The Ultimate WordPress Writer’s Guide (Infographic)

WordPress and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Prior to using WordPress, I used programs like Microsoft Word, but then I saw the light. WordPress on its own isn’t anything special in terms of writing, but with the right tools and skills you can be a powerhouse WordPress Writer .

Not only can plugins massively improve the writing experience for the WordPress Writer , but combining them with all the skill of a successful writer can practically guarantee a career in crafting words. Let’s take a look at some of the top writer’s plugins on WordPress, and an infographic that will change your life.

5 WordPress Writer’s Plugins

1. Compfight

This first plugin isn’t directly intended for writers, but it does make our job easier. Whenever you’re constructing a post, there’s always that voice in the back of your head reminding you that you need to find pictures, check that they’re okay to use, and then get sources.

Install Compfight and worry no more my friends! This plugin allows you to pull images directly from Flickr’s creative commons so you can focus on the more important task of writing.

2. Redirection

We all make mistakes, but there’s one that really grinds my gears as a writer. You just published a post and posted it on social media. It looks great, but there’s a problem: you misspelled a word in the title!

Sure, you can change the H1, but what about the URL? If you switch that, then anyone who linked to you will get hit with a 404 error! New bloggers in 2016 will need to look out for this, because blogging isn’t dead, and you’re going to have one before you know it!

Don’t worry if this happens, though, because Redirection has you covered by redirecting people to the correct link, even if they have the botched version.

3. WPLegalPages

Over 87% of websites don’t have legal pages. It is an absolute necessity to legal pages on your site as Google won’t let you advertise and ClickBank won’t let you list your products resulting in low visitor’s trust. As a blogger, having a privacy policy or terms and condition is must to protect your content and your site.

You can also get an Affiliate Discloure if you are running an affiliate program. If you want create legal pages for your WordPress sites then WPLegalPages is the product you should opt for.

4. Copyright Proof

I like this one. Copyright Proof ensures that no one tries to steal your content by warning them with a notice and even includes an optional feature to capture their IP addresses if they decide to do it anyway.

5. Proofread Bot

I’m not above admitting that I make spelling and grammatical errors. Instead of fearing the wrath of a grammar stickler in the comments, use a plugin like Proofread Bot that checks everything from spelling, to grammar, to plagiarism using Bing. It does only allow one proofread per day without buying the full package, but I personally think it’s worth it.

6. MyBookTable

Our final plugin here is one that helps you sell your books. With this tool you can display and sell your Amazon books or PDFs at your leisure. The tool also shows images, descriptions, reviews, and links. You can even throw in a PayPal or ejunkie button if you want to sell the books on your own.

Your Ultimate Writer’s Guide (Infographic)

Next up we have an infographic that perfectly embodies the skills you’ll need to succeed as a writer in your new career. Enjoy and let us know how you used these new plugins and skills in the comments below!

Credit: On Blast Blog

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