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WordPress Survey Plugin – An Alternative to Survey Monkey


SurveyFunnel is a premium WordPress plugin for funneling the web traffic through interesting surveys.

Looking for an alternative to Survey Monkey or an online survey software? Your search ends right here. Lately, we have been getting many queries about alternatives to Survey Monkey for carrying out online surveys, quizzes etc on a WordPress site.

If you are using a WordPress website and are looking for a survey or quiz software, here is a more effective and convenient WordPress Survey Plugin – SurveyFunnel.

Lets compare the features offered by SurveyFunnel and Survey Monkey


 SurveyFunnel V/s SurveyMonkey

SurveyFunnel provides a Drag and Drop question and answer dashboard interface while SurveyMonnkey lacks such flexibility.

SurveyFunnel provides multiple customizable templates for surveys. Conducting surveys using these ready-made templates is a breeze. SurveyMonkey, on the other hand, provides a custom branding feature.

Few additional options provided by SurveyFunnel are:

1. Cookie setting option to control when and how the traffic sees the survey.

2. Integrates with CPA works and Affiliate networks

3. Compatible with all WordPress site. It works with pages and post. If you have a WordPress Site you can easily install in implement a survey or a quiz on your website.

4. You can separate the responders into different lists or surveys depending upon the answers that they give.

Looking at the long list of features and over 6000 happy customers of SurveyFunnel it is pretty clear that this WordPress survey plugin has worked effectively for thousands of people worldwide and has the potential to earn really good results for you too.

The user interface is so good and engaging that visitors do not shun away from participating in surveys.

To know more about the product visit >> WordPress plugin SurveyFunnel

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