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7 Best Light Weight WordPress Invoice Plugins for 2020

WordPress powers 33% of the world wide web.

It has grown from being a blogging platform to a full-featured content management system. With plugins like WooCommerce, you can also turn your WordPress website into a full-featured eCommerce store.

WordPress comes with thousands of such plugins. These plugins help you extend the inbuilt functionality of WordPress. And build any type of website that your business needs.

One common need that most businesses have is invoicing customers. Whether you’re an eCommerce store, a freelancer or a business, you’ll a system to create invoices.

In this article, we’ll look at the top plugins to build an invoice management system in WordPress.

Where can you find the best invoicing plugins for WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source community.

This community is powered by open-source coders who create both free and premium WordPress plugins. Whether you choose a free or a paid plugin for your invoicing needs, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Is this plugin from a reputable developer? Reputable developers ensure that your plugin is updated regularly and is bug-free. You can’t say the same about amateur developers. Look at the plugin ratings and reviews before you decide what plugin to use.
  • Is the plugin secure? The popularity of WordPress also means that it’s often a target of hackers. One of the biggest reasons why sites get hacked is poorly coded plugins. That’s another reason why you should acquire the plugin from a reputable developer.
  • Does this plugin come with support? Most premium plugins come with support and documentation. However, the same can’t be said about free plugins. Look at the plugin forums to see the level of support the plugin developer provides.

What features should you look for in a WordPress Invoice plugin?

The plugin you choose completely depends on your needs and your budget.

However, there are some common features you can look at before choosing a plugin.

1. Automatic Vs Manual Invoicing

Do you invoice customers periodically? Or are these invoices one-of? How many invoices do you need to create? Depending on your needs you can choose to go with an automatic or a manual invoicing plugin.

2. Store & export invoice records

How are your invoices stored? Can they be exported? Can they be exported in a format that accounting software understand?

3. Payment processing

Does the invoicing system offer payment processing? What are the different modes offers? Are these modes secure? Can these modes work with your bank?

4. Invoice templates

Does the plugin come with attractive invoice templates? Can you customize or create your own?

5. Taxation & Audit Trail

What taxation systems can the plugin integrate with? Are the tax tables customizable? Does it leave an audit trail to trace back any inconsistencies?

Top 7 WordPress Invoicing Plugins

1. WP Invoice Manager

WP Invoice Manager

WP Invoice Manager is an all in one solution for all your business invoice needs. It allows you to create unlimited invoices in both auto and manual ways. With this, you can manage unlimited clients directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. You can send an email notification with customizable pre-designed email templates. You can create invoices even in PDF format with just a single click. 

The plugin comes with advanced filters to sort the invoices based on their status like paid or unpaid and due dates. It is beginner-friendly and well documented. There are lots of shortcodes to use and configure the plugin. 

Its key features include – 

  • Create unlimited invoices 
  • Create manual invoices 
  • Multiple invoice filters 
  • Custom email templates 
  • Multiple payment gateways

2. Quip Invoices

Quip Invoices

Quip Invoices is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. It offers you almost everything that you need to create invoices for your business. The invoice features it offers you include – line item level adjustments, customizable logo and company information, tax rates, payment options and many more. There are customizable email templates for invoice data which you can use to send invoices. You can send an invoice in PDF format as well. 

With this plugin, you can accept payment directly from your customers. It supports many payment gateways. You can convert quotes into invoices with a single click. There are features to export all invoice data to CSV files. There is good customer support.  

Its key features include – 

  • Create fully featured invoices 
  • Create quotes with deadlines 
  • Send invoice to many people with just clicking a button 
  • Copy invoices with a single click 
  • Store client details for reuse

3. WP-Invoice

wp invoice

The first one on the list is a plugin that enables you to create simple invoices on the dashboard. Once created, you can easily send them to the customers who owe you for your products or services. When integrated with WordPress management databases, the invoicing software lets you keep a track record of all your customers and their information.

To be specific, the invoice comprises a brief description and a unique link that is supposed to be clicked to make a payment. The free WordPress invoicing plugin accepts credit card payments using, PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. You can also accept recurring payments.

Its key features include:

  • Partial payment collection with pre-defined minimums
  • Discount line items
  • Customizable invoice and receipt templates
  • Improved search and filtering for easy accounting management

4. Sprout Invoices

sprout invoices

Reality check! This plugin, in particular, is active on over 2000 websites which means its popularity growth is unstoppable. Can you think of arguing with a 4.9-star average across over 135 reviews? I didn’t think so! This plugin can handle both invoices, estimates as well as facilitate payments for the ones you will be creating.

By using native WordPress dashboard, it provides precise results when it comes to reporting functionality. Simply check out its setting premises and you will be able to manage everything right from invoices to customize email notifications, configure payment settings and so more.

Its key features include:

  • Custom Design
  • Client dashboards
  • Time tracking
  • Recurring payments/subscriptions
  • Payment reminder emails
  • Zapier and Toggle integrations

More payment gateways (Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, and more – a lot more options than Sliced Invoices)

5. Sliced Invoices

sliced ivoices

I find Sliced and Sprout too similar as both can provide the best possible solutions using the native WordPress dashboard. The only yet biggest difference here is that sliced invoice is quite flexible that lets you create professional-looking invoices for your end-users. The good news is this is an open version of the plugin that is accessible on the source. Although, it also has a premium version of the plugin that comprises extra functionality such as the capability to handle the whole thing from invoicing, quotes to the definite payments.

The supple, well-supported, and easy-to-use WordPress invoicing plugin enables professionals to make expert quotes and invoices in such a way that customers can pay online. You can customize your invoices to match your brand, Bcc yourself on all invoices sent out, and clone existing templates to speed up the invoicing process.

Its key features include:

  • Online and offline payment methods including Paypal, bank withdrawal, check or money order
  • Invoice reporting for easy accounting management
  • Custom email from name and email address
  • Flexible tax settings
  • Automatic payment reminders to customers

6. WooCommerce PDF Invoices

woocommerce invoice

One of the most effective ways to get paid by your clients is by using the WooCommerce PDF Invoices. Instead of using a spreadsheet or word processor sent through to get your invoices to your customers WooCommerce PDF Invoices makes the creation of invoices faster and easier.

The simple and lightweight plugin is worth checking out. Here you get to create a new invoicing area in the WordPress dashboard which might seem quite familiar as it adopts a typical styling and functionality that it is already known for.

Its key features include:

  • Automatic PDF invoice generation
  • Attach PDF invoice to the email
  • Connect with Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive
  • Payment via PayPal Standard,, or WorldPay
  • Recurring invoices

7. FreshBooks

freshbook invoice

Are you seeking an accounting software best suitable for small businesses? Look no further than FreshBooks. The plugin allows one to create professional invoices in a few clicks. The best part is you can easily customize the invoice by adding your business logo and a personalized note. In addition to this, it comprises an automated system mainly used to send reminders to customers for the overdue secured payments. Here you can also add your work hours and expenses in the invoices to display a proper breakdown of the payment.

The SaaS invoicing platform is the most robust invoice software in the list, believe me! The only problem here could be the pricing; it might seem a bit expensive when compared to others.

That’s a Wrap!

By now you have five easy, doable ways to deal with subscription payments on a WordPress site. It’s time to get the best of both the worlds which are automating and organizing business from an accounting perspective as well as perceiving your end clients in a better manner.

Written by Olivia Diaz. Olivia is working at eTatvaSoft, an Enterprise level WordPress Development Company. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

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