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5 Best WordPress AMP Plugins for Faster Site Speed (2021)

Have you ever been told that to make your website rank higher, mobile optimization is one of the necessary steps? If yes, then you must have heard about AMP as well.  If you have a WordPress website, know that you have an advantageous hand as there are plenty of the best WordPress AMP plugins that you can use.

For those who’re new to this concept, abbreviated for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is one of the Google-backed projects that comes with an objective to speed up the mobile web. This post comprises 5 best WordPress AMP plugins for faster site speed. 

But, before diving further, let’s first know a bit about AMP and why it is important for mobile visitors. 

What is AMP?

AMP is Google’s open-source project that helps speed up the page load time for the mobile version of the site. To do so, the AMP pages use a framework of stripped-down AMP code. 

In addition to that, Google also caches AMP pages for the traffic coming from Google search that further quickens the load time. 

Importance of AMP for Mobile Visitors:

Now that you know the gist of AMP, should you be using it for your mobile website? If yes, why is it necessary? Basically,  AMP  is a way to build static web pages that allows mobile  pages to load much faster than regular HTML. In short, it speeds up the loading time of mobile pages and improves the Mobile Conversion Optimization rate.

As per an analysis, if your website doesn’t load within 7 seconds or lesser, you may end up losing a huge amount of traffic. And then, there are plenty of benefits that you can gain with this concept. 

To explain further with an example, by moving toward AMP, Events Ticket Center noticed the following changes: 

  • 6% increase in session
  • 10% reduction in bounce rate
  • 100% increase in the conversion rate
  • 13% increase in the duration of an average session

Before you try any of the AMP plugins make sure that you have a proper backup of your website, and the plugin is compatible with your hosting environment and theme.

Best 5 WordPress AMP Plugins for Faster Site Speed:

Here are the top 5 Best WordPress AMP Plugins that you can use to improve your mobile website  experience and improve conversion rate.

1. AMP:

Best WordPress AMP Plugin

This AMP mobile WordPress plugin is an official AMP plugin for both Google and WordPress. Absolutely free, it’s easy to use. All you have to do is simply install and activate the tool to integrate your site with AMP. 

This plugin also allows you to change the header background as well as the text colour. Also, you can even select between a dark or a light theme. With a simple setting area, you can choose the template mode and the type of posts to use AMP on. 


  • Automatic process to generate AMP-valid markup
  • Effective validation tools
  • Turnkey solution
  • Different template modes
  • Compatible with the core theme


  • Adequate development support
  • Easy to use
  • Makes the site faster 


  • Not much flexibility 
  • Limited styling options


It’s a free plugin that can be downloaded from

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP-Best WordPress AMP plugin

One of the highly-rated AMP plugins for WordPress, this one offers a better average rating than the official AMP plugin. Its feature richness makes it a plus point. In terms of support, this tool supports Contact Form 7, AdSense, Call to Action and Email Opt-in. 

Along with that, AMP for WP is also compatible with a variety of additional plugins, such as the SEO Framework, Rank Math, SEOPress, All in One SEO and Yoast SEO. If you want, you can also integrate it with WooCommerce. 


  • Supports useful extensions
  • Bug report generation
  • Supports Gutenberg, Divi and Elementor
  • Improved CSS Optimization
  • Supports Google Fonts for all designs


  • Premium, prompt support
  • Supports the theme’s core framework
  • Social media buttons can be integrated


  • Could be difficult to handle for rookies
  • May not work on iOS
  • May show errors while displaying FB or AdSense comments


The plugin is available in both free and pro versions. You can download the free plugin from However, for the premium, the pricing is $149 / year for a personal one site, $199 / year for 3 sites, $249 / year for 10 sites, $299 / year for 25 sites and $499 / year for unlimited sites. 

3. weeblrAMP:

Weeblr WordPress AMP Plugin

weeblrAMP is another plugin on the list. In terms of controlling functionality, it allows you to do a lot of things. Talking about its features, the tool support all of the WordPress content, including archives, categories, custom post types, pages, posts, and more.

With analytics, you can get your hands on effective data. The tool also provides you with an option to put ads in the AMP content. Also, it’s even compatible with a variety of other plugins, including Yoast SEO, Beaver Builder, Jetpack and Elementor. 


  • Form integration for Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • eCommerce integration with Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce
  • Automatic ad insertion in the AMP content
  • Polylang support for varying AMP pages


  • A freemium plugin
  • Versatile functionality
  • Significant design and support


  • May not work perfectly well with Elementor
  • The pro version could be quite expensive
  • Limited functionality in the free version


While the free version can be taken from, for the premium version, you’d have to spend $39 / year. 

4. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP:

Schema- Best WordPress amp plugin

If you’d like to add a markup to the website pages, so they appear in the search results as rich snippets, you can continue with this plugin. Although not a basic AMP plugin, however, it supports AMP and does it perfectly fine. 

It supports more than 30 varying schema types, including videos, products, recipes, local business details, news articles, and blog posts. Furthermore, if required, you can also import markup data from other plugins, such as WP SEO Schema and SEOPressor. 


  • 35 schema types
  • Conditional display fields
  • Full compatibility with AMP
  • Advanced settings and migration
  • Compatibility with different plugins


  • Knowledge base support
  • Quick in speed
  • Easy to use and saves time


  • The availability of bugs could be there
  • Advanced functionality could be difficult to handle for rookies
  • A bit on the expensive side


Sure, you can download the free version from However, if you wish to have advanced functionality, you can buy the premium version, which will cost you $99 / site, $149 / 10 sites, $299 / 25 sites, and $499 / unlimited. 

5. PWA for WP & AMP:


PWA- Best WordPress AMP plugin

If you’d like to convert your site into a Progressive Web App (PWA), this tool would be a perfect solution for you. Providing a top-notch user experience, the plugin offers satisfactory, full AMP support. 

In addition to it, you can also use this plugin for cache expiration option, multi-site support and UTM tracking. Its service worker feature optimizes the website and translates it into faster load times for mobile visitors.


  • AMP support
  • Multi-site support
  • UTM tracking
  • Easy to change URL
  • Caching strategy


  • Amazing speed
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Useful support and backup


  • Could be a bit buggy
  • Support might get delayed
  • Nagging notifications may appear


Being a beginner, you can download the free version from As far as the premium version is concerned, you can get it by paying $99 / site, $149 / 10 sites, $299 / 25 sites, and $499 / unlimited. 


In the present era, mobile traffic gets more priority in comparison to desktop. Thus, you must ensure that your site is loading quickly on mobile devices. This is only possible with AMP. 

So, if you haven’t found the right method to implement the AMP technology manually, move toward the easy way. Get your hands on any of the AMP plugins mentioned above, integrate them into your WordPress site and load the platform as quickly as possible.

If you want to know more about such WordPress plugins to boost conversion in your website, refer this article.

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    I was a lil bit confused about some points but now everything got clearance.
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