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Floating Action Buttons (FAB) are specialized ones that are used in promoting actions. Basically, they are distinguished by an encircled icon that floats above the UI and has special motion behavior, generally related to transferring, launching, or altering the anchor point. Floating action buttons are a key component of Google’s design language, “Material Design”. Google recommends using Floating Action Buttons to allow users to easily perform the most popular action on a given page.

For instance, if you use the email app, the promoted action here could be a button that asks you to compose a new message. In case you are wondering how a floating action button plugin is useful for you. 

It’s quite simple to understand as it helps to represent the primary action of a screen and promotes user actions. In such a scenario, Buttonizer – an essential WordPress plugin – can help you implement such buttons seamlessly. 

In this article, we are reviewing Buttonizer and figure out whether this plugin is worthwhile or not. Here is all that we are going to cover in this article:

  • What is Buttonizer?
  • Installation and activation
  • Features
  • Pricing plans
  • Is Buttonizer right for you? 

What is Buttonizer?

Floating Action Button

Flexible enough, Buttonizer is a floating action button plugin for WordPress that can be used for creating an array of button types at a time. Whether you wish to create a single button or multiple of them, Buttonizer makes it easy to do so. 

On top of that, you also get to choose from 50 different on-click actions. Since its release in 2018, the plugin has been a constant favorite of WordPress users with a whopping 300,000+ active installs and more than 176K downloads so far. 

Here are some of the important links that you can check out for more information:

Installation and Activation:

The free version of Buttonizer is available in the WordPress repository. Downloading, installing, and activating the same is a seamless process. You have to do nothing but follow these below-mentioned steps to move ahead: 

  • Download the plugin from WordPress repository
  • Open WordPress admin dashboard
  • Visit Plugins > Upload 
  • Now, upload the file that you downloaded from and activate the plugin
  • There is another simple way to install and activate this free version. 
  • Open WordPress admin dashboard 
  • Visit Plugins
  • Click on Add New 
  • Search for Buttonizer 
  • Click on Install and then Activate

If you are looking forward to installing the premium version, follow these steps:

  • Download the file of premium plugin
  • Open your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Now, upload the downloaded file
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Enter the license key, and the plugin will be activated

Features of Buttonizer:

  • WhatsApp Chat: 
Buttonizer - Features

With a Whatsapp chat feature the visitors on your website will have the fastest and easiest means of connection. Buttonizer plugin makes sure that replies are quick and precise. Thus, it provides a WhatsApp chat feature that you can add in the form of a button. With this button on the site, your visitors can directly get in touch with you on WhatsApp to ask queries and get answers. 

You can add this feature by clicking on the General  tab of the Buttonizer dashboard. After you have set the button action, you can set the style of your button by choosing the right color and setting the icon form 100+ Icon selectors. 

  • Time Schedules:
Buttonizer - time schedules

Moving forward, the plugin also offers a trigger option. This can be used to trigger the button on the basis of different actions. You can trigger the button according to the dates/time you have selected.  It may happen that you don’t want to be called upon on the weekends or during your off hours.  With the Time Schedule feature you can just show the floating action button at any date or time you want.

Few examples can be:

  • Show a call button on weekdays during your opening times.
  • Show a whatsApp or email button outside your opening times.
  • An action/ promotion that only shows on specific promotion days.

You can find this setting under the setting tab -> Page rules & Time Schedules -> Time Schedules

  • Page Rules:
Page Rules - Buttonizer

With Buttonizer you can control the appearance of your website’s floating action buttons on different pages. For example, If you want to show the ‘Contact Us’ button on the Contact page and nowhere else on the website you can just select a group or button -> click on Advanced -> and open Page rules and set up the Page rules. Under the ‘Open Page Rule Settings’ tab you can adjust the button to be visible on a specific page. 

Whatsapp Buttonizer

You can just indicate which condition must meet before the button is active or hides.

  • Icon Picker:
Icon Picker - Buttonizer

Your buttons don’t have to look normal, outdated ones. With an inbuilt icon picker option provided by Buttonizer, you can ensure that the buttons can be unique and attractive icons. You can find your favorite icon by finding the icon or uploading your own icon or picture through the font. In your Floating Action Button, you can even attach a moving icon.

  • Time Out & Exit Intent:
Buttonizer Advanced Options

Attention spans are short. Imagine if the visitor decides to exit half-way down your sales page, but gets distracted after the floating action button appears? 

Amidst several other options, Buttonizer also allows you to make the button appear upon exit intent. This means that whenever a visitor reaches the end of the page or is about to close the tab, you can choose to make the button appear at that exact moment to convert that visitor into a customer. With its Timeout & Scroll feature, you can also decide how many seconds you want buttonizer to show and on what percentage of the website you want Buttonizer to be shown.

  • Menu Styles:
Buttonizer - Menu Style

Image Source:

When you assign floating action buttons to one page, a floating menu gets automatically created. When you add floating action buttons to one position, all the other floating buttons will be hidden under in one button. Whenever a visitor clicks on the action button, it will pop all the buttons you’ve set for the page. 

  • Animation Options:

The plugin also provides exciting and attractive animation options. You get to choose from three button animations.

  • Show on time-out
  • 3 button animations
  • Show on scroll depth

Whether you want the button to zoom in or out every few seconds or you want them to jump up; everything is possible. Adding a little animation to your site will increase the chances of a visitor taking action on it. 

Pricing Plans:

The plugin comes in three different pricing plans. All these packages have been dedicated to a different customer base. 

Buttonizer Pricing
  • For Agencies:

This package has a price tag of $149/year and can handle up to 1000 sites at a time. With advanced button builder, this package also provides more than 20 click actions, advanced page rule, time and date schedules, exit-intent options and more features.

  • For Professionals:

This professional package can handle up to 10 sites at a time and comes with a cost of $89/year. If you want, you can buy this plugin by paying a one-time cost of $269. The features list includes scroll and timeout triggers, exit-intent options, user role filters and more.

  • For Small Businesses:

Small businesses can purchase this plugin by paying $19 a year. If not, you can also purchase the plugin by paying $59 at once. Although features are almost the same as the other two packages; however, this one can only handle one site at a time. 

Check out the full details here

Is Buttonizer The Right Choice for You?

Putting it in simple words, Buttonizer is a well-acknowledged and efficient plugin when it comes to implementing attractive front-end floating action buttons with merely drag and drop positioning. Moreover, this one also comes with an Add to Cart button type. 

With new and latest filters, Buttonizer allows you to regulate the appearance of buttons on the basis of logged-in status or user role. Along with that, you can also use this plugin to drive social shares and redirect visitors towards an offer. 

The plugin has more than 30000 active installs on Here are the last three reviews that you can check:

“Thank you very much. It was the whole day searching on Google, YouTube, and every place for a plugin like this. But every plugin I found has some issues, like: I could just share the page, or it didn’t have the “WhatsApp” icon. But with Smart Floating, I can do everything! And no errors. Thank you again!” – @jaoaovv99

“Great design. Great action. Thank you very much.” – @ipidiw

“All chat plugins slowed by website down, so I installed this diverting customer to a separate chat page. You can choose several icons, customize colors and size, and also add text next to the buttons. Also, if you have only one sub-item, the main button is omitted, which is great. Thanks, guys!” – @yavuzc

Our Verdict:

According to our experience, we provide an overall rating of 4.75/5 to Buttonizer. Below-mentioned is the rating in detail that you can check for better understanding. 

Ease of Use4/5
Value for Money5/5

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