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Best WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins (Easy to Use & Customizable)

Adding a bit of an urgency factor has always been a worthwhile strategy to drive sales. A majority of people prefer using a countdown timer for this purpose. In fact, integrating a countdown timer on a website can increase the conversion rate by 14.41%.

Essentially, these timers are simple features, and there is an array of reasons to use them. Whether you wish to create special limited-time offers, build anticipation for a launch, drum up excitement for a specific event or run a contest, with timers, you can compel your site visitors to make decisions instantly.

Moreover, this is one such feature that marketers have been leveraging, considering that it helps improve conversion rates substantially. 

You can even employ timers to accumulate the email addresses of users by promising them updates on the latest events. So, if you’re looking forward to making the most out of this feature, this post covers some of the best countdown timer WordPress plugins.

What is a Countdown Timer?

A countdown timer plugin basically lets you showcase a timer that counts down to a certain date or time. Marketers have been using it to build excitement among visitors and create urgency. Ultimately, it helps create a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect and boosts conversions. 

Types of WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

There are several types of countdown timer plugins that work with varying objectives and in different ways. These have been divided into two categories, such as:

  • Standard or Normal Countdown Timer

Also known as a fixed or static countdown timer, a standard countdown timer is a basic idea of what people think of when imagining a timer. It counts down to a certain time or date. 

Generally, such a timer is used for an event, end of a sale, or launch of a product or website. Irrespective of who the visitors are and where they are, the timer remains the same and shows the same time for everybody.

  • Evergreen Timer

Sometimes known as a dynamic countdown timer, the evergreen countdown timer is specific to every user. It offers a certain countdown for every visitor and begins the moment somebody arrives on the website. 

It is generally used for marketing and for creating urgency and scarcity to drive sales. However, keep in mind that such a timer doesn’t work for longer time periods. 

Best WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

Let’s glance out the best WordPress countdown timer plugins:

  1. Responsive Elementor Addon

For those who’re using Elementor editor on their websites, this one would be an adequate plugin to install a countdown timer. The Responsive Elementor Addon has an REA countdown widget that lets you add countdowns to your page attractively. Additionally, you get a variety of customization options. Also, the widget lets you choose between a standard and an evergreen timer as well. Right from setting the width of the container to choosing the background color, there is a lot you can work around.

Features of Responsive Elementor Addon

  • Several border types are available
  • Different colors for numerical digits
  • Personalize and customize the expiration message seamlessly
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • SEO-optimized plugin
  1. Responsive Gutenberg Addon
Countdown Block - Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

For those who’re using Gutenberg blocks on their website, this plugin is for them. The REA addon offers a countdown block that lets you add this feature to your page with plenty of customizable styles. Using the block is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is look for the countdown option in the search bar and add the same to the post. In the Style tab, you can style all of the elements of the block.

Features of Responsive Gutenberg Addon

  • A variety of customization options are available
  • Personalize the countdown accordingly
  • Two different types of countdown timers to choose from
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • SEO-optimized plugin
  1. Qi Countdown Custom Widget
Countdown – Qi Addons for Elementor

This significant tool is packed with an endless list of features for Elementor users. If you wish to create a professional countdown on the site, this one would be an appropriate tool to choose. Regardless of the type, the Qi countdown widget offers flexibility to do everything with ease. You can customize the countdown timer according to the dates and times you wish to display. 

Features of Qi Countdown Custom Widget

  • Choose a format according to your preference 
  • Add colors and images to the background
  • Create countdowns including months, days, hours, minutes and seconds
  • 100+ elements available
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  1. OptinMonster
OptinMonster - Most Powerful Lead Generation Software for Marketers

OptinMonster is one of the powerful popup plugins for WordPress. It lets you convert abandoning site visitors into subscribers and customers. With this tool, you can create both evergreen and static timers. Plus, you can create as many timers as you want on different pages. The tool also allows you to position the timers differently. One of the best ways is to display a floating bar that sticks to the bottom or top of your page. 

 Features of OptinMonster

  • Add timers on inline widgets, scroll boxes, full-screen welcome mats, floating bars, popups, etc.
  • Personalize the timer on the basis of users’ location
  • Use the visitors’ data to create a customized timer
  • Drag-and-drop builder for easy use
  • Create visually stunning timers
  1. Countdown Timer Ultimate
Countdown Timer Ultimate – WordPress plugin

With this specific countdown timer WordPress plugin, you can easily create circle countdown timers and add the same anywhere in your content through shortcodes. You get complete control over the animation, expiry date and design. The timer is designed with an editor that comprises selectors and sliders. You can also change the circle counter’s size and the backgrounds. Along with that, you can even change the animation to Tick or Smooth.

Features of Countdown Timer Ultimate

  • Create several timers and get a shortcode for each one of them
  • One-clock design available
  • Clock expiry functionality is available
  • Extended settings, template features, clock options in the pro version
  • RTL supported
  1. Counter Numbers Pro
Counter Number Pro Plugin For wordpress

This plugin is specifically designed for any niche or industry requiring animated counters on the site. This interesting tool allows you to create a countdown and animated fun facts, like awards, completed projects, number of clients, etc. It is packed with up to 23 design templates that have unlimited color schemes. Thus, you can seamlessly adapt the plugin according to your visual and branding preferences.

Features of Counter Numbers Pro

  • Comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly timers
  • An option to change icons and fonts
  • Supports Font Awesome Icons
  • No coding needed
  1. SeedProd
SeedProd - Best Drag & Drop WordPress Website Builder & Landing Page Builder

If you wish to display a coming soon page with a timer on your site, this plugin would be a perfect option for it. SeedProd lets you easily set up a landing page and put the maintenance mode or coming soon timer on it. With this tool, you can create a normal timer that counts down to a standard time and date for everybody. However, this plugin cannot be used to create evergreen countdown timers.

Features of SeedProd

  • Set the site to instantly launch once the timer is completed
  • A customized theme builder included
  • Fast page speed
  • Dynamic personalization
  • A gamut of customization options
  1. HurryTimer
HurryTimer – An Scarcity and Urgency Countdown Timer for WordPress & WooCommerce – WordPress plugin

HurryTimer offers a variety of settings and features to create an evergreen countdown, a recurring countdown and a schedulable countdown. The tool offers a cookie for evergreen campaigns as well. You can have a customizable CTA button that offers a link to your sales page. Moreover, this plugin supports WooCommerce as well. Thus, if you wish to display a countdown timer on your online store, you can do so without any hassle.

Features of HurryTimer

  • A real-time timer gets displayed on the site
  • Multiple settings, such as CTA, headline, label, digits, etc. available
  • Schedule campaigns and timers
  • Expiry actions available
  • Live design customizer
  1. Evergreen Countdown Timer
Evergreen Countdown Timer – WordPress plugin

The Evergreen Countdown Timer is another fantastic plugin that allows you to set both evergreen and standard countdown timers. The tool enables you to integrate a sense of urgency among the site visitors, resulting in higher conversion. In the free version, you can get 24/7 customer support along with black and white colors. On the other hand, the premium version has more extended features and options.

Features of Evergreen Countdown Timer

  • Get to track visitors by cookies or their IP address
  • Use as many timers as you wish
  • Endless modification options are available
  • Display a variety of countdowns
  • Convenient and easy to use
  1. Sales Countdown Timer
Sales Countdown Timer – WordPress plugin

Sales Countdown Timer is a plugin that has been designed especially for sales countdowns. It helps you create urgency to sell more. The plugin can also be integrated with WooCommerce to show upcoming sales, create countdowns for products and much more. You get to select the types of product pages where the timer should be displayed. If you want, you can also adjust the positioning of the timer accordingly.

Features of Sales Countdown Timer

  • Get creative with WooCommerce settings, design settings and general settings
  • Includes shortcodes for varying timers
  • Extensive design settings
  • Live previews included
  • Customize options for colors, background, radius, and more

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, a simple clock ticking can make a huge difference in the success of your website. By investing minimum efforts, you can improve the functionality of the site and create a sense of excitement among the visitors. So, without further ado, consider the best countdown timer WordPress plugins available above and choose the best one according to your needs. 

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