WordPress News: WP-Photographers Opens Its Doors

As both a WordPress web designer and a photographer, I have to admit that I was quite excited to hear about a new website called WP-Photographers. It’s been a few months since it was launched, but WP-Photographers is turning out to be an impressive website for photographers who are looking to understand WordPress.

A Little Bit About WP-Photographers

The new and upcoming site was started by Aaron Hockley, a long time WordPress user and photographer. Aaron is well known in many circles and has been involved in the WordPress community for some time. He has also dedicated much of his time to bring WordPress to his local community.

Back in 2004, he founded WordCamp Portland (Oregon, not Maine), and has been involved in the background of many other WordPress events and WordPress based sites. Back in 2008, Aaron took his hobby of photography and turned it into a business that he still runs today. And he hasn’t stopped there.

Back in July of this year, Aaron decided to couple his passion for WordPress with his love of photography and turn it into a new crossbreed website: WP-Photographers. Since that initial launch, the site has been pumping out some great and informative content.

Since that initial launch, the site has been pumping out some great and informative content that is sure to help quite a few.

WP-Photographers — Empowering Photographers with WordPress

As the name and slogan would suggest, WP-Photographers gives a natural bend toward helping photographers get started with WordPress the right way. There’s a nice resource list that gives photographers who are new to the WP realms suggestions on things like great themes for photography, photo gallery plugins, and suggestions on web hosts.

However, the site is more than just a site where photographers can go to learn WordPress. Much of what is explained on WP-Photographers is WordPress 101. Therefore, some of what you’ll come across is not only great for photographers but it would also be great to anyone new to WordPress in general.

Some Of What The Site Has To Offer

WP-Photographers Homepage

WP-Photographers Homepage

As mentioned earlier, Aaron has been pumping out some great content on WP-Photographers. Here is a small preview of some of what the site has to offer:

  • Start Here With WordPress Basics | Aaron takes things to square one and breaks down the basics and explains the difference between Posts and Pages, Categories and Tags, etc.
  • An Intro to Photos and Images in WordPress | This is a great walkthrough for anyone wanting to learn how to use the Media section and Images in WordPress. Aaron explains how to do things like add a single photo, place it within a post or page, and how to create and insert a gallery.
  • Web Hosting for Photographers | One of the most confusing things to learn when trying to teach yourself to build your own site is learn the differences between a domain name and hosting, and the differences between and installations. This page helps newbies understand the confusing parts of building a site and offers a couple nice suggestions for hosting.

WP-Photographers offers no shortage of great WordPress related information. Whether you’re looking to learn a bit about WordPress or you’re a photographer looking to build a stunning WordPress site, be sure to check out this site for help with both.

photo credit: Khánh Hmoong via photopin cc

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