ads and impressions. 

Timed and Simultaneous Ad Rotation with Ad Inserter Pro - WordPress Advertisement solution

Manual Insertion of Widgets, Shortcodes, and PHP functions

This functionality in Ad Inserter Pro allows you to insert ads and ad code snippets by manually placing the shortcode in a desired location on your webpage or include ads in the widget bar like the sidebar or modify theme PHP file to add a Ad Inserter function call, done to insert the ad code at that position. The insertion is still automatic post placing these shortcodes or widget or PHP function call. This is a much needed advantage from the Ad Inserter Pro plugin, as it gives us complete control over ad placements. For example, placing ads in the sidebar is much sought after in terms of monetization and this elegant plugin takes care of it with ease.

Manual Insertion of Widgets, Shortcodes and PHP functions with Ad Inserter Pro

Creating Whitelists and Blacklists for Ad targeting based on categories, posts, tags, URLs, cookies, and more

Ad Inserter Pro gives you the option to limit your insertions based on the whitelisting and blacklisting items. White list means that insertion will be enabled only for the items on the white list, while black list means that insertion will be disabled for all the items on the black list.  

Ad Inserter Pro provides you with a function to create these lists by clicking on the ‘Lists’ button in the interface. Here you can categorically whitelist and blacklist items based on number of different identifiers like categories, posts, tags, urls, cookies, referrers, parameters, taxonomies and many more

Create Whitelists and Blacklists For Ad Targeting With Ad Inserter Pro

The above-listed features are just a few main features that you most definitely need while running and managing ads on your WordPress website, some more notable features include:

  • Individual exceptions for posts and pages
  • Support for ads on AMP pages
  • Custom block alignments and styles
  • Sticky (fixed) widgets
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
  • Options for insertion on 404 error page, Ajax calls, RSS feed
  • Client-side device detection (works with caching)
  • Support for header and footer code
  • Support for insertion of Google Analytics or any other web analytics code
  • Ad blocking detection – popup message, page redirection

Why go for the Pro version?

Ad Inserter is also available as a free plugin in the WordPress repository. Though the free version of the plugin is quite impressive on its own it still has its own limitations in terms of features. You might want to start with the base free version but as you scale your ad monetization strategy up, you will want to have some extra features to enhance your ad placements and other attributes. 

You will want to analyze your reports better and or extract them in pdf or csv formats, likewise, you might want to analyze the impressions your ad gets and study the clicks you get and detect them. 

Click Fraud Protection

Get protection against Click Frauds that occur in the PPC advertising industry where a user with malicious intentions clicks repeatedly on your ads with no intentions of interest in the ad or the product. 

To enable click fraud protection, set the dynamic blocks to the client’s side and enable tracking and click fraud protection for every block that you would like to protect.

Click Fraud Protection with Ad Inserter Pro - A WordPress Advertisement Solution

Generate Public Reports and impression reports in PDF and CSV format

This is a pretty nifty feature as compared to the free version of AdInsterter Pro, here you can generate beautiful web reports in pdf or csv format with bars and charts as shown in the dashboard report, which comes in very handy if you are a freelancer or an agency working on a clients website.

To generate a pdf report you need to click on the button as shown below in the image

generate a pdf report with Ad Inserter Pro - an advertisement solution for WordPress

To generate a CSV report you need to click on the button as shown below in the image

generate a csv report to manage WordPress Ads

To generate a public report you need to click on the button as shown below in the image

generate a public report in Ad Inserter Pro


You can use geo targeting to determine the website visitor’s country and display targeted ads. Country is determined from the IP address of the website visitor. IP/country address database is updated automatically each month.In the Countries list in the settings tab, you can list countries where you want insertion (white list) or don’t want insertion (black list).

Ad Inserter Pro - a WordPress advertisement solution Geo Targeting

Ad impression and click limiting frequency capping

If you are worried about issues like over-exposing your visitors to the same banner ads which in-turn results in lower response rates, you can use frequency capping feature to reduce ‘banner-burnouts’ and restrict the number of times a specific visitor to a website is shown a particular advertisement. This effectively caps the maximum number of impressions a visitor can see a particular ad within a given period of time. This feature uses cookie to remember the impression and click count.

Ad Impression with Ad Inserter Pro

Scheduling Ads

This is arguably one of the most important features of Ad Inserter Pro, while the free version gives you simple ad scheduling options like inserting ad immediately, delay in insertion, and insert only, the Pro version gives you an extended set of scheduling options. With the Ad Inserter Pro freelancer version and above, you can now schedule your ad by-

  • Insert immediately
  • Delay Insertion
  • Insert only
  • Insert between dates
  • Insert outside dates
  • Insert for posts published between dates
  • Insert for posts published outside dates
Schedule Ads with Ad Inserter Pro- a WordPress advertisement solution


The Ad Inserter Pro is available in four plans with each designed specifically to cater to a user base. It really does not matter if you are a freelancer, small business, or corporate entity or you plan to use Ad Inserter Pro entirely for personal brand use, there is a specially curated Pro version for you.  The pricing of this WordPress ad plugin is in detail, is displayed in the image below

The Comparison, when done, between the free and the paid version of the plugin:

Pricing Plan of Ad Inserter Pro-  a WordPress advertisement solution

Is Ad Inserter Pro the right choice for you?

Amazon and Google both recommend Ad Inserter Pro as a WordPress advertisement solution to place their ads on your WordPress website. You can see it mentioned in the screenshot below that Amazon solely recommends Ad Inserter Pro in the Amazon Associates documentation to use Amazon Native Ads.

Amazon and Google both recommend Ad Inserter Pro as a WordPress advertisement solution

These recommendations are an indication that companies like Amazon and Google have tested this WordPress ad plugin to work with their ads. 

Besides the big corporations, Ad Inserter Pro also enjoys quite the popularity in the general WordPress community as a power-packed WordPress advertisement solution. Ad Inserter Pro boasts over 200000+ active installations and has close to 1500 five-star ratings out of the 1548 users who reviewed it so far.

You can find an impressive list of reviews by freelancers, businesses, and individuals who use this plugin on their WordPress website on the product review page on

Final Thoughts…

At WPeka we’ve used plenty of WordPress ad plugin, but Ad Inserter Pro hands down have one of the most user-friendly interfaces. The design and appearance of  Pro are minimalist and provides all necessary features to manage your ads as an expert. This gives the Ad Inserter Pro plugin a look and feels like it is a part of your WordPress dashboard rather than an added plugin. You can download statistics reports for individual ads in PDF format. There are features to monitor the performance of ads via Google Analytics and Motomo. The plugin is GDPR compliant and considering all of these features.

Have you used Ad Inserter Pro before or any other WordPress advertisement solution? We would love to hear your thoughts regarding the plugin in the comment box below!

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