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Top WordPress banner plugins to boost your conversions

Top WordPress Banner Plugins To Boost Your Conversions In 2022

While creating a website may seem like an easier path, the real deal begins when it comes to attracting the attention of the target audience. And for that to happen, you surely require something more than an attractively designed website.

By using banner ads on your website, you can grab their attention effortlessly. Whether it’s about promoting special deals, attracting an audience toward new discounts or highlighting upcoming products, with banners, you can advertise plenty of things across your site.

Moreover, a majority of people prefer using this method as it’s much more affordable and effective in comparison to other online advertising strategies. Right from boosting brand awareness to engaging customers, an eye-catching design with enthralling visuals and a pleasing CTA will lead to more clicks and further engagement.

So, to help you out with the same, this post covers some of the best WordPress banner ad plugins that you can use for your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Banner Plugins

WP AdCenter

WP AdCenter - Powerful WordPress ad manager plugin

WP AdCenter is one of the most advanced and powerful WordPress ad manager plugins you can find out there. It’s extremely easy to use and simple. The tool is capable of showcasing a variety of ads. 

Moreover, it supports all of the popular ad networks as well, such as InfoLinks, Media.net, Amazon Shopping Ads, Google AdSense, and more. Apart from placing ad scripts, you can also host custom banner ads anywhere on the site through this plugin. 

Furthermore, you can also allow third-party advertisers to signup and host ads on your site.

Features of WP AdCenter

  • Quick setup and easy to use interface
  • Lightweight and fast tool backed up with amazing features
  • Effortless monetization of content
  • Detailed analytical reports
  • Complete control on how, where, when and whom to show ads

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads - Free WordPress banner plugin

The Advanced Ads plugin can integrate an extensive range of features that let you test, personalize, optimize and add ads with utmost efficiency. The tool has partnered with Google AdSense to offer you a reliable solution with every type of ad and network, such as media.net, Amazon ads, Google Ad Manager (DFP), Google AdSense, and more. The entire procedure of ad management is completely flexible with this tool.

Features of Advanced Ads

  • Create and showcase unlimited ad units
  • Schedule ads with an expiry date
  • Target ads by user groups and content
  • Integrate the tool with Google AdSense and Ad Health violation check
  • Supports all types of ads, including auto ads, native ads, display and text ads, etc.

Simple Banner

Simple Banner - Free WordPress banner plugin

Simple Banner is a free WordPress banner ad plugin. If you wish to put a simple banner at the top of your WordPress website, above the primary menu or create an announcement bar, this plugin would be a perfect fit for you. 

You can use this one for announcing free delivery to certain locations, situation updates, sale announcements and more. Moreover, you can even completely customize the banner design and add CSS for changes.

Features of Simple Banner

  • One-click hide and show Simple Banner
  • Close button available with auto expiration
  • Customize the link color, text, background and font size
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO-optimized

Ad Inserter

Ad-Inserter- Ad manager WordPress plugin

This specific plugin can be used to integrate advanced advertising functionalities. For those who wish to create promo banners and professional ads, the tool works wonders. One of the best things about this plugin is that it supports every type of ad, including rotating banners, contextual native shopping ads, and more. Additionally, the tool also supports Google AdSense and Ad manager integration.

Feature of Ad Inserter

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Position and insert the ad anywhere on the site
  • Comes with a visual HTML element selector
  • Allows you to insert header and footer banners
  • Disable ads on individual pages or posts

Custom Banners

Custom Banners - free banner WordPress plugin

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for ad monetization. If you’ve been using a variety of banners and wish to showcase them on the frontend, this plugin would be the right fit for you. 

Custom Banners lets you not just set up banners but reuse them across the site too. You can either implement an ad through a widget or by using a shortcode.

Features of Custom Banners

  • An option to rotate banner ads
  • Assign banners in a certain group
  • Pre-set publish time available
  • Easily add CTAs or captions to banners
  • Auto publish new banners at a specific time

WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider for Category, Page

WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider for Category, Page - WordPress banner management plugin

This plugin has been developed specifically for WooCommerce shops. It allows you to upload or add carousel and banner sliders to the shop pages, thank you page, checkout page and user carts. 

The plugin is designed by adhering to best responsiveness practices; thus, you can rest assured of the banners looking attractive on every screen size and device type.

Features of WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider for Category, Page

  • A preview option to test banners before displaying
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Banner scheduling option available
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Lightweight and SEO-optimized

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA

This specific plugin is an adequate choice if you wish to place compliance notices and GDPR cookie consent on the site. This tool is highly useful when it comes to making the site LGPD, CCPA, RGPD, DSGVO, and GDPR compliant. 

Through a shortcode, you can easily showcase a list of all the cookies you’re using on the site.

Features of WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA

  • Display a consent banner with accept and reject options
  • Integrated with translation plugins to create multilingual consent notices
  • One-click cookie scanner
  • Supports third-party plugins 
  • Customize Cookie Notice Display

CM Pop-Up Banners for WordPress

CM Pop-Up banners for WordPress

For those who wish to create user-friendly, modern, pop-up banners on the site, this plugin offers all of the necessities. The plugin allows you to add responsive banners anywhere on the site, including the bottom or top of the pages. 

Additionally, the tool offers you a chance to customize all of the elements of the banner or to create defined ad campaigns specifically.

Features of CM Pop-Up Banners for WordPress

  • AdDesigner lets you create custom banners in line with the design and branding style of the site
  • Track impressions and clicks
  • Full banner customization
  • AdStatistics and reports are available
  • Easy to use and flexible

WordPress Announcement & Notification Banner Plugin – Bulletin

WordPress Announcement & Notification Banner Plugin – Bulletin

Just as the name suggests, this plugin is a perfect fit for those who wish to publish notices or announcements. This one is a lightweight plugin that lets you quickly add delivery updates, shop notices, and more. 

You can also place the banners as a bottom or top notification banner and in the corners as well. Additionally, you can also use this plugin to add cookie notices and event countdowns.

Features of WordPress Announcement & Notification Banner Plugin – Bulletin

  • Comprehensive customizing options
  • Rotate several messages on banners
  • Corner, bottom or top notification bars are available
  • Add unique, different device-specific notifications
  • Customize using a real-time preview through the native WordPress Customizer

Random Banner

Random Banner - Free WordPress banner plugin

Lastly, Random Banner is another considerable WordPress banner ad plugin. It combines an array of efficient options with ease of usage. The plugin supports a variety of banners and formats, including script and SWF advertisements. 

You can also place the banner anywhere on the site. If you want, you can even categorize the banners to discover them in varying places and positions on the site.

Features of Random Banner

  • Create a different campaign for every ad
  • Analyze impressions and clicks with detailed statistics
  • Offers several customization options
  • Versatile banner types are available
  • Lightweight and responsive tool

Wrapping Up

Banners are surely an efficient advertising tool. When you use them adequately, they can do wonders for your sales and overall business. So, if you wish to upgrade your website with substantial and convertible banners, try out these best WordPress banner ad plugins mentioned above. With their user-friendly functionalities and ease of use, you’re definitely going to have a gala time. 

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