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15 WordPress Alternatives That Are Worth Your Attention

WordPress is, undoubtedly, one of the leading platforms when it comes to building a website. However, with the advancement of technology. New WordPress alternatives have emerged, comprising unique and enthralling features. Therefore, there is no need to stick to the older version when you have a lot to experiment with. But, before taking the plunge, it’s essential to consider the positive and negative aspects of a platform to draw up a firm conclusion.

So, here are the top 15 alternatives to WordPress that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. But, before that, let’s know a bit more about CMS.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for the Content management system that deals with the creation and modification of the content digitally available on the web. This platform has the ability to integrate several users under one window. Moreover, it includes a variety of features. Such as Search Engine Optimization, online documentation, etc.  So as to carry out an effective functioning of your site.

List of WordPress Alternatives:

There are various types of CMS available on the internet. And, each one of these has a distinct set of features and uses. Broadly, there are two types – the first being Open Source CMS and the second is Proprietary CMS.

Here are the 15 popular alternatives of WordPress that you can use in order to deal with your content management.


WordPress Alternatives

Joomla is free. A multi-based platform which is based on the model-see controller web application system. As of now, with a massive number of clients close by, it will command its the fourteenth year of foundation in 2019.

Much like WordPress plugins, Joomla can be extended in its functionalities with extra expansions in particular segments, modules, formats, dialects, libraries, documents, and bundles. This way, Joomla can help you build your website with all the essential features.

  • Free modification & distribution of code
  • Available extensions for e-commerce
  • Intuitive content editing & structure flexibility


  • More complex than WordPress
  • Limited marketplace for additional modules
  • Difficult maintenance of modules

Joomla services are available without any cost. However, there are some web hosting charges involved that you may have to bear.


WordPress alternative

It’s an open-source CMS that you can use to convey an increasingly yearning advanced understanding. For the most part, Drupal is recommended for specialists as it gives you a chance to make online journals, individual sites, and even long range interpersonal communication locales and is one of the best WordPress alternatives in the market.

While some modules and topics expand the highlights and looks, beginners discover it somewhat tricky when it comes to designing a website. However, the unpredictability of Drupal is suitable for dealing with tremendous measures of information. This makes it perfect for relatively more prominent corporate institutions.


  • Perfect for making detailed sites
  • Permits quick prototyping
  • Complex work can be done in a short period of time


  • Takes time to learn
  • Difficult to install
  • The average standard of modules

The Drupal platform services are available for free of cost, but you might need to take care of the web hosting expenses involved.

Craft CMS

Craft Cms WordPress alternative
Craft CMS is yet another successful platform for a broad framework. Some real instances of its implementation are Netflix and Salesforce sites. Although, it turns out to be a considerably more difficult CMS stage that gives restrictive back-closures to your sites. However, it’s a highly adaptable and extensible platform that can cater to the needs of your content management. Moreover, it enables you to set up your own content type utilizing 18 unique kinds of fields.


  • Amazing at content management
  • Not bloated but lightweight
  • Striking features in commercial packages


  • Expensive for advanced requirements
  • No one click installation of templates
  • The average community of developers

If you’re building a solo website to entertain your hobby, you can do so for free. However, for professional use, you’d have to pay $299/per project. And, if you have a massive enterprise, the charges will be different. You can get in touch with customer support to know the same.


WordPress alternative
Shopify is an astounding option that enables an effortless development of online stores. It’s a straightforward, secure and stable platform where you can begin and develop your business with extremely less exertion.

Being very adaptable, it empowers business visionaries to concentrate on their items and the expansion of their brand. Moderately simple to control, Shopify utilizes and offers several free and premium subjects to look over. What’s extraordinary is that Shopify additionally provides the client with the alternative to selling their items through internet-based life, by incorporating a Buy Now feature.


  • Cheapest option to sell online with hosting solution
  • Inexpensive functionality of abandoned cart saver
  • Real-time shipping option


  • Centered around e-commerce & not much adaptable
  • No alternatives to broaden the SEO
  • Blogging usefulness isn’t much productive

The price of this platform varies from a range of $81.50 to $2033 every month, depending on what you choose from available options. You can also pay annually and biennially. And then, Shopify also provides a 14-days trial to satisfy you enough before you spend the money.


Bigcommerce WordPress alternative
It’s a facilitated web-based business arrangement that enables clients to set up their own online store and sell their stuff. It’s adaptable and empowers business owners to utilize the services and make a perfect stage for their business, be it a learner or a specialist.

It additionally incorporates applications to enable you to get your site fully operational. Even though it’s not as cutting edge as other CMS platforms, the blogging capacities of BigCommerce are quite extraordinary. You get an option to use various payment gateways with this one along with the ability to sell physical as well as digital goods on your website.


  • All-in-one solution for online stores
  • Does not require any exchange charge
  • Uptime assurance


  • Expensive themes
  • The subject proofreader isn’t quite cutting edge
  • Annual online sales are limited

The plan options have different variants that go on from Standard ($29.95/month), Plus ($79.95/month) to Pro ($249.95/month).


Wix WordPress alternative
Wix is presumably a standout amongst the easiest to understand CMS platforms out there. It utilizes the “What You See Is What You Get” editor which makes the entire procedure much less demanding.

Another astounding thing about this platform is that it empowers the clients to enliven writings and different components. This, unquestionably, adds to the productivity and captivating element of this platform.

  • Easy to use
  • Striking highlights and features
  • Planned & accessible layouts accessible


  • Advertisements are incorporated with the free plans
  • Cannot add a custom domain name for your site
  • A limited number of themes and layout available

Wix has come up with a variety of prices; ranging from the basic free services to the package of $25/month.


WordPress alternative
Another one on the list is Weebly, which is a completely smoothed online webpage builder that allows the clients to make and assemble the perfect website effectively. The “Drag and Drop Page” makes the procedure as simple as a breeze.

Weebly has a conventional measure of stunning subjects to look over and alter. The tools are for the most part, super easy to understand and simple to pursue. Basically, Weebly makes an entirely incredible alternative for WordPress and is reasonable for smaller sites.


  • Most appropriate for amateurs
  • Templates are easy to edit and look amazing
  • Easy to understand and use


  • No alternative to adding the custom content
  • Difficult to include some advanced advertising tools
  • Relocation to different stages can be stressful

There are two variants, one is the free version, and for the premium package, you’d have to pay $25/month.


WordPress alternative
Coming with a straightforward technique, Squarespace is a perfect platform to create a major site. In contrast to conventional Page Builder, you don’t have to sign up or buy a space. It incorporates a simplified tool that you can use to include and alter the components of the site. Its templates are designed using the latest CSS, Javascript, and HTML while keeping in mind mobile devices and modern browsers.


  • No need to sign up
  • Can create your design using simple tools
  • Great for beginners


  • Does not offer a versatile editorial manager
  • An absence of help from outsider modules
  • Costlier plans than other options

Contrary to most platforms, there is no free version of this. The packages range from $8/month to $24/month.


Ghost WordPress alternative
Being a NodeJS based blogging open-source platform, this one was structured particularly with the end goal of making the procedure of web page development a seamless job. Not just it’s readily available but light-weight as well.

Adequate for beginners, bloggers or anybody hoping to make a basic, luxurious and straightforward to-oversee site, Ghost can be an excellent alternative for WordPress to fulfill all your requirements.


  • Clean & simple dashboard design
  • Live review feature
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners


  • Still in the testing phase
  • No adequate plugins to install
  • Not suitable for all sorts of websites

The basic version of this platform can be accessed for free. However, its excellent variety can cost you up to $200/month.


WordPress alternative
Medium is one of the fastest developing platforms that are competent enough to provide cut-throat competition to WordPress or any other CMS alternatives. It’s anything but problematic to use and comprehend. Furthermore, this platform also includes built-in social networking feature. Along with that, its integrated stats functionality lets you keep an eye on the traffic that is engaged with your blog.


  • The exceptionally extensive audience base
  • Easy to use and work with
  • A large community of like-minded people


  • Limited ownership and control
  • Less potential for creating fantastic leads
  • Less access to the examination

The basic version is free, but the access to the premium features would cost you $5/month or $50/year.


WordPress alternative

In case you’re searching for a visually gorgeous alternative to WordPress, PageCloud is for you. Its remarkable modifying knowledge has set high standards for WYSIWYG and drag and drop altering. With PageCloud, you can include and reposition pretty much anything on your pages.

Even though it probably won’t be the best decision for locales with several pages, it gives proprietors full command over their sites without the need of composing any code.


  • The benefit of visual editing
  • A variety of easy to use app tools
  • Power to access the source code


  • Various design limitations
  • Certain overlapping issues
  • No spam filter in email signup list

This platform has divided its packages into two different categories, monthly and annually. They can cost you $24 and $240 respectively.


WordPress alternative
Moving further, this one can be considered as one of the effective alternatives to WordPress for websites or blog maintenance. Tumblr enables you to submit short-structure content, such as short blog entries, articles, pictures, recordings, etc., and distribute it on a microblog.

You can similarly associate with different bloggers on this platform and have better communication with the experts of your domain and like. Tumblr is an expedited content management solution that gives you a sophisticated space, required to run a microblog.


  • Pre-made styles for standard content types
  • Access to an entire network of substance distributors
  • Easy to operate


  • Not a lot of quality themes available
  • Design & customization limitations
  • Dependability on the server

Tumblr is a free web-hosted service and doesn’t cost you a penny.


WordPress alternative
Talking about Jimdo, one of the most amazing features of this platform is that it uses AI-powered technology to help you create a site or a blog within three minutes. Moreover, it even offers users with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. It’s streamlined design and structure would be enough to make you stay for an extended period.


  • Integration of social media platforms & Google maps
  • Availability of modern site template with different categories
  • Efficient features for content editing


  • Limited disk space in free plans
  • No flexibility of templates
  • No site export option

The basic version of Jimdo is free of cost, and you’d need to pay $21/month to use the premium package.

Expression Engine

WordPress alternative
Expression Engine is another considerable WordPress competitor. Thanks to its as it offers real-time preview option amidst everything else. With this alternative, you have the ultimate freedom to spark creativity.

There is no concern regarding privacy as it’s known to be highly secure and safe making it WordPress alternatives. It’s one of the fastest open Source CMS that claims to keep you on the safe side.

  • Diversity in templates
  • Availability of anti-spam tools
  • An excellent user management system


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Not many choices in add-ons
  • Not-so-intuitive interface

ExpressionEngine comes with a one-time single payment of $299. Apart from this, you can also avail its free trial to assess its features.


WordPress alternative
Built on Microsoft .NET technology. Umbraco is a perfect CMS WordPress Alternatives option for those who’re deeply engraved into .NET advancements. However, if you’re thinking to use it as a personal blog, you might have to look out for something else as it doesn’t fit the suit. It’s the best option for organizations and those running large websites.


  • Doesn’t need back-end programming
  • Inbuilt user management
  • Clear admin tool


  • Courier plugin doesn’t always work well
  • Small developers’ community
  • Restricted plugins for functionality

This friendly open-source platform comes with three different packages. Starting from $28.24/month. You can choose the best one according to your needs and requirements.

Conclusion: WordPress Alternatives
Each of these alternatives to WordPress platforms offers something special. It all depends on your use and needs. A CMS can be best for your content if it aligns with its interest. If you are just starting, make sure that you are not choosing a complex platform to work.

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