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12 Best WordPress Accounting Plugins for Businesses in 2021

Are you looking for a WordPress accounting plugin for your website? 

An accounting plugin or invoice plugin plays a very crucial role in managing your business. It enriches your website with some exclusively useful functionalities that help you take your business to the next level. 

In this article, we have brought a collection of the best Word Press accounting plugins for the year 2021. All the plugins are chosen based on their unique features and popularity. You don’t need to have any coding skill to use any of them. Go through the list,  hope you will find at least one apt for your needs. 

What is an accounting plugin? 

An account management plugin is a tool for business owners to develop and manage relationships with their present and potential customers. The function usually includes collection and analysis of consumer data, account tracking, notification and feedback collection.  With a WordPress accounting plugin, you can cater to your customers and keep them updated without any effort. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin and customize it as per your needs. 

An accounting plugin can help you in the following ways-

  • Billing and bookkeeping 
  • Transaction processing and recording 
  • Tracking purchase and the sales orders 
  • Keeping track of the business growth 

12 Best WordPress Accounting Plugins 


iBilling- WordPress Accounting Plugins

iBilling is an accounting, billing and CRM software for WordPress. It is one unified business management solution for business owners that allows you to customize invoices and set goals for net worth. You can notify your customers when the invoice is due or paid. There are options to record partial payments for invoices.   

iBilling is optimized for best performance. It comes with an advanced dashboard for taking quick snapshots for your business and supports multiple users. You can tag in customer accounts, transactions etc. the plugin is tested by generating thousands of random transactions. 


  • Contact management 
  • Track income and expense 
  • One-click database backup 
  • Send email directly from the portal 
  • Collect payment through payment gateways 

Price – $59 


GEO POS WordPress Accounting Plugins

Geo POS is a WordPress accounting plugin for stock manager application and billing. It is a smart business tool for project management, supplier management and data management that allows you to make a custom transaction and record all payment activities. You can integrate sales and purchase with an account and track payment for invoices. 

Geo POS is a nicely crafted point of sale application. It generates detailed statistics and account reports and supports many currencies and live exchange rates. It also allows you to build multiple stores and comes with features to manage, employee payroll, attendance and salary. 


  • Customer management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Employee management 
  • Custom email templates
  • Export and data backup 

Price – $46 

Classic Invoicer 

Classic Invoicer WordPress Accounting Plugins

Classic Invoicer is an invoicing and client management plugin for WordPress. It uses JQuery and MYSQL databases and allows you to create custom invoices and send them directly to your clients. You can track and manage your earnings through detailed statistics and reports. 

Classic Invoicer is easy to install and well documented, It is compatible with mobile devices and has good customer support. 


  • Responsive design
  • Client management 
  • Product management 
  • User management 
  • Multi-user capability  

Price – $25 

Neo Billing

NEO BILLING WordPress Accounting Plugins

Neo Billing is a WordPress accounting plugin for invoicing and CRM. It comes with an integrated stock management system and invoice printing templates. You can get online payment with a unique invoice link. You can also custom tax rates and the discount rate for each product. 

Neo Billing is a user-friendly plugin. It has a REST API that allows you to integrate it with different applications as per your needs.    


  • Inventory management 
  • Customer management 
  • Supplier management 
  • Ticket based support system
  • Export & data backups 

Price – $ 43

All in One Business Management Application 

All in One Business Management Application

All in One Business Management Application is an advanced WordPress account plugin for the business owners.  It is a very powerful client management system.  With BmsApp your client can only one log in to remember for accessing their accounting. You don’t have to use separate software for invoicing, order management, support ticket system and client transaction. 

All in One Business Management Application allows you to choose between automated invoicing and manual invoicing. It is developer-friendly and open source. You can customize almost every element with no difficulty on your own.    


  • CRM management 
  • Order management 
  • Invoice management
  • Support ticket management 
  • Multi-language support  

Price – $41

Sale Pro

SalesProPOS WordPress Accounting Plugins

Sale Pro is a modern WordPress accounting and HRM plugin. It comes with a touch screen friendly and user-oriented design. There are options for creating customers instantly and accepting multiple payments. You can suspend sales, print order and bill based on your needs. 

Sale Pro is a feature-rich stock management system. It allows you to add, edit and delete products. You can add product tax with the inclusive and exclusive methods and print barcodes.   


  • Product management 
  • Sales management 
  • Detailed statistics & report 
  • Multi-language support 
  • Mail notification system 

Price – $25 

Project Box

Project Box WordPress Accounting Plugins

Project Box is a project and team management plugin for WordPress. It is a PHP CodeIgniter application that allows you to create and manage projects in collaboration with other users. You can create unlimited projects and add unlimited members to your team. There are features for member registration. Admin can access and edit all the projects. 

Project box is a highly secure plugin. It uses prepared statements so their is no chance of SQL injection. It also protects you against CSRF attacks as passwords are encrypted with the PHPass library and captcha enabled pages to prevent spam. 


  • Project management 
  • Invoice management 
  • Team management 
  • Time logger 
  • Email notifications 

Price – $40 


Invoicr WordPress Accounting Plugins

Invoicr is a simple WordPress accounting plugin. It is a PHP class for generating invoices, quotes and orders and all it needs is a simple line of code. You can manage your brand easily with your logo and theme colour. There are options to add unlimited items and total rows with automatic paging. 

Invoicr supports multiple currencies and is developer-friendly and needs a bit of configuration for use. It is well- documented so business can use it without difficulty. 


  • Fast performance 
  • Automatic paging 
  • Custom styling 
  • Easy banding 
  • Multi-language support 

Price – $10 

Money Flow

Money Flow WordPress Accounting Plugins

Money Flow is a professional WordPress plugin for accounting and finance. It allows you to see all your bank balances instantly. You may repeat the income and expense calendar and view account statement. It is open-source, secure and customizable. 

Money Flow is a user-friendly plugin. The user interface is based on Bootstrap 3.2.0. It has a responsive and modern design and is fit for all devices. You can access it from anywhere in the world. 


  • Builtin auto-installer 
  • Financial reporting 
  • PDF export 
  • Upcoming bill tracking 
  • RTL & language support 

Price – $21

Doctor Care

Doctor Care WordPress Accounting Plugins

Doctor Care is a WordPress accounting theme for doctors. It is most suitable for hospitals,  diagnostic centres and doctor chambers and offers lab management, medicine management and  HR management. There are features for email and SMS as well. 

Doctor Care is a highly professional plugin. It allows you to select medicine dynamically while prescription creation. There are templates for lab report creation. You can keep the medical history of your patients with images and schedule appointments for doctors. 


  • Doctor management 
  • Patient management 
  • Appointment management 
  • Schedule management 
  • Financial management 

Price – $49  

Express Invoice 

Express Invoice WordPress Accounting Plugins

Express Invoice is a billing plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create invoices, quotes and purchase orders. There are features to send payment reminders to customers and track partial payments. You can link sales to the bank account and track expenses. You can also set a monthly target for, sales, expenses and income. 

Express Invoice is an all in one billing solution. It allows you to track sales reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  You can check the purchase report of every customer separately. There are features to custom currency symbols, custom and billing terms. You can generate printer-friendly and well-organized bills.  


  • Advanced stock management 
  • Automated inventory management 
  • Monthly target tracking 
  • Multiple employee roles 
  • Detailed business report 

Price – $28 

go Billing 

goBilling WordPress Accounting Plugins

go Billing is a WordPress plugin for accounting, billing and invoicing. With this, you can track invoices, payments, quotations and generate reports. It allows you to manage all your inventory products and custom products in one place. It offers inventory optimization. You can have the right amount of stock at the right time. You can also handle items as inventory and non-inventory. 

go Billing is an advanced tool for user management. It allows you to manage your customers through forms or CSV import. Company data is presented to the customers with a clear view. They have their panel and can interact with each other. You can collaborate with the team taking permission from each member. It is well documented and easy to use.  


  • Customer management 
  • Invoice management 
  • Order management 
  • Detailed report
  • Multi warehouse  

Price – $40  

Final Thoughts..

We have tried to bring here a list of the most user-friendly WordPress accounting plugins. Hope we could help you to find one that is suitable for your purpose. If you have got what you were looking for, move ahead. You will reach your business goal in a few days. 

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