The Wonderful Women of WordPress

In a the world of WordPress, the vast majority of the people you will find working behind the scenes are men. There’s Mark Jaquith with Automatic, Nick Roach at Elegant Themes and even well known WP bloggers like Tom Ewer and Kevin Muldoon.

That list could go on and on, but today’s post isn’t about the boys. Nope — today we’re going to highlight some of the great female minds who can play hardball in the WordPress scene.

The Wonderful World of WordPress Wonder Women

Shilpa ShahKMckTOc5_400x400

Perhaps this is your first time here on the WPEka blog or maybe you’ve been reading the blog for a while and wondered who is working behind the scenes. Well, in case you’ve wondered this, here is the end of your questioning.

Shilpa is one of the great minds that run the ship that is WPEka. She and the team here are the ones behind creating and building all the great plugins and themes in the WPEka Club.

She is a WP Wonder Woman for sure!

Carrie Dils


Carrie is yet another WordPress Wonder Woman.

Aside from being an obviously cool person, she has over 15 years of web development experience under her belt. Her experience and the fact that she has proven her salt as a developer has landed her as a recommended Genesis Developer.

If you’ve wanted to hire a Genesis Developer or you’re looking to learn more about the framework, then start with Carrie.

She’s da bomb!

Sarah Gooding


If you’ve never heard of Sarah Gooding, then chances are that you’re new to WordPress.

Sarah is the main blogger/editor chick behind the popular news blog, WP Tavern. If you ever want the latest news about what is going on in WordPress, then her posts and the WP Tavern blog is the place to go.

Siobhan McKeown


Speaking of bloggers, let’s tip our hats to yet another female blogging dynamo — Siobhan McKeown with Words For WP.

Siobhan is a self-proclaimed geek (just like me) and loves all things WordPress. As a fellow female WordPress blogger, I always love to read whatever she pumps out. Her skills go further than just blog posts. She has a great way of breaking down WordPress jargon and turning into something easy to understand — just like any great copywriter should.

Raelene Wilson


No list would be complete without mentioning Raelene Wilson. Raelene is the an amazing WordPress Wordsmith and the Editor of the ever popular WPMU DEV blog. She’s tackled intriguing articles like, “Where at the Women of WordPress?” and great WordPress tutorials such as, “Creating 301 Redirects With WordPress (and How It Boosted Our Traffic!)

Wrapping It Up

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are other great women in WordPress like Jen Mylo, Brenda Barron, Kim Doyal, Jessica Barnard and many more.

Truth it, we would probably have to create a directory to list all the great men and women that work tirelessly to create the products and content that keep our WordPress world moving forward.

Who would you like to see on this list? Be sure to comment below.


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  2. Akshat

    June 8, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Its a good list Ariel! WordPress is shining more today because of women. It would be great if you could check out this article which consists of top 18 inflential WordPress women-Carrie Dills, Sarah Gooding, Nile Flores and others.


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