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To the average non-webpreneur based individual, that word tends to bring on a roll of the eyes and the frustration of sitting in your car for two hours longer than you should.

However, for people like you and me, traffic tends to have a whole other connotation — a good one. Running a successful website and web based business usually depends on getting quality traffic to your site that converts and that just keeps on coming.

It’s something we all want, but wanting and having are very different.

There are a ton of tactics out there for helping generate traffic, however, we don’t have all day to consider all of them. Instead, let’s talk about an amazing tool that will help make all of this a little bit easier.

SumoMe by AppSumo: The Best Marketing Plugin For WordPress

I know what you’re thinking.

“The best? Really?” Scoffs and rolls eyes. “I doubt it.”

It’s true that the term “best” is really up to each person to decide, but SumoMe has advantages that lend to my stating that.

What Is SumoMe?


SumoMe is an all-in-one website tool that works to help you build your traffic by helping to increase social shares, newsletter signups and more. Just how does it do that? By offering a few pretty cool options called Apps which you can activate as part of the plugin:

  • List Builder, Scroll Box, Smart Bar and Leads | SumoMe comes packed with these four apps that can be activated and used to build your email list. Each one has a slightly different tactic it implements to do this, but all of them are powerful and effective.
  • Share, Image Sharer, and Highlighter | If you want more social shares from your site, then you have to make it easy for that to happen. These three apps give your visitors’ easy options to share your posts, pages, and images and to tweet out parts of your post that they love.
  • Content Analytics and Heat Maps | Want to know what is actually interesting your viewers on your site? Then these two apps are a godsend. Activating these can show what your viewers are clicking, where to optimize your site for better overall conversion, and what type of content is worthwhile.

These all come as options to activate within SumoMe. Even better than that is the fact that right out of the box, SumoMe is 100% free to use. Brands and businesses both large and small utilize this tool to help boost their efforts. Social Media Examiner, Smart Passive Income, and DealFuel are just a few of those who have jumped on board with using it.

I’m not some brand ambassador for this product and this isn’t a paid review post where I slather good praises all over a company — momma don’t play like that. I say that so you understand I speak the truth when I say that this really is an amazing tool that can help make your life a bit easier. Instead of paying for all those premium plugins, you can use one free plugin that does just about everything you could want.

And since it’s free, you can always test the product out to decide for yourself if it’s something you’ll want to keep using.

Give SumoMe a test drive today.

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